Overweight British Journalist Caught In Flood Fleeing Bangkok

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Dramatic pictures show British journalist Andrew Drummond fleeing Bangkok as was forecast by American Drew Noyes ‘Editor-in-Chief’ of the Bangkok Post ‘partner’ newspaper the ‘Pattaya Times’. But seriously you’ll have to read first about more people who were duped by the man who describes himself as the ‘most credible, friendly, reassuring professional to make Thailand his home.’


October 16 2011

An American couple seeking a work visa in Thailand were told that they should buy an off-the-shelf company from American con man Drew Noyes.

As a result they got landed with a company registered to his Thai driver, which they could not control and  which had tax liabilities for which they could be held to account.

In the whole agonizing process to obtain one single visa Jeff and Tirina Simons had to virtually flee the country twice dragging along their eight children with them.

At the end of the day, they say, they got one work visa which expired the day after Tirina Simons was given it.

When they finally confronted Drew Noyes and demanded the company stamp, without which they could not operate, he allegedly replied: ‘What do you want me to do. Pull it out of my ass?’.

Yes, replied, Jeff Simons:”I  wanted you to do that a long time ago.”

The couple were however lucky to have lost only 110,000 baht, plus another 100,000, the costs of their family foreign excursions.  But throughout PAPPA Legal Services, owned by Noyes and his Thai partners did not appear to offer them the facilities of a lawyer.

The people advising them were Drew Noyes himself and his wife Kung, Wanrapa Boonsu, (right) the ghost editor of the ailing ‘Pattaya Times’ newspaper.

Drew Noyes was first exposed as a man of ‘myriad’ lies by the Wilmington Morning Star in Carolina Beach N.C.

Then we brought the story up to date by examining his record in Thailand.

Both Noyes and Wanrapa left this weekend for what Mr. Noyes said was a short break in the United States.

The lastest in a series of complaints by Tirina and Jeff Simons is detailed below and to get the full flavour you should read it. It really is a story of both incompetence and machiavellian deviousness.

The amount of cash they lost is not that great but I can imagine their ordeal was…but like going to the dentist to have your teeth polished only to discover the dentist has extracted them all. Then you have the audacity to complain.

Accompanying Tirina’s story are exclusive pictures of Andrew Drummond fleeing Bangkok obtained exclusively from the heart of the ‘Pattaya Times Media Corporation’ whose  photographer (or rather ex-photographer) was commissioned to lurk in the bushes outside Andrew Drummond’s home. As these pictures show he is clearly outside the Bangkok flood wall.

Off course I am spoofing here a little so don’t let the pictures put you off what Tirina had to say..

To: Andrew Drummond
From: Tirina Simons
Re: Our Experience with Drew Noyes

My husband, Jeff Simons, contacted Drew Noyes, Managing Director of P.A.P.P.A Company, Ltd. in May of 2007 about obtaining a one year  Non-immigrant Business visa.  Drew informed Jeff that the most cost effective way to obtain such a visa would be to purchase an existing Thai company instead of establishing a new one.

Drew told us that he could sell us a company that was in good standing and  provide a one year Non-Immigrant B visa and a work permit for me. I would essentially be working for a company that I owned. With the one year visa, Drew assured us, we would be able to attach an O-visa status (dependent’s visa) to my husband and children as soon as mine was complete. 

We met with Drew Noyes and his wife, Kung, on June 4, 2007 in their office, at P.A.P.P.A. Co., Ltd., 448/21 Moo 12, Tower 1, Thepprasit Road, Nungpru, Banglamung, Pattaya City, Chonburi 20260.  The cost of the transaction was 110 thousand baht (102k baht for services, and 8k baht to cover miscellaneous government charges). 

(Above right. Drew Noyes writing in the Pattaya Times. He also claimed Drummond went to Pattaya by bus..perish the thought)

Tirina (contd)

“We signed the paperwork and paid the amount in full. The name of the company sold to us was Unication Bodyworks Co., Ltd. All the financials, we were told, were up to date and the company was in order. 

On June 6, 2007 PAPPA’s office called me to say I needed my original college diploma or a certified letter from the university proving my degree. This type of documentation could not be obtained at short notice, but needed to be requested months ahead. 

