Face Off: Publisher Threatens To Run Another Out Of Town

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Andrew Drummond

December 21 2010

Shucks. It seemed like Gettysburg all over again. From the north came Stuart Furstman, 63, a no-nonsense New York publisher, who let off a barrage of abuse at the Southerner he says has cheated him.

Then from North Carolina or Tennessee, take your pick, came his enemy Pattaya publisher Drew ‘Big Hat No Cattle’ Noyes, 55, who let fire with some language which would make a southern belle blush and warned the Yankee he’d better find a new place to live.

The best outcome, said Furstman, was to settle matter face to face at his home somewhere off Siam Country Club Road, in Pattaya.

‘Come alone you coward’.

Meanwhile running off the battlefield were Howard ‘The Fat Controller’ Miller and DJ Tommy Dee from Pattaya 105 Radio, a station which had been a point of their discussion.

Queue: Christmas music then jingle: ‘Pattaya 105 – where PattayaOne news comes first……….and all down your leg’.*

Furstman,(below) a publisher in New York, and latterly California, had leveled with Drew Noyes on Facebook and started by demanding the money back from Mr. Noyes which, he says, he had been cheated out of on a house deal. He was angry and out of pocket to the tune of US$9,000, he claimed.


Then he added that he knew just what of person Noyes was, he says, because he had listened to an interview on Pattaya 105, with ‘that English reporter’.

Well that had Noyes ‘a hootin and a hollerin’. ‘Andrew Drummond is being arrested for his bullshit’ etc, screamed Noyes on his keyboard, not bothering to mention I am actually Scots. 

Then it got more descriptive.

And dare I say it, when publishers clash, their choice of words is going to get more varied, especially when one thinks the sun comes up to hear him crow.  This is the sort of dialogue you won’t get down the Old Kent Road in London.

Well here’s how it went. The air was blue on both sides.

First of all Stuart Furstman starts in a conciliatory frame on the Pattaya Times website.  He gets angrier and angrier. The last few posts I cannot include even though Noyes allowed them on his newspaper site.

But this seem to be the only conversation on the Pattaya Times website during two weeks earlier this month. The posts below read from the bottom up

Then he turns to Drew Noyes’ Facebook, to which Drew himself ‘befriended’ me some time ago.  Cover your eyes and ears when reading this.

 God dammit. Its getting hotter than a goat’s behind in a pepper patch!

But did Pattaya 105 apologise to publisher Drew Noyes?  Certainly not, they say.  So why did they pull it from the site ‘Soundcloud’?  Er, ‘for review by our experts’. But DJ Tommy is slicker than snot on a door nob.

More to the point, why was Mr. Furstman so angry about this alleged US$9000? 

Well, he claims that when he arrived in Thailand and bought a 14 million baht house he went to Mr. Noyes for advice, at the suggestion of Brian Wright of ‘Mythaifiancee.com’,  a man who says he has a 100 per cent visa pass rate to the U.S.

Noyes, said Furstman, advised him to neither to put his house in the name of his girlfriend, nor of a company. ‘Put it MY wife’s name’, he said. 

That was no sweetheart deal.  Drew Noyes’ ‘wife’ is Wanrapa Boonsu, (above with Noyes) the registered editor of The Pattaya Times newspaper and managing director of PAPPA Law Office, which incidentally this week still did not have a licence to practice law.

As security, Wanrapa, borrowed 14 million baht (on paper that is – no money changed hands) and signed a loan agreement with Mr. Furstman.   She then also signed a Last Will and Testament leaving everything to………. Mr. Furstman.

(Memo: Please do not try this at home)

For this service Noyes charged Furstman 120,000 baht – 20,000 of which would go direct to Wanrapa or ‘Kung’. 

Apart from its illegality it was a bit pricey of course, but then we are dealing with the most re-assuring, friendly, credible professional ever to have made Thailand his home. And he has nine children to feed.

Mr. Furstman was new to Thailand, ignorant in local ways, and needed advice.  And though Noyes apparently did not know his ass from his gin whistle,  even he eventually spotted the dangers of this little arrangement. 

His ‘wife’ had left her entire estate to Furstman, and Noyes had been putting other properties in her name under the same sort of agreement.

Panic stricken Noyes had Brian Wright call to cancel the deal. But it was Furstman who had to pay the costs to remedy the matter.  That cost him, according to bills he showed, a further 150,000 baht payable to a Bangkok law firm.

He was livid. Altogether meeting Noyes had cost him the best part of US$9,000 dollars. His demands for a refund went unheeded.

