EXPOSED – Thai Property Scandal – DSI Investigates British Rotary Club President

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A Flying Sporran Enquiry, Bangkok
November 9th 2011  (Updated 11-11-11)

The British President of a Rotary Club in Thailand has reportedly been detained and had his passport confiscated after being accused of swindling foreign property investors out of millions of pounds.

Richard Haughton, 63, a former Tupperware salesman, from Birmingham, was cautioned by officers of the Department of Special Investigation from Chonburi and then released. 
Also facing investigation are Britons Nicholas Pearce, and Paul Salisbury.

All three are directors of a property company called Thailand Property and Media Exhibitions Co., Ltd (TPME) based in the beach resort of Pattaya.
Its alleged that all three people set up a series of property companies in Pattaya to defraud foreign buyers of their cash, knowing the victims could do little to protect themselves while living abroad. Several projects in the Pattaya area are involved in the controversy.
TPME’s Chief Financial Officer Haughton, aka the boss, has played a major role in the Pattaya-Jomtien Rotary Club and until recently cut a lordish figure around town, being photographed handing over gifts to the needy. In the picture above he has just paid 10,000 baht (for a bottle of cognac) to go to victims of the Japanese Tsunami.
Prior to arriving in Pattaya to become a ‘property tycoon’ his previous jobs included running a video rental shop, and being a top regional salesman for ‘Tupperware’.
Nicholas Pearce, the Chairman of TPME, aged 51, (left)  from Brighton, Sussex, arrived from Thailand after his grass cutting company ‘NiceNStripy’ in the south of England in formed in 2004 went bust with massive debts and was finally wound up last year.
In the wake of the controversy Pearce has now returned to Britain where he has secured work as a ‘financial advisor’ and has no intention of returning to Thailand in the near future.
A quick look at the business graph of ‘NiceNStripey’ supplied by shows a mode of operation which, while not uncommon in the UK,  can be described as characteristic of many property company start-ups by what are losely termed ‘foreign businessmen’ in Thailand.
 In Thailand law enforcement authorities have traditionally shown little interest in what some foreigners do to other foreigners. It has not yet been possible to establish how the investigation is progressing.(Updates will be provided here)
 But a former employee of the company, Martin Simons, another Briton, who has been briefing the victims, has not yet been interviewed; yet he left the company with considerable documentation.
Simons, the ‘whistle blower’  has offered full co-operation with the authorities. He claims he was disgusted at what he discovered when he was called in on a short term contract and asked to resolve the company books. He is currently in litigation with the company after refusing, he says, to take part in illegal actions. He descibes the actions by TPME as ‘Ponzi’.

NiceNStripy – the bottom line
 Was Really Pool Boy a Merrill Lynch trader?

The third director Paul Salisbury, the CEO of TPME, also 51, from London, reportedly claimed to be a former trader with Merrill Lynch. No records can be found of this but he was the owner of a swimming pool service company in Pattaya called ‘Everything Pools’ and has recently been selling stock on the BahtSold Thai website.
Yesterday both Salisbury (below) and Haughton were still in Pattaya. Neither were answering calls and phones at TPME rang out.  The office in Thepprasit Road, Jomtien has been closed and Haughton has removed to other so far ‘secret’ premises.  He has been telling colleagues that he has no problems with the DSI and that the matter is just a typical business dispute.
In fact the DSI’s role in this has indeed been rather odd  if accounts by the buyers are to be believed. Victims claim local Pattaya police would not accept the case and it would have to go to the DSI. 
They claimed they were then told by the DSI to accept an offer to get their cash back or they would get nothing. If they went to Consumer Protection they would also get nothing. The DSI would almost certainly deny this claim.
Meanwhile two bank accounts of Haughton have been closed and two others have been cashed out, according to Martin Simons who secured a freeze order against a court judgment.
Haughton is due to appear in court on November 16th in another labour dispute with a former British manager Robin Warren who has also left TPME. He expects to win his case but is not confident against getting any cash from Haughton.
“Ironically while I was working for Richard Haughton and not being paid I also lent him money to pay off an instalment of his BMW,” he said.
Salisbury has left his normal accommodation to take temporary lodgings. He has told friends that he has been told a stop has been put on him leaving the country.
At the centre of the controversy is a luxury apartment block called Emerald Palace on Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya, near Cozy Beach, a wealthy part of the Thai beach resort, which went up for sale off-plan to buyers in 2005, amid a fanfare of local publicity. Much of that publicity was provided by another ex-President of the Pattaya-Jomtien Rotary Club, Niels Colov, who as part of a barter accepted two units at another of Haughton’s projects, Lake Villas. Colov, a former pimp in Copenhagen, runs Pattaya People Television and Pattaya People newspaper and rose to the ranks of leader of the Pattaya Police Volunteers.