Drew told me not to worry.  On June 8, 2007, I was taken to the US Embassy in Bangkok to sign an affidavit swearing that I actually had a college degree.  When we arrived at the embassy, the representative that accompanied me from Drew’s office (a non-American) was not allowed entry. I was therefore sent inside alone unaware of what to what to do or expect.

I filled out a form ( an education affidavit) and then to my surprise, was asked to pay 1000 baht on the spot in order to get it processed.  It was good that I had my credit card with me or the trip would have been wasted. I later spoke with Drew and Kung, about the matter.  They seemed unaware that there was to be a fee for this certification, but promised that the money would be reimbursed. It was never reimbursed.

Drummond with kids abandons Bangkok home

(Tirina contd)

The process began to lag at this point.  Miscommunication and incorrect information from Drew (who fielded my calls into the office) and unreturned messages to Kung were an everyday occurrence.

I was very worried because the entry stamps of myself and family were due to expire.  They were both fully aware of this fact as I mentioned it to them several times.  On June 21, 2007 my entire family (8 children, myself and husband) went on a visa run to Cambodia to obtain current stamps in order to secure our situation.  This expense, paid out of pocket, included 1900 baht per person, fees and van rental.

On June 27, 2007, I made application at Bangkok Immigration for the Non -B visa. I was given three months (valid until 24 September 2007) in which time to obtain a work permit. The work permit took several months to be processed.  I called PAPPA’s office frantically within the last two weeks of the three month expiry date of my Non B-visa.  Drew and Kung assured me that the work permit was being processed and would be completed soon. 

Dumps children for dash to Malaysia

(Tirina cntd)

There were several things that I needed to do during this application process for the Non-B visa, which included setting up a proper worksite. We had already put a rental lease on a property at 524/17 Soi Honey Inn and planned to open an information center which included an internet café.   I asked Drew to draw up a list of everything I needed to do and the time frame for each item.

But I could never get any concise instructions nor a documented checklist from him.  So at every new juncture, there was always a problem.  Things were always asked of me at the last minute, making the task often times impossible to complete; while other deadlines came and went.

Nervous and follically challenged he fumbles with the key

(Tirina contd)

After not being able to get a real perspective from Drew or Kung regarding the completion of the work permit, I had a Thai friend call the Chonburi Labour Office.  The representative at the office asked for my name and receipt number, which I provided.  The women from the office verified that I was in their system, but that my application had been withdrawn two weeks prior.  I was horrified. I called PAPPA’s office to tell them what I had found out. 

They held to the fact that the application was there and was in process.  They further told me not to call the Chonburi office in follow up anymore.  Apparently they were handling something under the table.  At one point they told me that instead of an internet café center, they submitted my work permit under the guise of a restaurant that had relocated from Bangkok.  I had no prior knowledge of this fact, nor did I give my permission regarding this change. 

Between the months of July and August 2007, I made  repeated calls to Drew’s office
but no clear instructions were ever laid out.  They apparently had never looked at the paperwork that we had turned in regarding our work site (employee Id, house book, lease for the building) because we received a phone call about a new discovery. The house book information given to me by the landlord was for her other property located next to the one we were renting. So that further delayed my getting the three month visa.

But finally he disappears in a blur – but perhaps more of a photographic one.

(Tirina contd)

Realizing that we were getting nowhere with them, I contacted Siam Legal group located on North Pattaya Road.  On September 18, 2007, my husband and I went to their office and spoke with Attorney ‘S’.  After explaining the history of this matter, attorney ‘S’ made a courtesy call to PAPPA, and spoke to Drew directly.  He asked Drew for proof that a work permit application actually existed in my name.

While we sat there, Drew faxed over a copy of a receipt that did not match the one I had and whose date was later than my original one.  They told me not to worry because I would be getting an extension for my expiring visa, which would give me more time to acquire my work permit. 

Days later, I was taken by one of Drew’s workers to Pattaya Immigration Office in Jomtien to get an extension.  I had to pay 500 baht for a one day overstay and also sign papers for a seven day extension. 

