British police seek help on Chelsea headhunter death

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Police in Uxbridge, West London are seeking help in
connection with the death of Chris ‘Chubby Henderson’ former owner of the Dog’s
Bollocks bar in Pattaya.

They know that Henderson had a Thai wife and daughter
Chelsea but are urgently seeking help in contacting the next of kin.

Please either contact police direct on the
following email or number, or leave a message on this site and it will be passed on.

A former ‘General’ in the Chelsea Headhunters, a
football hooligan group of the 80’s, Henderson died in London last week.


  1. ap

    The police never had a tag on Chris Henderson and his whereabouts ? Hard to believe in this day and age wherever or whoever. I thought Englishmen with right wing views were under constant surveillance instead of targeting terrorist groups (sorry ex terrorist groups) with links to the new Mullah Tommy Robinson or whatever he calls himself these days. I wonder what your reporting will be associated on your return to UK Andrew. Not phone tapping i hope.

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