Over 60 units were sold, but in 2007 work stopped completely for 2 years when the company apparently ran out of cash. 
Worked started again after the company secured a loan – but when buyers recently turned up to move in they discovered that in July all their properties had been remortgaged out to the Kasikorn Bank, which is owed 71 million baht.

A section from the documents showing the units mortgaged out to Kasikorn Bank
They were apparently offered their cash back for the properties, which are now valued up to four times more than they paid. The money was coming from a ‘mystery buyer’. But the offer was withdrawn. It subsequently appears to have come from a company called ‘Headland Holdings Ltd’ – one of Haughton’s companies. This say the victims is the offer the DSI had told them to accept.
Victims are concerned that they were photographed outside Emerald Palace by a Thai woman in the employ of Headland Holdings. In fact the woman is Richard Haughton’s girlfriend Sripat Boontham, whose name is on the land documents for Emerald Palace and Lake Villas.

One of the Emerald Palace  buyers, Curtis Buckley, 51, an oil worker from Toronto said: “To say people were offered their cash back is something of an exaggeration.
“It was claimed that a new buyer was willing to put cash in so the original investors would get their cash back.  That has not been substantiated.
” Mr.Naughton has taken our money apparently spent it and handed over our (deeds) chanotes to the bank!
“I handed over 95% of a requested 4.72 million baht.
. “At the moment the Pattaya Consumer Protection department are looking into the matter. I am told we will be kept informed. I was not satisfied that the DSI were dealing with the matter appropriately.”    
 Britons Nick Green and Lee Booty have also made statements to this site and are dealing with Consumer Protection officers.
In all, it is estimated some 205 million baht (UK 4.5 million) was put into the project has disappeared.

Police may also have to look at claims that, with the cash obtained in deposits and full payments, the directors had hawked their portfolio around Europe attempting to get a further €10 million loan from banks there.

The plan failed, said Martin Simons, because when the banks looked at their supposed assets the figures did not add up.

Department of Special Investigation officers or Consumer Protection officers,  who now seem the more likely investigators, will now have to consider whether there was a conspiracy from the very date the project was first offered to the public.
The involvement of Consumer Protection could be a positive move in a city which is trying to improve its image while remaining the favoured location for a wide range of foreign property scammers.
The victims are mainly Britons, but there are also Australians, Russians, and Canadians, and Fins.
The Presidency of the Jomtien-Pattaya Rotary Club (2010-2011) would have given Haughton an air of integrity. 
But most buyers, mostly new to Pattaya, would not know that membership of these sort of organisations in Pattaya do not undergo any sort of integrity check.

Installation of a President. Spot the property tycoon
Like many people apparently re-inventing themselves in Pattaya, Richard Paul Haughton has little experience in the property trade. Nor is he a qualified accountant as he claims in publicity blurbs.
He has allegedly had elocution lessons to hone down a broad ‘Jasper Carrott’ Birmingham accent and one of his claims is that in one year he was the top ‘Tupperware’* salesman in the West Midlands.

 Self-promotion. Haughton laying it on
The Emerald Palace is not the only project of Haughton which is mired in controversy.
At Lake Villas, east of  Pattaya, in what local foreigners call ‘The Darkside’, Haughton is accused of failing to deliver millions of baht in rents from foreigners who bought properties to let out in their absence.
Indeed it seemed Haughton very much needed an accountant judging by this slightly historical note to a former Chairman of the Lake Villas Committee.