Recent revelations about other people who had been involved in business with Noyes had stunned him.  The Pattaya 105 Interview had put him over the top, even though Drew Noyes was not mentioned by name.

So what was so controversial about the programme?  Not a lot really.  Well first of all DJ Tommy Dee in his promo invited listeners to concur with the view that I was an alcoholic, has been journalist and criminal, living in a tin hut on the outskirts of Bangkok, which is what he claimed he had read in the newspapers.

DJ Tommy would not say that these accusations actually only came from Drew Noyes in his newspaper the Pattaya Times or in his other rants. 

But I laughed at the allegations, glad that my mother wasn’t listening, and after that the interview went fine.

That was because I was able to convey in conversations that allegations were patently not true and were in fact made in Noyes’ Pattaya Times and thus obviously written by him.

Tommy Dee’ ‘We’ll put our interview back up in YOUR name’

I mean I do like a drink once a week.  And, of course, I will be a has-been journalist when I retire soon. But don’t write me off yet.

But I was totally gob-smacked to find out that  the powers of be at Pattaya 105 seemed to be actually scared of Noyes particularly as they had been stalking me for months to get me to go on air. So I put my tape of the interview back up myself. 

Tommy then emailed me imploring me to trust in ‘the little people of Pattaya’  and ‘not assume’ they had dropped the matter asking me to take it down pending their action – which I did.

Unbelievably their action was to say they would put their interview back up in ‘my name’ …so obviously the cheese had slid off their crackers.

No I said I would put my recording back up in my name. So here it is again.


The good thing is that the interview is not now listed among interviews with a go-go bar owner and a go-go-girl called ‘Wan’.

*Howard’s PattayaOne news is actually streets ahead of other ‘media’ in Pattaya with the exception of Pattaya Today (a newspaper) so no insult intended.

But what I said in the interview that people in trouble in Pattaya had nowhere to turn to of course stands and is all inclusive.

And people should beware of these sort of deals.

As a guideline I paid US$150 to register a property in Thailand
 This piece has been lightened with a touch of well known southern usa expression. They are not intended to be taken seriously. I do not want to have to explain to a Pattaya judge what ‘slick as snot on a doornob means’


  1. westerby

    Andrew, don't you remember, when you walk through the mire some slime will always stick to your boots?
    These guys are just, well, you know, not worth it. That's why they live there although it'll all be different when I move down to the bay of dreams….

  2. Topper

    Would you be willing to do a podcast with me or noon on boiler rooms and your coverage of them?

  3. Lee

    I bet your recording came as a bit of shock, but it sounds even better than Pattaya105's… who's running a radio station here?

  4. (Flying Sporran) P-51

    Isn't one of the bigger sex-pat forums still running ads for Noyes?

    And regarding the uni- expose, isn't another sex pat forum owner based in CM involved in some way with less than credentialed degrees?

  5. Gary Cooper

    This Drew Noyes fella doesn't do himself any favours, does he? He must have skin as thick as an armadildo's and have received more cold shoulders than a butcher's freezer. Thanks to you Andrew 2011 has been Drew's anus horriblis. I wonder what his New Year's resolution will be? Surabaya? Mindanao?

  6. Ned Pflug

    4 Types of Farangs in Thailand: (1) Scumbag criminals like N, C, Ha, B and L who are here to prey on the rest of us; (2) Enablers to these criminals like L E and thaivisa.com; (3) Cowardly guys like me who type comments anonymously because we know these guys and know what they're capable of; and (4) Heroes like Andrew Drummond (the ""Canny Scot"" on the mobility scooter and Stuart Furstman) who brave personal insults and the threat of physical danger to stand for something resembling ""justice."" (Too bad Tommy couldn't make it into this group.)

  7. jeff

    Not sure this North South clash is going to end any time soon.The battle lines seem firmly drawn already.Unfortunately Mr Furstman's fist full of dollars might well of gone with the wind.More than likely blown on the latest scheme dreamed up by every ones favorite ""Good Old Boy"" Noyes.To the ordinary civilian onlooker you seem to find yourself rather trapped in no mans land on this one Andrew in your role as fearless front line reporter.Though the old saying ""The first casualty of war is truth"" is as true as ever.I am afraid your stepping into the minefield that is the Pattaya Media with your interview has some thinking that you have most certainly taken sides on this one.You might be finding out the hard way that to venture out of your Bangkok Bunker even if only verbally has lead to some very unfriendly fire being aimed in your direction.You are right to risk no further sorties.Though you retreat with your reputation for bravery intact.No flag of surrender I imagine will ever be waved by you and your clan.Mr Westerby put it far better than I have.Let these two sides go to war enjoy the show.Though Mr Westerby might want to reconsider what could be a very wrong move. As Mr Furstman found out to his cost the bay of dreams sadly contains more than a few sharks.