The extension, as I found out, did not and was not intended to extend my permit time, but simply gave me seven days to exit the country.  The money that was used to pay for the overstay and the 7 day extension came out of the 110k baht I had paid to PAPPA’s. My money was being poorly handled and misappropriated.

And gets stuck in the Bangkok flood? No, no chance of that with a Porsche 911 from AAS Bangkok – the best ‘getaway cars’ in the business.

(Tirina contd)

I was taken to Chonburi to pick up my work permit on Sept. 23, 2007. It seemed that finally some headway was being made. After careful inspection, I realized that this work permit was due to expire on Sept. 24, 2007, the very next day!  I tried to be proactive on the deadlines, but many times I could not get in touch with Drew or Kung in their office or by cell phone. Drew would field most calls, but he wasn’t very familiar with the rules or the process.  So I would either get wrong information, or be promised a call from Kung who often would never call me back.

When the 7 day extension was nearing expiration, PAPPA’s company was less than apologetic.  Kung told me that now I would have to leave the country, and I had only two days in which to do so!

This was outrageous but I didn’t want to overstay again and possibly get ousted from the country or have my visa denied.  So on Oct 1, 2007 I made airline reservations from Bangkok to Penang, Malaysia, to fly out on Oct 3, 2007. This was never supposed to happen. My husband and my nursing baby had to accompany me. The total air cost was 12,499 baht. Of course I had to pay for two nights of a hotel stay, transportation and food while there.  I went there to get a three month visa, during which time my one year visa should be completed.

In the interim of all of this confusion about what was needed to complete this application process (I had still not been given a concise list of what I needed to do), I went to see an accountant. PAPPA told me that I’d have to hire an accountant to organize the social security tax on behalf of my workers (this expense was never explained). I showed up at the accountant’s office with very little paperwork.

Drew’s office was so guarding over the corporate documents of the company that I owned.  Whenever I asked for the paperwork  (as the Director), they always wanted to know why and for what purpose did I need the documents. 

This accountant was actually the third professional I had review my paperwork (another accountant in a visa office located in Bangkok looked it over and said it was missing several documents necessary for completion.) 

They had all concluded that the company was suspect because the taxes were not paid up to date. And that since PAPPA’s company was not a law office, (they primarily did marketing) that they probably would not be able to get me the visa.  Nor did I have in my possession the needed paperwork or the company stamp which designated me as the Director. 

The accountant did a company search on the internet of Unication Bodyworks and found that I was actually Co-Director of the company (partnered with Drew’s brother-in-law and driver, Singha)  The search revealed that I was not added to the company until September 14, 2007, a full three months since the purchase date of June 4, 2007. I was informed that I could be in legal danger because the registered owner, Singha, had the power to make decisions on my behalf without my knowledge or approval.   And without the company stamp, I was powerless.

I continued to use the assistance of Attorney ‘S’ for my communication to Drew. Talking to Drew became a never-ending circle. He never took responsibility and never put anything in writing. Even my invoice of the 110k baht payment is not signed with a legible signature.  Drew and Kung kept asking me if I had paid the social security taxes for my workers yet. I was still not sure how to go about it but I was more leary about investing any more money into this ‘visa project’, not seeing any positive end in sight. 

So I asked the accountant about the taxes and she wrote me a laundry list of things that needed to be done before I could set up the social security .  She also warned me that the current set up (one director having all the power) was a legally dangerous situation for me. She indicated that the company I was sold could have a lot of embedded debt. And at any time, Singha, the other Director, could sign off on the company and leave me holding the bag. So the one task that was supposed to be holding this process up (my paying the employee taxes) was actually made impossible because Drew would not provide me with the necessary documents. I also found out that some of the prerequisites needed to carry out such a company set up had never been applied for i.e. registration as a company employer, or the filing of paperwork with the Department of Commercial Development.

With no response or opportunity to deal with Drew or Kung (who, by this time stayed very aloof) I went again to talk with Siam Legal.  The visa specialist there, Nong, explained that I should try to sort things out with Drew and obtain the necessary paperwork because when and if the Non-B visa expired again, I would lose it.

Although Drew and Coon had been impossible to deal with as they continued to lie and point fingers of blame, we did as advised.  We set up a meeting to talk once again with them. The next day, January 15, 2008, my husband and myself went to PAPPA’s office on Thepprasit Road, for what was to be our last meeting and communication to date.