This state of affairs is confirmed by Les Bonner, from Portsmouth, England, the Secretary of the Lake Villas Owners Association:
“It’s a mess,” he said. “Properties here are being let out and the owners abroad know nothing about it. One person arrived last week to find his house occupied. All the money is going into another new company Mr.Haughton has started up.
“He owes owners tens of thousand of pounds (sterling) in rental guarantees and still keeps staff on site in an office. They are the most volatile Thai ladies I have ever met. Obviously we do not want these people on site now.

Lake Villas: People buy and Haughton makes money on their rents without telling them – its alleged
“You’ll need to be a patient man to listen to all the complaints. It should be a matter for the DSI too.
“A company has been formed for people to own their properties under but no accounts, which Haughton was responsible for, have been done in years. That makes them in danger of losing their properties.”
From the UK Ramesh Lal, Chairman of the Lake Villa Owners Committe has confirmed these reports and has claimed that actions by the committee have been thwarted by Niels Colov, a Dane and another ex-President of the Jomtien-Pattaya Rotary Club, who had ‘bought’ two properties on the estate, and rented one out to Haughton’s Thai mistress.
A more detailed statement is expected from the British investors resident in the UK early next week.
In addition two other estates in Pattaya, Foxlea 1, and Foxlea 2, run by Salisbury have also suffered setbacks with complaints of workmanship needing costly repairs, and rents owing to absentee landlords of 3.4 million baht.
Many landlords have apparently not been notifed their premises have been rented. While cash appears to be used for the ‘bosses’ sojourns on Pattaya’s ‘Darkside’. They appear now not confident appearing at major venues in the city itself. There has been speculation that Mr.Haughton may be relocating to Phuket.
The following companies are claimed by TPME to be part of the same group:
Thailand property media & exhibitions group co ltd
Thailand property media & exhibitions Co Ltd
Headland Holdings Co Ltd
Castle Rock Co Ltd
Newbright Holding Co Ltd
Snowdon Holdings Co Ltd
Paradise Home Pattaya
Everything-Pools Pattaya

These are the housing projects associated with TPME and its directors. One or two don’t exist.
Emerald Palace
Lake Villas Pattaya
Compton Gardens
Forrest View
Phoenix Grove
Foxlea 1 & 2
The Chase, Pattaya.

*Tupperware: A brand of home Storage containers sold by salesmen known as ‘consultants’.
 * The British passport actually is the property of Her Majesty the Queen. The British Embassy can re-issue a passport if they so desire (obtained from the UK via Hong Kong) They cannot however re-issue a visa.


  1. PB

    Amidst all these weird and wonderful expatriate characters you have successfully exposed in Pattaya would there actually be anybody a foreigner could trust for buying a property; getting legal advice or buying a second hand car from?

  2. Andrew Drummond

    I understand the Pattaya Times has a Teana for sale. But check first to see if they have done a glowing report on this chap.

  3. sam

    JohnH…the guy on the far right looks straight out of a zombi flick. I am wondering if Andrew is worried about ever running out of work in Thailand?

  4. westerby

    With all the kosher Thai companies developing in Bangkok and Pattaya why on earth do people gamble away their savings on the blandishments of deadbeat Brit companies managed by ill educated, unqualified and ill funded cowboys?
    I simply don't understand the mentality. What sentient person could possibly choose a hole in the wall outfit over, say, Raimon Land or the Nova Group when it comes to finding a home for their 5 million baht in Pattaya? Do punters really think membership of a club devoted to self interest under the guise of charitable works somehow validates any would be businessman without a pot to piss in?
    Ah well Andrew, you'll find work as long as you have the appetite for it.

  5. Thepprasit road.

    Another conman working out of a Thepprasit office in Pattaya ripping off foriegners and with a false resume.Incredible.ARE THEY CONECTED WITH THE MOST CREDIBLE AND HANDSOME FORIEGNER TO MAKE THAILAND HIS HOME?