  8. foxxx

    streets ahead… either a community reference – in which case i tip my hat to you good sir, or some random old man banter, then well ignore my comment.

  9. sam

    Would Furstman put his new half a million dollar home in the name of a stranger in the good ol US of A ?.

  10. Andrew Drummond

    Sam: Its a fact that visitors here tend to go to their own countrymen for advice. Shared values etc. Its often too late when they find out their values are not shared. We can all be wise I suppose until………

  11. Andrew Drummond

    Topper: Given our track record the impartial Noon might be a better bet, but please feed him with your questions.

  12. solomom

    Who are these bloggers that seem to have a defeatist attitude all the time? (Or are they trying to steer you away from a story for their ulterior motive). It seems that every time you divulge some information on a known “vile being� or a “vile situation� one or more of the bloggers to this site tells you that you are heading for trouble and you should stand down for your own good and not enter into an area of “landmines�. At times it seems that you are being threatened. The point is that you are an excellent investigative reporter; who digs into a story; and you deliver, to your readers, the FACTUAL information that they could not obtain on their own. This seems to instill an element of fear in some people. Maybe these people have an agenda of their own.

  13. Lloyd

    What is interesting is that nobody has pointed out the it is actually illegal for a Thai citizen to facilitate the purchase of land or dwellings for or on behalf of a foreigner in any manner or form. To do what was suggested is illegal the penalty is loss of title to land, a 120,000 Baht fine and or up to 30 months incarceration.

  14. Andrew Drummond

    Jeff: There have been pauses. Decisions to leave this topic etc. Each time however the man in question gets up and makes attacks in one direction of another. Thats when I highlight yet another incident. There are now several major players who have been very very close and loyal to him for years who have had enough. They will have their voice. There are more victims too,of course. I do not want however to furnish readers with wall to wall DN and I do try to lighten up some quite serious allegations. Tommy's not really as slick as snot on a door nob.

  15. KhonMask

    I am in total agreement with you, SAM seems to be a big fan even defending Drew with the filipino story. Sam are you Drew or his only cheerleader

  16. Andrew Drummond

    Khonmask: I have not noticed Sam being particularly critical, not that there is anything against that.
    The Filipina matter is now being discussed between Trafcord and Women & Children's Office PNP.

  17. Ned Pflug

    Andrew, There is no such thing as too much Noyes noise on this site. The story merits your excellent coverage and the number of hits should prove to you that we Drummies and Sporranheads can't get enough Noyes noise.

  18. Patience Waring-Thin.

    Andrew, he may have his shortcomings but I think we can safely say Drew Noyes didn't rape and murder Kirsty Jones – so, what's happened to who did? What's the latest on the reluctant Professor DNA donor … is it time to send out the bat signal for a have-a-go DNA extraction hero?

  19. jeff

    Thank you Andrew and Solomon for your excellent comments.Solomon you certainly appear to share the wisdom of your famous biblical namesake.If I gave you the wrong impression with my statements I apologize.I certainly have NO agenda of my own.As for being some sort of paper waving""Peace in Our Time"" defeatist like PM Neville nothing could be further from the truth.Without blowing my own trumpet too much.Twice in my life I have in a major way put aside personal thoughts of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness to take part in a cause I believed in.Firstly fighting in Bosnia with Muslim and Croat forces against the advancing Serbs.Secondly with my now infamous part in the failed Red Shirt protests.So I would like to think I could be judged as being""on the right side"" on this one.I would interested to know if you live in Pattaya Mr Solomon.As a long time resident of nine years until my recent enforced exile. I have watched with growing anger those foreigners ""in high places"" who always profess to do so much good but in fact do totally the opposite.To quote Don Mclean's song American Pie""As I watched him on the stage my hands were clenched in fists of rage"" I am sure I am not alone in hoping for a ""Pattaya Spring"" which will rid the City of these despots once and for all.Therefore I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for Andrew and his amazing work which can only hopefully hasten the demise of the Bad Guys.The point I was trying to make in my original piece Mr Solomon though I obviously did it badly was a Journalist with the qualities you rightly describe Andrew as having might be better off not becoming too much part of the story he is reporting on.With Mr Furstman mentioning the 105FM interview in his attacks on Drew this seems to be a Clear and Present Danger.Hopefully I can now rest my case and the jury will return a not guilty verdict on the charges Mr Solomon laid against me.Andrew I am very glad you continue to cover every twist and turn of this torturous tale.I enjoyed your inserting more comedy into this particular piece.I had planned to do the same featuring among others things a Rhett Butler Character plus Grand Wizards of the Klan making money disappear etc.But following my recent lampooning on the University Story forum I played it serious which sadly backfired.Oh well you can't please all the people…Though you regularly manage to make a far better attempt at it than anyone else Andrew.Please keep up the great work.