My husband spoke to Drew in the presence of myself, Kung, his wife and a gentleman sitting adjacent at a computer.  Jeff explained how we were not given the services that we paid for and so we wanted a refund. Jeff further explained that according to Drew’s own employees, PAPPA’s company did not know what they were doing regarding visa and company preparation.

Jeff also told Drew that we had been made aware that the company they sold us, Unication Bodyworks, was not a clean company, and had back taxes.  Drew finally admitted that when they sold us the company, they did not know much about it and had recently found out that the taxes were in fact delinquent.  So they admittedly had taken our money and re-sold us a company that we could not have used in the first place.

Jeff said to Drew that he could either return our money or give us all of the company property, which included the documents and the company stamp (seal).  Drew and Kung claimed that one of their employees had the stamp and that she was currently at lunch and that we’d have to wait until her return.  Sensing our irritation, he then said, ‘did you want me to pull the stamp out of my ass?’

To which my husband responded, ‘Yes Drew, I wanted you to pull it out of your ass 6 months ago when you sold me this company!’ Drew then asked us to leave his office.

Jeff explained again as he had at the beginning of the meeting that we had only come as advised by our lawyers, and that we already knew what the outcome would be.  Jeff recapped the facts out loud in the presence of us all: that we had asked for a refund and were refused; and we had asked for the company property and were also refused.

So we walked out of PAPPa’s office with nothing we came for. We have had no contact with Drew, Kung, or their office since that meeting.  And to date, I have received nothing from them by way of a refund, company property or letter of explanation. Since Drew and Kung had not attempted to complete my one year visa, I had no choice but to let my Non-B visa expire.  We not only lost the our initial investment, 110k baht, but another 100k baht or so trying to secure our situation and make up for this fiasco. 

Thai Police Deny Hunt For British Journalist

How businessman sold Thai homes for the poor to foreign touristsAmerican publisher wanted me as his mistressThe great Thai newspaper fraudMyriad lies, and American businessman and influential people.
And finally as quite a few of the posts here refer to ‘Dirty Dog’ the internet warrior who has been making threats against myself, my children, parents etc., here is a reminder of what he looks like.

From: Jomtien Cafe


I would like to report a copyright infringement of a photo I own and that is of me, I want this taken down ASAP. No rights at all have been given for this photo to be used by anyone at all including on the internet.

The original source was my camera, an old samsung as you can probably see in the properties, the picture has never been publish on the open internet, it was either stolen from my hidden from public view photobucket account or my computer, now I would appreciate it if you could take it down from your servers.”

Seems two people now hold this copyright. The person who gave me them, who gives his name, and the complainant above who doesn’t. Have asked the complainant to provide a new picture so we can verify it is indeed him.

Jomtien Cafe is claiming he is Dirty Dog. Surely not the same person who writes this sort of stuff:

“PPS: It is really irrelevant which part of his family gets hurt or injured. I really don’t care.”


  1. Pat Angko

    I know of a rather similar story how Drew took Baht 200K of a person to solve a ""legal"" situation and did not deliver anything of substance. I have copies of receipts of the monies paid. This person will soon write his ordeal to be forwarded to AD. Victims, stand up and make contact, spread the news.

  2. david

    Thanks to draw we now know why you have to live in a 2000B hovel…. it all went on the car repayments.

    But on a serious note. I know thai red tape can be complex, but once you have done something a couple of times you really should be able to do the whole thing with little thought. Its surprising that people can be providing these services for so long and still be rather clueless on what needs to be done.

  3. Ned Pflug

    Dear Drew (Since you are the most frequent visitor to this website),

    Time to become the most credible, friendly, reassuring professional to make SOMEWHERE ELSE his home.

  4. Jessica

    Unbelievable! Incredible!

    I cant quite comprehend how this creature is allowed to get away with this!
    Getting too warm for him? off to the States!
    I am so terribly sad for the victims.

  5. Grant

    Nice wheels Andrew, just the thing for a quick getaway over the border, do we assume you are now operating from a Chinese shophouse in Penang? Thanks for the latest episode from Disnoyesland, a very strange and dysfunctional country. If he's skipped off to the States, does he intend coming back?