  6. john hatcher

    There is a lot more to this story. I was told that the dsi made everybody an offer on their units for what they bought them for, if they didnt accept they were told they could fight in court but would inevitably loose!!! Are these people not supposed to be helping!! Also further more the owners were told not to see the consumer protection people,,, why might i ask where they advised to do this when it is now the consumer protection who are making this case move in the right direction?

  7. Andrew Drummond

    John: I have edited your post. But the substance remains. The matter you are referring to is one I have been informed about.
    The logical answer is to body swerve any agency which is not acting in the interests of the victims.
    Meanwhile I would advise the residents seriously organise themselves to club together to get a good out of town lawyer.
    A LOCAL police complaint should be made and police will have to explain why they do not act on it, if indeed that happens.
    The DSI should only be involved if local police have failed to act.
    In this case residents are unware what other people may already have their talons out on this one.

  8. SM

    quite a bit of fiction involved here . all these meeting at the police station were they not related to the dismisal of an ex employee as opposed to investigations into criminal matters by Mr Haughton.
    the whole article should say alledged by gossip mongers unless some hard facts can acompany it..
    I only go by what i hear on the jungle drums the same as others , but there do seems to be 2 sides to this ongoing saga

  9. martin simons

    aka thai hydrophonics aka IT guy for TPME Group Co Ltd etc etc,As you well know being the sidekick of Paul salisbury and his IT boy(I have evidence to back this up you know,payments to you,emails from you to these companies etc)you really should not comment on matters you have only a one sided lie as information for.
    I and my GF called the police on Paul salisbury and his lawyers,I took them to Labour Court and won 1.7mbt which TPME Co Ltd have failed to pay and are now in breach of these Court orders or are you disrespecting the Court System in Thailand?.
    Someone with an Hydrophonics Company really should not draw to much attention to themselves!!!
    But if you have evidence that you have collected as the IT tech for these companies that may assist in the settlement of this matter please direct it to the Local office of the Consumer protection dept at pattaya City hall.

  10. Andrew Drummond

    Simon – I should add that I am happy to publish the 'other' side of this and indeed have tried to contact all directors.
    If they wish to present a case here they are more than welcome to.
    It will of course be subject to fact-checking.
    This is not a commercial dispute by the way.

  11. Friends of Benny From Crossroads Appreciation Soceity

    We object to the stereotyping of people from Birmingham such this from Wikipedia: ""A study was conducted in 2008 where people were asked to grade the intelligence of a person based on their accent and the Brummie accent was ranked as the least intelligent accent. It even scored lower than being silent.""

    Please stick to the subject at hand and do not make racist remarks about the origins of either Haughton or Simon. They can be proud of their Birmingham accents.""

    Owright our kid!

  12. Andrew Drummond

    oh, dear,dear Simon. You are the IT guy for TMPE and responsible for putting together all that crap on the internet.
    If you look at the story you will see it is based on factual interviews with victims and documents, many more of which I have.
    This at the moment is not a police matter so you comments about police, as opposed to DSI, are immaterial.
    However for the general viewer there was a labour dispute between TPME and Martin Simons which started off at a police station and ended at Chonburi Labour Court.
    Two plaintiffs, one of whom was Martin Simons, were awarded 1.7 million baht.
    TPME's account: SCB shut. Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn Bank zilch.
    Next! Please attend to the cabbages

  13. SM

    I've never been involved with disputes with either party and i did not build or create any of the sites that TPME have or had.
    My only comment which seems to of been met with hostility is that there are 2 sides to this which i'm sure you can agree there are always 2 sides to every story.
    And Hey Martin .. whats the problem ? did i join into this condemning you , or either party ? or even saying it was wrong ? i refer to jungle drums, GOSSIP .. i'm not on a postition to give any FACTS from anyone as i the same as other only hear the gossip.
    also I see no reason at all to not be involved in a hydroponics buisness nor to hide the fact from anyone. it does not need a work permit nor breach any rules if all i do is eat the darn stuff !
    can you advise where the 16km i lived away to Richard was ? as i'm from worcestershire not Birmingham .