  20. Andrew Drummond

    Jeff: Thanks for your comments. I do not think I was so popular with your brother when I photographed him and he photographed me outside Bangkok Special Prison.

  21. solomon

    Intentionally, no names were mentioned. They know who THEY are. There have been different bloggers on different topics that seem to have negative attitudes toward exposing “Evilâ€?……. Maybe not “negativeâ€? attitudes,…… maybe “defeatistâ€? attitudes,……. or possibly they are just afraid to stand up and be heard in fear of the repercussions (those hollow threats from the “Dark Sideâ€?). Or possibly it IS someone FROM “The Dark Sideâ€? infiltrating this site!!! It really doesn’t matter, because, as Andrew has said before, this is an “Openâ€? site; anyone can blog,…. as long as you are telling the truth. You have heard the adage: “the truth hurtsâ€?, well in the case of “dnâ€?(lower case – no respect is due), this is especially true. TRUTH is his greatest Nemesis.

  22. newbie

    yes stick with it andrew………..i agree with solomon……..patience waring changing the topic ??? i am sure if there was anything new on kirsty jones you would be the first to inform………seems it was just a ruse to divert sttention from dn

  23. sam

    yes Andrew, expats do seek out there own and feel confortable and perhaps trust them moreso…but as i said, would you do that in your own country, put your property into some strangers name…complete stranger by the way. I doubt it very much, I certainly would not, here or in Somalia. There is no excuse except for stupidity in doing it and then why do some smart and experienced cashed up foreigners do it ? It has me by the short and curlies, I am perplexed by it. Oh and KhonMask…I can be whoever you want me to be for the right fee.

  24. Geoff

    Other Jeff – fighting against the Serbs! You were lucky you didn't try that in Afghanistan. Look what happened to the 'American Taliban' when his compatriots from back home unexpectedly dropped in. He's in a US slammer with the key thrown away. My lampooning was purely that – in jest, but I think your prose is now better for the lighter treatment. I have my just causes too. Newbie – I think Patience Wearing-Thin was merely pointing out that there are worse people in Thailand than Drew Noyes and they deserve just as much attention, if not more considering the gravity of their crime, until justice is done.

  25. The Frying Scotsman

    You just couldn't make it up. With all the ''allegations'' about this man, you begin to wonder how he still walks among us. Maybe he really does have friends in high places. Or maybe his luck is just about to run out. Either way I should think Mr Colov is re-thinking his new found friendship with this scoundrel. keep up the good work Andrew and all the best for the Christmas and New Year

  26. jeff

    Thank you Geoff for your comments.You would never find me within a stones throw of The Taliban.My attitude would soon have me bound and gagged and face down in the market square with them feeling a little boulder by lobbing rocks in my direction. Apart from the same religion in my opinion the Kabul crew have nothing else in common with the Boys from Bosnia.Who ironically in many cases paid little heed to the matter of prayer till they found others who followed a different God trying to kill them citing that very reason.On a much lighter note your lampooning was jest what I needed.Instead of being irate I should of taken it as rather a compliment.Imitation of course being the sincerest form of flattery.I raise a glass of seasonal pun-ch to your obvious wit.

  27. Topper

    I saw the article in the Nation and Bangkok Post about how the DSI was going to investigate foreigners who run illegal business via a Thai proxy. Do you suppose they have somebody specific in mind?

  28. solomon

    You bring up a good question Topper. The DSI probably have several businesses in their sights. The Thai Proxy will be affected for sure. Unfortunately, it seems, it is usually the Thai Proxy that faces the wrath of the law not the foreigner. The most that happens to the foreigner as a consequence is deportation. The Thai national will more than likely have to stay behind stripped of the business and its holdings and possibly even personal assets. At the very least it would seem that the assets would be frozen pending the outcome of any litigation brought on by the DSI. As you know these legal cases have been known to take years to sort out. The Proxy may even be held as an accomplice to any crimes that may have been committed.

  29. sam

    Amazing…every post on TV in relation to my last message has been delated…even ones recommending googling Drew Noyes name. George supports a con man…no more to say.

  30. KhonMask

    The DSI are also to investigate foreign ownership of newspapers as this is also illegal and Pattaya was mentioned.

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