  6. Jessica

    Whilst writing, I reiterate what low class scum Thailand seem to be entertaining and Dirty Dog at Teakdoor.com
    comes under this category!

  7. newbie

    Not just Teakdoor and not just Noyes.

    Maybe some other 'stories' will come out of the woodwork and not just from Pattaya

  8. StarFighter

    Noyes has left Thailand and for good I'm betting as he's already loading up US based search engines with new sites and blurbs. Latest (http://bigsight.org/drew_noyes ) has him chatting with Martin Luther King and Buckminster Fuller- utterly delusional.

    "" After a lucrative career in Newport Beach California as a stock and commodities trader,.."" Quick, somebody transcribe that Wilmington Morning Star article into its site archive.

  9. westerby

    Neils Colov's facebook site sports a recent addition showing a photograph of him and Noyes in which the latter receives a certificate of appreciation from Pattaya Expats Club.Is this some sort ironical valediction as the great narcissist heads back to the land of the free?
    Incidentally, I and my wife ventured into our local Big C intent on buying some rice and other sundries. Not a grain to be had in the place and every can of tuna had gone too. I shall just have to eat cake!

  10. StarFighter

    There are three separate Noyes Watch sites.
    http://noyeswatch.blogspot.com/ is the orignal and does not allow any more comment.


    is now allowing comment.

    BEWARE !!
    Another blogspot,
    DrewNoyesWatch has been set up by Noyes ( Aug 15 ) and has the usual links to his self promotions on his other sites.
    "" Best link about Drew Noyes is Pattaya times…"")


    Please go to those legitimate sites and comment. You have to use a previously registered name from Google, etc. I think at this point Mr Drummond has provided more than enough evidence to shield anyone from libel lawsuits

  11. r h



    Been reading your articles for twenty years. New people reading your ""one man anti-Thailand hate site"" (or whatever Noyes called this page) might not realize- you have exposed some pretty bad stuff over the years and they have been individuals far closer to “normal� than the group that is going after you now.

    Dirty Dog Eric has posted pictures of his gun, I believe it is a .38 Special, that he claims to be good with and carry. Also kept posting threats towards you and your family.

    Noyes puts his whole life on the net and comes off as a conman and a coward. I feel sorry for the many people he has swindled but people need to be careful and do some due diligence.

    Crazy Dog Peter seems to be brave behind a keyboard and, while obsessed with religious justification for sex with children, is potentially very dangerous but I doubt he is a threat to you.

    The fact that people are there taking pictures of you should be cause for concern and I would think what Dirty Dog posted on TeakDoor would be enough to have him “detained�. You certainly owe it to your wife and child to get them out of harms way until Noyes, Dirty Dog Eric and Crazy Dog Peter face whatever the Thai legal system deems appropriate.

    They would all be better off in one of the stans…be it Baluchistan, Khazakastan, etc. Anywhere but Thailand.

    Oh, nice car!

  12. Andrew Drummond

    RH: Crazy Dog? Do you mean the teacher from Southfields College, Leicester, and internet stalker of girl students? Or is that Dirty Dog?

  13. sam

    I agree with RH, you need to do something about Eric…as much a wet rag as he looks and most likely is…a drunk with a gun can be a very dangerous geek. The threats to family alone should be enough to get you into action, it certainly would me. I can understand taking pot shots at yourself and taking it on the chin, but your daughter?…he needs castrating so he cannot breed anymore, accidentally even. I can sharpen a knife quite well if you need a hand. That, jail or deportation would suffice.

  14. X

    Re: Sam's last comment about knives. I'm a dab hand at castrating pigs. (Dead Dog looks like a bit of weed in comparison with an enraged tusker.)

  15. lee

    If you actually believe Dirty Dog has a Gun and Willing to use it then you probably also believe that Drew Noyes is the most credible person to make Thailand his home! The only protection that Dirty Dog has is probably McAfee or maybe Kaspersky.