  14. pornphimon srinarang

    I am thai person and TPME owe me c379,000bt from labor court judge order but TPME have not paid and do not respect thailand people and thai Courts system.The buyers at emerald palace are good people but no one help them against Richard haughton,paul Salisbury and Nicholas pearce.many staff have no money for many months dont listen to lies of these bad men.I hope thai police get them.

  15. Andrew Drummond

    Simon, if you have nothing to offer do not post. You made the remark 'a lot of fiction here' and now in your own words admit you know nothing but gossip.
    You were educated in Droitwich 24 kms from Brum. You talk of Worcestershire like its on a different planet.
    Haughton's TPME website states: 'Site maintained by '@@@@@@@@@' This is your company.
    You further describe yourself as (sic) ""•Opererations Director' at a Thai company.
    I have no interest whether you have a work permit or not.Nobody has accused of such.
    (This post and another have been edited. So posts are out of sequence)

  16. Wayne St Marthe

    I was never made awear of any buy back offer for dsi. when was this??? When I first started calling RH I did not like and that was from a phone conversation!!!

    wsm from lake villas

  17. Lee

    Oh Dear! another ""El Presidente"" abusing his position and no doubt praying on the vulnerable in his midst… Can anyone recommend a Falang organisation/club that is safe to join in Pattaya? and free from criminality! (except Pattaya Women's club)

  18. john hatcher

    excuse me mr/mrs westerby but if you are trying to imply that the people who have bought here have only themselves to blame then your wrong. I my self have not bought in emerald palace but have a friend who has. He invested his money with this conman over six years ago when the likes of big companies today like matrix were only in the same posistion as mr haughton.. by this i mean nothing but a plot of land with nothing to show and selling off-plan. Now Matrix are a big developer here in pattaya with more than 6 projects complete, so how might i add was my friend to know that when he invested in 06 or 05 that this would be the outcome today. I believe the thai authorities should be regualting this industry more closley.

  19. Ned Pflug

    I met Richard Haughton probably five years ago and it was clear immediately the he was a con man clown that nobody in their right mind would ever entrust their money to. While Andrew Drummond does a great job of ""connecting the dots"", the stories he reports are no great revelation to anybody in Pattaya who is the least bit in the know. That TPME was a ripoff company was very well known in Pattaya, yet that didn't stop the crap local newspapers from running their ads, didn't stop the hundreds of real estate agencies from selling their units and didn't stop the Rotary Club from electing this clown as its President. And the sad part is that Richard Haughton is only one of many. Andrew, if you are going to dive into the murky abyss of Pattaya real estate, I suggest you hire a large staff, including some well-trained bodyguards.

  20. Pat Angko

    pornphimon srinarang, a long time ago, I worked as executive director for Taxhim, the one on the run, the one from the migrant workers group from a hundred years ago. They suddenly stopped paying me and without any explanation (they thought they had picked my brain long enough) , long story short I wend to the labour court and won an X amount in Baht. I never got paid either, I was told at the time that I should start a civil case to demand and receive the amount the labour court awarded me. Compounding interest we are talking about a few millions by now, won’t you just love the Chinaware family.

  21. Pat Angko

    Lee, There are plenty of honest hardworking Farangs + family here. They don't feel the need to gather in clubs and when they do they leave after realising the absolute nothingness permeating the atmosphere and the feather in arse time wasting. Once a year at the Jesters Fair you might come across some of those right guys.
    By the way, the founder president of that particular Rotary Club Andrew points at was a Hans Zurflug (RIP) who (mis)used his ""position"" to get special deals around town. If I remember well they run him off before the end of his term. He also ran a kind of illegal VD clinic behind his Swiss Restaurant. The 2nd ""el presidente"" of that club also has a less than healthy ""history"" somewhere in a Northern European country 😉 Indeed a sad state of affairs, and this was during the last century….

