Forgotten Chelsea Headhunter ‘Chubby’ Henderson Meets His Maker

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The former leader of the British football hooligan gang the ‘Chelsea
Headhunters’, Chris ‘Chubby’ Henderson, who boasted of the kickings and beatings he gave at football matches in Britain in an autobiography, has died in London.

Henderson, former owner of the ‘Dogs’s Bollocks bar in Pattaya is reported to have died of a seizure on a friend’s
sofa last week.
Henderson who was in the skinhead band ‘Combat 84’ and who
claimed membership of the National Front, appeared to have mellowed in his
racists beliefs in Pattaya and had a number of Thai girlfriends.
But it appears he did not stop taking drugs.
Chubby, left, and Hickie
He was the author of ‘Who wants it’ and a close friend of
another Chelsea headhunter leader Steve ‘Hickie’ Hickmott, who owned a bar in the Philippines and authored ‘Armed for
the Match’.
The ‘Dog’s Bollocks’ bar in Pattaya had for many years hard core hooligans amongst its clientele, but they declined as did hooliganism, and most customers now appear to be only interested in football.
Both Henderson gained fame when he was acquitted of a variety of charges in a politically led initiative against hooliganism after the police officers involved proved to have been too enthusiastic over ‘verballing’ or putting words into his mouth.
The Amazon Review of Henderson’s ‘Armed for the Match’ runs as follows.

“Chris Henderson formed the Chelsea Headhunters – who later earned a reputation as the most dangerous fans in Britain – as well as the band Combat 84 who, with their punk attitude and uncut, Orwellian lyrics, represented the antithesis of middle-class England. 

After the jailing of Stephen ‘Hickey’ Hickmott, Henderson organised a gang of Chelsea fans who travelled to matches by luxury coach with the aim of causing havoc and destruction. 

They were finally arrested and their subsequent trial was meant to be the crowning glory of Thatcher’s campaign to vanquish hooliganism. 

Hendersen with mate as a skinhead

Instead, the dramatic collapse of the case sounded the death knell for all the undercover police operations and mass indiscriminate arrests that had been ordered by the authorities to squash the activities of Henderson and others.

The ‘Ministry’ continued to pursue Henderson and prior to the 2002 World Cup, he and Hickmott were named as the two leaders planning hooligan and criminal acts for the tournament in South Korea and Japan, which culminated in Henderson being arrested and refused entry to Japan for the England v. Argentina match”.

This may have been as a result of a story authored by British journalist Andrew Drummond.

Both of their books glorified in the kickings, stabbings, and general violence of the days when football violence was at a peak in Britain, but both appeared to enjoy the ‘camaraderie’.
Henderson was the suspect in a drugs trafficking operation but insisted his import export business on the side was in football kit.

He eventually fell foul of local police and was arrested and
jailed. In prison he suffered severe problems with his feet and he had toes

A discussion on about Henderson has been closed. Sadly he never put his obvious leadership talents to good use.

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  1. ap

    Pictures are a bit outdated as are the comments. Chris Henderson came to Thailand to start a new life and what the media, who love to condemn people seem to forget is that Chris Henderson did not start the hooligan element in Britain but by bringing Britain (and foreign) football hooligans to Pattaya (where they never caused trouble) he helped stop them returning to Britain to carry on beating the shit out of each other, For this he should be recognized as a peacemaker. It must also be noted that 99% of non football hooligans were never hurt in these brawls. Having known Chris most of his life, i can say hand on heart he never hurt anyone in his life other than himself. As a journalist you should understand the bullshit that one likes to write when trying to glorify a story (his book ). And the myths about him using a credit card to stuff in someones mouth. Chris Henderson never owned a credit card in his life. The Dogs Bollox brought character to Thailand and is recognized all over the world and the Thai authorities had more trouble in the pensioners clubs around Pattaya.
    The one sad thing is that Chris has a teenage daughter named Chelsea who obviously knows about her dads past before she was born but does she have to be reminded on his passing away about his life as a teenager. Chris had a good heart and unfortunately became part of the expat community who hit problems financially and socially. Thailand's answer was to lock him up. Britain's answer was to ignore him. Do you think the British Government would have put a Thai in a British prison because she had become homeless or skint? I think not. Why did the British let it happen to one of their own citizens?
    Final word on the forgotten Headhunter who has met his maker as you call it. He will be remembered long after you and i are gone to meet our makers.
    Rest in Peace Chubbs

    1. Observer

      Re: The Dogs Bollox brought character to Thailand and is recognized all over the world and the Thai authorities had more trouble in the pensioners clubs around Pattaya.

      ap, you gave me a good chucle. Dogs Bollox is just one of the many "poorly attended" small bars that populates Soi Yomoto whose time has come and gone. No discerning features other than its name and, in my opinion, adds little color or character to the street. Although quieted down recently Dogs Bollox has received its fair share of complaints reported to City Hall by local residents. Hardly a poster child for how a foreign business should behave!

