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American’s most famous comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’ has come up with yet another sketch which has enraged Thais here.

On the heels of British television which sent up Thailand’s sex trade with the character ‘Ting Tong Macadangdang’ in ‘Little Britain’  US television has networked a sketch with ridicules Thailand – through its sex tourism.

In a spoof advert for Rosetta Stone language courses in the U.S. actors posing as students give their reasons why they are learning Russian, Spanish, French.

But when it comes to Thai the first leering interviewee says he is learning Thai for because he is going to Thailand for ‘the thing’.

The second interviewee covers his face and says: “I am learning Thai for business.”

Another interviewee says: “I’m learning German so that I can pretend I am German while in Thailand.”
A silhouetted interviewer says: “I am learning Thai to meet new people.”

Another figure is seen on the computer while his wife is in bed behind him and the advert the demonstrates important Thai phrases.

“How much?”
“Is that for the whole night?”
“Oh my God. What have I done?”
“Ping Pong Ball”
“I need to speak to the American Embassy”

The Germans are unlikely to protest. 


  1. Author
    Andrew Drummond

    Bit puizzled about the Bangkok Post follow up to this- They state ypu can also learn Thai for 'How can I take of your clothes' – I did not hear this. Am I deaf?

  2. Tod Daniels

    Actually, in the screen grabs you have of the guy in front of the computer while his wife sleeps in the bed behind him, the Thai voice does say something about taking off clothes. It's at the 52 second mark. The background music is a little loud and I can't get the last words but it's ถอดเสื้อผ้าของคุณออก blah-blah.

    FWIW: had the Ministry of Culture in their finite wisdom let this slide by, w/out comment it wouldn't have gone viral like it is now.

    This faux outrage did not surprise me a bit. These people (the thais) have very clearly delineated boundaries of people they can deride, mock, disparage and denigrate like Cambodians, Laotians, Burmese, and their darker skinned Isaan brethren. However when the tables are turned they sure come unhinged quickly.

    At least "fluff news" like this takes the Thais minds of the real and pressing issues facing the people and the country.

    The original vid was removed from You Tube but there are more than a few reposts, and it's on almost every video sharing site. Much ado about nothing really.

    1. Doi

      Very perceptive, Tod.

      I would have added the hill tribes and the farangs to that list, or at least those that talk loudly and don't get the Thai take on compromise and avoiding open conflict.

  3. Peter Marshall

    QUOTE(Tod Daniels):"These people (the thais) have very clearly delineated boundaries of people they can deride, mock, disparage and denigrate like Cambodians, Laotians, Burmese, and their darker skinned Isaan brethren. However when the tables are turned they sure come unhinged quickly."
    Talk like this will get you black-listed. Spot-on comment.

  4. Christy S.

    Peter MArshall
    I've been bashing Thais for years, quite publicly, and the sex pats, too. That blacklist may be for forums,alright- but not for immigration.

    More should speak up and force the issues. This country is mired corruption thatis based in the pimping business.

    Prostitution is legal, third party profit is not. Enforce the law, or not. Hell yes, let people buy and sell sex, but don't pretend the nation isn't the world's brothel.

    They should capitalize on it- But..Oh wait, looks like it really is working out, OK.

    It IS Two-Faced Thailand.

    1. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      Thank you Christy – though I am a little uncomfortable with it sometimes. I am in a battle with a raging nutter and if it were not for some very good Thai people I might be sunk!!

    2. Doi

      I don't understand "That blacklist may be for forums,alright- but not for immigration." Perhaps I'm not fully awake yet.

      There is corruption in most transactions in Thailand and there are reasons why that is the case. I would not single out prostitution or pimping. That is not the major area.

      For the record, prostitution was made illegal in 1960 but changed later to exclude the specific offence of prostitution. Soliciting is against the law only if it occurs "openly and shamelessly or causes a nuisance to the public"

  5. Christy S.

    Somebody was writing if you critisize Thailand d, you get blacklisted. (Sounds like a young Thai wives tale.) From forums, not immigration is my additional comment.
    We both know about being banned for "truthiness," eh?

  6. Doi

    Immigration aren't bothered so long as lese majeste is not involved.

    Citylife in Chiangmai publish some pretty strong stuff that may not have been allowed a few years ago. Criticism if not libelous is ok. Most forum owners actually don't get it, they are living a bit in the past. AD publishes as he thinks fit and covers himself but then he is a professional journalist.

    The forums are too involved in flaming to be able to moderate properly, but then again it keeps their membership and advertising revenue up.

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