  22. Andrew Drummond

    Simon should have declared his interest as boss of the company which administers the TPME site
    In his bio there is also stuff saying he was a Chairman of Interactive Gaming UK (IGUK). I know there must be a career there somewhere but all I can find is a reference to an 'abusive thread' involving a Mr.SM and somebody saying: 'Do you not get many phone calls Simon?""

  23. westerby

    JohnH: Sorry, didn't mean to seem unsympathetic but investing in a property developed by an unproven foreign company administered by demonstrably unqualified officers in a country where consumer protection is in its infancy and with a judiciary notoriously slow to act is quite simply just plain daft.
    These shysters wouldn't exist if it weren't for the foolish and naive. What Drummond does so effectively is to expose their projects and the hapless organisations that give them the varnish of respectability.
    Your reference to pattaya estate agents as a body expected to assume sort of joint culpability or responsibility for their actions is quite amusing though. Pattaya is Dodge City and Drummond is it's unelected sheriff.

  24. SM

    Posted on November 12 2011 at 17:31:10
    Not surprised to see Simon's name here. He owes me 50,000 baht (heavily edited)

    ouch .. that hurts .. perhaps lets use the name Harris Black and let people google your name or harrisblackwatch and draw there own conclusions on you ..
    i've contact Andrew with lots of info on you as you would make a great story for him .. Andrew has my full permision to reproduce the info i have passed to him (as long as he corrects the spellign and makes it sound more legible) and i'm very sure there lots of your victims in thailand and other parts of the world would love to partake in a Harris Black story .

    i had promised myself no to post on this site agian as i got a bit of a bad reception to my post below, but after seeing HB joining in and learning he is still in thailand i just cannot avoid replying

  25. peter

    Outstanding work as usual Andrew.What a timely reminder of why I have always rented during my years in Pattaya.Though that sounds like it could also be a pitfall filled path to go down.If one is unlucky.I was waiting for a certain newspaper baron we all know so well to surface during this expose Amazingly he has not so far!But surprise surprise his greatest rival has!No wonder I always read a glowing property report in my local papers.Not just the Murdoch Media whose Trust Fund is empty then!Some say trust in God maybe so.But you seem a pretty good bet Andrew!If the truth be told you are the man who always does.For those who need a laugh check out developer Mario Kleff.The Ego has landed!Keep up the great work Andrew!

  26. Lloyd Jones

    Well I am not suprised about Richard, my original meeting with him some 5+ years ago did not stack up. Having transfered from my Rotary club to Jomtien I became membership secretary but to be honest I could not agree to decisions being made regarding new members. In my old UK clubs and now back with them thnakfully you need to 'prove' who you are and be invited by someone who REALLY knows you – not so in Jomtien, you can be anyone. It is a disgrace to the organisation of Rotary, in fact I doubt if any of the current board/members have any real experience of how Rotary really works, it is all about being seen.

  27. Publius Caelius Sulla

    in Answer to Lee.

    No. All the various groups are rotten. The City expats are shills for Drew Noyes, The Expats are Shills for Colov, The Masons have too many Paedophile issues and Rotary is full of crooks.

    Harris Black! Now there's a guy

  28. Septimus Caelius Bello

    Haughton isn't the only crook in the picture. One of them had his fingers in the till at the Pattaya city expats club.

  29. paul

    Please could the gentleman from The Friends of Benny from Crossroads Appreciation Society be kind enough to tell me where I can buy an XL size copy of the famous kitted headwear worn by the man himself.The reason being everytime I view property in Pattaya the agents try to pull the wool over my eyes.I thought by wearing the abovementioned hat I could save them the trouble.They all put the con in condo.Real Estate more like in a state.Sort it out boys!Thanks for being our watchdog Andrew.

  30. Wayne Taylor

    What is it with you Brits? Why are so many of you con men from good ol' Blighty, bringing your wayward life style to the land of smiles? If I didn't know better, I would say Thailand deserves you, or you deserve Thailand, perhaps both.

  31. Andrew Drummond

    Taylor Wayne – Don't kid yourself. Your lot are well represented. I just happen to be British and write about Brits.