  2. Author
    Andrew Drummond

    AP – Chris Henderson has published his life as a teenager no doubt one day his daughter will read it. Its his own version so she need not be alarmed. Thailand did not destroy CH. CH destroyed CH. The credit cars story is new on me. Is it in his book? I think you may be imaging what sort of affect the Dogs Bollocks has on other people's lives. Am interested in having a look at these pensioners clubs though – thats where the old hooligans will be now. Are they shouting 'Who Wants it?' down at the Pattaya City E P now?

  3. Gerry westerby

    Ghastly oiks portraying themselves as something otherwise is always amusing, not least when they seek to project their lumpen characteristics onto other members of society as some nebulous justification for their own dubious behaviour.
    Pattaya as the hub repository for the British underclass may well be a reality but extolling expedient residence there as some noble enterprise lifting the burden from British society at large is perhaps a bit of a stretch.

    1. Eco - LED

      Gerry .. This post is about a man who has died. have a little respect. "Ghastly oiks" i wonder how you say that in Thai 😛 . As for lumpen characteristics, i admit i had to google it. But it refers to a class of society that will never achieve anything. Chris lived life large and has made headlines, people are interested in his life enough to post on this forum the same as you did. I think thats far from "lumpen". Before you die, Gerry give us a reason to talk about you. or is the post you put on here all we have to remember you by. I hope you can give us something more, something positive …

  4. gary thomson

    As has been well documented on this site there are outwardly respectable members of the Pattaya ex pat community who are a hell of a lot more dangerous than Chris Henderson ever was. Henderson was not an angel by any means and his politics when he was younger were particularly odious. He brought a lot of hooligans to Pattaya who in reality were not nearly as wicked as they liked to think they were regardless of the tattoos, and he bought and sold fake football tops . He died an aging disabled former lager lout and beer bar owner sleeping on his mates settee who had fallen on hard times. A sad ending for anyone but he did not con anyone out of their life savings with fake property deals, he did not try to fit anyone up with the Thai police and he never had anyone shot. Regardless of his reputation Chris Henderson was a mere pussy cat compared to some members of the Pattaya ex pat community.

    1. Mick Smith

      Had mixed emotions when I first heard of Chris's passing but as someone who actually knew him it was impossible not to like him. With his sense of humour and personality he most definitely was the life of the party. As for 'Operation Own Goal', he was most grateful to the Fulham Police as regular postcards back home proved. .RIP Slim, gone too soon but i'm sure your in good company. 7th Cavalry – Tooting Castle!

  5. Lucy Thompson

    If anyone knows where he is buried or anything like that please reply to this comment my dad would like to say goodbye to a good friend of his, also as I've already said my dad knew him well and if anyone knew a man from pimlico followed chelsea and knew chris well at this time with nicknames such as ickey/icky could you please reply to this comment or give me a way to get in touch. My dad doesn't see anyone from then as they have all gone in different directions and I was really trying to get Chris in touch with him but in that search I found this sad news. Please get in touch if you know my dad or know someone that does.

  6. Atuocool

    Chris Henderson didnt form the Chelsea Headhunters. We had a firm for decades before that and started calling ourselves Headhunters in 1982. It wasnt a separate firm. It was actualy a guy nicknamed "Brains" because of the little round glasses he wore who came up with the name.Another friend of mine printed the first business cards with Headhunters on it.We werent really a firm like other clubs because the different areas didnt like each other.We were mini-firms.I went with Martin's. Kilburn crew but Giles and his Kilburn mob didnt talk to us because he was NF and we had Irish and blacks in our firm. The two Kilburn firms and Billy Mathews Battersea firm were the best but never joined together.It was usually about 8 of us that went together and did all the damage. Ickey was a big poser who always mysteriously disappeared went the fighting started.The internet is full of misinformation.

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