  16. solomon

    What is there to say, ANOTHER unsuspecting, trusting person falling victim to a devious plot masterfully executed by a husband and wife team. Kung seems to be a quick study; guess that comes from being tutored by a master of swindle, and deception. Little does she know that her time will come soon. When Drew is no longer in need of her, she to will be history. Or is it possible that she is learning to well and it is Drew that needs to be leery. WITH THE EASE AND SPEED OF COMMUNICATIONS, WHY HAVE THESE VICTIMS NOT MET EACH OTHER AND ISSUE A FORMAL COMPLAINT TO THE AUTHORITIES?


    If enough victims come forward and speak to the right people in authority, (someone that cares about the bad image that Drew and his wife are projecting of Pattaya ) some legal action would surely come forth. — While buttering up the Thai officials with all his talk of changing the image of Pattaya from a place of holiday for the singles to a family atmosphere, … he participates in all that he condemns. Leaving his wife and children home while he goes to a-go-go-bars and indulges in the activities there, he tells his “people of influenceâ€? that he is an honest man and loving family man. To have ten children doesn’t mean you are a family man, it just means you have not been using condoms — While writing in his news paper of how staunch an advocate he is of Thai law- he ignores the law and brakes it when ever it is inconvenient to abide by it. The luring of girls from another country, who are trying to better their life and help their family, to satisfy his desires is cruel to say the least,… lecherous to define it better,… and could possibly be interpreted as a form of “Traffickingâ€?. Why have the Thai officials not done anything about this parasitic activity? Is it possible that Government Officials are tired of being used by Drew only to further his activities? Are they allowing him to continue as they gather enough evidence to prosecute him with the same laws he now ignores? Will they continue to follow Andrew Drummonds blog site as all of this unfolds? All this would not be a total surprise; they may just be waiting for more people to speak up.

  17. jules

    Seems like a routine tale of incompetence and the difficulties in setting up companies, obtaining visas and getting work permits.

    The only shocking part was the 100k.

    Nice Porsche by the way. How does it handle flood water?

  18. John

    People say that DD is two faced, but I disagree.
    If you had two faces why would you use the ugly one all the time?

  19. jules

    JOURNALISM TAKES A NEW LOW. Where is the overweight journo in those pictures? I feel suckered into reading a piece that is incorrectly advertised.

  20. Andrew Drummond

    Jules: Not taken it in much over 6"" yet. But if I fit a six ft high exhaust reckon I could cruise with the fishes just like what James Bond did, innit.

  21. Ferdinand Porsche

    Drew Noyes claims to be a lawyer and owns the biggest law firm in Pattaya, the biggest advertising company in Thailand and a property developer with turnover of 30 million dollars. He claims you are unemployed.
    However you drive a car more than his entire worth, a beautiful porsche, he drives around pattaya in an old rusty Nissan/Datsun. Guess he isnt really much of a lawyer.
    You and your family live on a lake. Drew and his family live in government houses for the poor. His other family lives in an old mouldy home that ,by the smell of it, has a sewerage issue.
    I am sure Drew Noyes in his put downs of you actually believerd what he was saying and now its proven that you are a'winner' and Drew Noyes is a complete loser he wont be able to sleep fantasising about how he will sue you and take your stuff. He will be thinking 'If only i had that porsche then everybody will believe my tricks and i could really be rich. I could even move Kung and the kids out of the government provided slum'

  22. Andrew Drummond

    Jules: Dirty Dog says I am overweight and also do other things which I cannot illustrate here. But thanks 🙂
    Meanwhile yes I admit it that was a journalistic ploy, but not quite innaccurate enough to get me done.
    I remember when I worked on a local newspaper and was given charge of a district I actually wrote my old billboards. It worked. I guess readers might have been a little bit disappointed but circulation went up.
    So those guys looking for a fat journalist sorry about the disappointment, but you did not get to see my gut, inflated somewhat by booze, Rocquefort or Stilton and long Sunday lunches. The photographer was kind.

  23. Robert Harcourt

    Pat Angko was asked to provide details of a certain american lawyer and missing tsunami money. He hasnt so I am now thinking Drummonds next move might be to do a feature on this. I asm licking my lips in anticipation. Will this be the knock out blow? Keep up the good work Andrew, this has been a long time coming.