  32. Andrew Drummond

    Mike Flynn: At the moment this is one story amongst thousand of property scams in Thailand, Spain, Tenerife etc. When the moment comes that makes Haughton shine above all others I will know. Could easily be a segment for 'Homes from Hell' though.

  33. martin simons

    Good to see that Robin Warren an ex employee of Richard Haughtons TPME Co Ltd won his labour court case and has been awarded over 600k against TPME Co Ltd.
    Bankruptcy proceedings against TPME Co Ltd next I think!
    Richard Haughton and co not in court today with Robin as expected and Richard Haughton continues with his bullshit ""it's not true""emails to the last few remaining people he can bother with his crap!,haughton if you or your 2 co directors are in any way innocent or can explain this situation away then say your piece.
    Paul Salisbury is hiding away true to the complete coward he is in Korat and thinks this will all just go away if he shuts his eyes and thinks of his mummy.

  34. Robin Warren

    What Martin has written is right. People surely must soon wake up to the fact that if none of what is written here is true, why is there no response to the allegations from those, who are the subject of them. BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE must be the inevitable conclusion.
    Now having yesterday won the case you were too cowardly to attend, I'm waiting for my money, Richard. Tell me when and where we can meet !!

  35. PA

    does anybody on here know about a chap named Jordi or Geordie, who seems to be running a similar scam in Jomtien. I've invested in a property with his company, (company name removed) and have been trying to cancel my contract and get my money back for 4 years. Any info would be appreciated. thanks.

    FLYING SPORRAN:PA: I have removed the company name PA. Will happily put it back once we have looked at this company and find allegations to be true. Please provide details privately first.

  36. James Paterson

    Thank God….. I nearly bought a property in Emerld Palace off the plans in 2005 but after reading verything and meeting some of the agents I ""smelled a rat"" so to speak. Sorry for you guy's that hve beem ripped off. Good luck in getting a refund.

  37. john judson


  38. Paul Knight (ex Thames Valley)

    As an rotarian myself, do you have any comments from Rotary International, as Rotary usually means a good honest person which in thsi case is obviously NOT true.
    It would besmirch the name and others who are good Rotarians.

    your response would be welcome indeed to the question.

  39. Samut

    Unfortunately stories like this are not uncommon and most of the posters victims or not comment on facts and information given. However some as “John H� and “sam� have nothing to say but just denounce some of the members of a Rotary Club (most likely not knowing them, this is more than vicious! Shame on you!

  40. Andrew Drummond

    Samut: I can understand some negative comments about the Rotary Club in Pattaya if merelly for the fact that they are not able to police their own members and even presidents.

  41. Samut

    Andrew: Negative comments especially under such circumstances are understandable however still require some ethics I believe; just insulting members of a society (spending a lot of their time and money to help) as “That line-up picture was it taken from the 'Walking Dead'?� cannot be accepted and shows me what kind of people they are. Have they ever done anything like helping underprivileged children? I doubt!

  42. Natasha

    Please can anyone help wat is the going rate to rent a villa on lake villas, and is it really wat it is made out to be

  43. Philip

    Well I can tell you that Paul Salisbury was not a trader at Merrill Lynch. I know that because I worked at Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong, and when I quit Paul took over from me. I was the manager of one of the technology teams, which is exactly what Paul did there. Clearly a fraudulent lie as part of the deception to give an impression of being a knowledgable ""finance"" expert, where as in fact he was not even an expert in technology, let alone finance!

    1. 老賊拉斐

      I knew Paul Salisbury was a Director of Technology Group, Asia Pacific Region in Merrill Lynch (Asia Pacific) Limited in Hong Kong back in mid-late '90s. Is this Paul Salisbury mentioned are the same guy?

  44. Someone

    As Philip said, Paul Salisbury did work for Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong in the late 90s. He was not a trader, he was a member of the IT team, managing infrastructure support. I was also working for Merrill technology at the time and knew him for a couple of years. He was a completely XXXXXXXX sack of XXXX back then so I'm not surprised how he's turned out.

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