  24. Carlos Montagna

    My story is so similar to the one above. Months and months of getting messed around by his employees and by Drew Noyes hinself. I couldn't believe how useless he was. Finally dumped him for a real Thai lawyer who completed everything in a week. I didnt pay Drew Noyes apart from the small deposit (that he refused to refund) but he cost me money in other ways and time. Of the 5 or 6 times I had to meet with himk he was late everytime.He still claims I owe him money. For what I dont know as he didnt do anything. My lawyer disagreed with just about everything lawyer Drew had told me.Not sure if he was lying or just didnt know what he wqas doing.

  25. Making up police quotes

    Andrew, since you have so far uncovered OVER 100 of Drew Noyes lies I think it would be easier just to highlight if he has ever told the truth about anything. It seems he is uncapable of telling the truth,ever. To make up imaginary quotes and accredit them to a Thai policeman shows that this man has a serios problem. Police General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart, Commander of the Crime Suppression Division,in pattaya must be concerned that his name has been used to falsely attack you. Have you contacted him for comment? It would be interesting to hear what he thinks of the situation.

  26. Andrew Drummond

    Might have to disappoint you there Robert. I can only run stuff when the 'i's are dotted and 'T's are crossed. This story is a little bit historic and I cannot trace an official complaint and nobody had the balls to make an issue of it at the time. So unless somebody comes out to make a statement, preferably two people, this will remain just one of those stories.

  27. Albert Rockafella

    Drummond, just because you drive a porsche does not give you the right to critisize the poor in our society.(edited)

  28. Clair

    To Cristy Sweet, I have just forwarded this site link to Caroline Link. Dont think you will see Drew Noyes at the Pattaya Polo this year after she reads this.

  29. Absolutely Anonymous

    Andrew – copy and paste that complete URL into your browser – maybe the previous URL was too long for a single line.

    Try this

    It's a photo from Stickmans latest weekly report, near the bottom of the page, and concerns an article about down and out farang. The person featured in the photo bears more than a passing resemblance to DD

  30. Andrew Drummond

    Grant: A shophouse in Penang would be fine, but I might miss my little Bangkok home with 60 yards of lake frontage and two salas – one out on the water.(Great for parties).
    Actually deviating a little I am wondering where all this flood business is going. It floods every year. My barometer is the level of the water in my lake. It still has not come up to the point it reached about 3 years ago. Meanwhile Rachel from the BBC is putting her wellies on daily to keep the world informed, even my colleague Andy has been out filming for APTN. However I admit I had to move a lunch party yesterday from the sala to the veranda due to the rain. The only reason to stockpile from the 7/11 is to avoid getting wet on the short trips,but I did notice an abnormal around of rice in the parlour today.

  31. logbags

    Why is it every try hard wannabe in Thailand claims he has a roscoe at the ready for an O.K Corral shoot-out with is enemies? This 'dirty dog' guy looks about as hard as this mornings porridge.
    Carry a bar of soap and water with you for protection as that looks like what he is afraid of most.
    Unfortunately there is a Kiwi/Aussie try hard on the loose now. He is a former loan shark/stand-over man amongst many other things. Now he has a Facebook page dedicated to each Thai girl he sleeps with every night complete with photos of them. This guy is even more twisted than Drew Noyes and I guess it's only a matter of time before he makes his way onto this site.

    Doesn't America have laws against its citizens committing crimes in foreign countries? Surely Walter Mitty Drew has committed a number of crimes as well as the slander of Andrew Drummond. Some how I doubt he'll be back. Pity, this is better reading than any fiction writer could dream up.

  32. logbags

    Tim Sharky who is really Tim Ward. If you think Drew Noyes needs help check this guy out. Whatever happened to that guy who had a one man stick movie empire going there? Tony Porno or whatever he called himself. Wasn't he a Drew Noyes client?

  33. Andrew Drummond

    Logbags: I can assure you Tony Poer and Drew Noyes are no longer talking to each other.

  34. Andrew Drummond

    Absolutely Anonymous: Ok I have seen that now. That's not DD. Stickman's drunk is better looking with better dress sense.

  35. Christy Sweet

    Hi Clare,
    Actually, maybe it was you I chatted with breifly in the locker room at the last Pink Polo?
    I've taken a couple of lessons and young, handsome Argentine instructor Batiste said I did very well. If you ever need a fourth?!!

  36. Peter Kraus


    When will you all work out that Thailand and its ""farang"" inhabitants are all seeking something or running from something. I find the locals as relabel and trustworthy as a chocolate fireguard but if you wish to play with the devil you get burned.

    Point of my point is that here we have a nasty foreigner cheating other foreigners in a country full of nasty Thais so the moral of the story is stay away from Thailand and you will be fine.

  37. Andrew Drummond

    Peter: No need to stay away from Thailand, Peter. Your comment is rather sweeping. Stay away from crooks, especially foreign ones, might be sufficient. There are tens of thousands of good foreigners and those bad Thais associate with bad farangs and are often in the tourist areas which are signalled as dangerous.

  38. sam

    I've taken a couple of lessons and young, handsome Argentine instructor Batiste said I did very well. If you ever need a fourth?!!…are we still talking about polo here?…Peter, I think the point of the point here is that we cannot always get even with a Thai, we can with a foreigner, so we are now all going hell for leather for Noisy.

  39. John

    Many farang arrive here with money and no experience, but with a grand idea of how to make a living here, but no real plan of how they are going to go about it and then in a few years they leave with plenty of experience and little or no money.
    These people will then blame everything and everybody, but themselves for their downfall.
    In my experience, which has been gather over 25 years of living here, is that as a foreigner if you are prepared to work hard and have a business plan and stick to it, then you can make a go of it here.

  40. name withheld by request


    This Jomtien guy could be someone who has a lot of Dirty Dog pictures and is just trying to set you up. If I were in your position to be absolutely sure I would insist his request is notarized by the “fookwits� (British is not a language I am fluent in but I think that is the term he used on Teak Door) at the “fooking� British Embassy.

    Dirty Dog has spent years building his good name and reputation in the Pattaya expat community so err on the side of caution!

  41. Andrew Drummond

    Name with held by request: I am pretty sure its DD because of the Jomtien Cafe address. DD offered to 'sell' me stuff on Noyes. I was of course not interested, particularly as his email address was fxxkyou@fxxkyou something.

  42. Walter Evans -no relation to Mangus

    Dear Drew, give up you fool. Everytime you write something about Andrew Drummond he comes back 5 times as hard. You can't win. Apologise, buy his kids some presents, take them out for dinner (but not at Mamma mia if you want to impress him). He has a pile of dirt on you and you have nothing on him. In your attacks on him you have nothing of substance and it shows. You are losing terribly. Look at the bigger picture, offer him a job at the Pattaya times then somebody might actually read it.

  43. Pat Angko

    Walter Evans, He will rather swallow his tongue than to apologise, so that is what he eventually will be forced to do.

  44. Andrew Drummond

    RH: Things are in process. I have always found it best not to signal too much. Noyes for instance says there are 42 cases against me. Hope they are all Glen Morangie or Laphroaig. The picture thing was a spoof. There are enough pix up there on google. Ranging from as a journalist, on a hang-over, to pretend Nazi trooper.

  45. StarFighter

    One plan of action for the ""Pattya Spring"" Club is to buy a prominent ad in the larger North Carolina newspapers, as surely Mr. Noyes has designs similiar to his Pattaya schemes on plan for those unsuspecting citizens.

  46. Noyes is not a lawyer.

    Everything about Noyes is a sham,fake newspaper,fake lawyer,fake qualifications, fake freinds,fake claims,fake advertising company, fake websites and fake property developement. I would imagine his wife and ""girlfreinds"" might be faking it too.

  47. sam

    re the Eric (DD) posts, I have a pile of them copied about myself and you also Drummond…vile creature he is.

  48. Ally

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles over the past few days after seeing a link on Facebook. Good stuff.
    There’s some interesting stuff on Wikipedia about Drew ""Walter Mitty"" Noyes.
    It’s always difficult to form the correct opinion just with the available information on the internet but with what I read on Wikipedia I'm pretty well convinced about the ""credibility"" of Noyes.
    To be honest, the gut makes my skin crawl even seeing a photo of him….a wretched individual.
    Keep up the great work Andrew, I love it!

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