A Tale of Island Police And The Most Credible American Professional In Thailand

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The logo of the alleged law firm shows two suited but headless figures running off with two bags over three mechanical cogs.
Could this be interpreted as two brainless lawyers running of with their clients’ cash while the cogs of justice slowly grind to a halt?

Absolutely, says frail Dutch pensioner Hans Boozajer, 67, but it’s not the Thai lawyers who have made off with his money its American Drew Noyes and his wife ‘Kung’ the editor and co-owner of the ‘Pattaya Times’ newspaper, and co-director with Noyes in their supposed law office ‘PAPPA Co.Ltd’.

Well obviously the directors of PAPPA, both of them, neither of whom are lawyers, will say this indicates their people are rushing about on your business and the book is in the picture to show how learned they are.
But in another tale of  incompetence and familiar overbilling, PAPPA, run by Noyes who says he has helped over 4,500 foreigners and another 20,000 for free, appears to have failed again in its mission.
 Hans says he contacted Drew Noyes after his Thai girlfriend swindled him out of 4.3 million baht.

‘I decided he was the person who could help me best because he was sort of sanctioned by the Pattaya City Expats Club as a legitimate and trustworthy ‘lawyer’  and he was also a past chairman of  the club.’

Despite living on Koh Samui Hans decided Drew Noyes would be better. After all he claimed to specialise in ‘getting money back from Thais’

Hans’ Thai girlfriend, Thanyarat Promai, 52, known as Shirley (right) he said, had allegedly cheated him as follows. 
While he had already bought her land in Phitsanalok as security for her, she later wanted cash to start up a factory.  He agreed but demanded security for the cash.
She in turn gave him four land chanotes, including the one for the land he had bought her.

These chanotes allegedly guaranteed the land and cash he had given her.

Well this seems foolish of course, but Hans is elderly and ill and perhaps thought of spending his twilight years with a nice Thai lady to look after him and to all intents and purposes she WAS loving.  In the fullness of time he discovered that the chanotes were all fake.
There was the inevitable big bust up, the usual threats, she said she knew the police and her brother was an army general.

Meanwhile Hans had read Noyes’ glowing tributes to himself on the net, and with the police on Koh Samui he felt were untrustworthy, he had few choices.  So when the chips were down he want to see our American friend not knowing that Noyes had already been exposed by an American newspaper as a man of ‘myriad lies, a phony resumé  pursued by lawyers with unflattering allegations.’

Noyes was confident.  His PAPPA Co. Ltd.,would prosecute her in the criminal courts and then prosecute her in the civil court. Hans signed a contract, one of those with the running lawyers logo as a header, and charged him 200,000 baht, which Hans handed over in a first payment of 50,000 Thai baht and later 150,000.

 Definitely a collectible – Drew Noyes’ signature
‘The fees will not exceed this amount and Power of Attorney will be used so that Hans Boonzayer only appears at the court and police station when absolutely required.  All other appearances will be by lawyers paid for by PAPPA Co. Ltd.’

Drew Noyes also signed the document .


 Ignorance is bliss: Hans with Shirley before he realised he had lost it all
Read on in Hans’ own words: 

‘This is a record of my very negative encounter with Mr Drew Noyes and Ms. Kung from PAPPA law office on Thepprasith Road in Pattaya City

“Through a website, (site deleted) from the Pattaya City Expat Club where Mr. Drew Noyes praises himself  into high heaven, I decided to use his office (PAPA Co.., Ltd. 448/21 Moo 9, Tower 1, Thepprasit Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Pattaya City, Chonburi 20260) to find out about my legal options concerning a fraud case in Koh Samui where I live.
I went there on 23 December 2009. I was in need of legal advice / help, concerning an ex-girlfriend who had cheated me and reading his credentials I decided he was the person who could help me best. 

As I understood he was sort of sanctioned by this Pattaya City Expat Club as a legitimate and trustworthy ‘lawyer’, he was also a past chairman of this club.

The first contact with Drew, went smoothly, he was understanding and compassionate, and he told me that he could help me .

The first step to take would be a criminal lawsuit against my Thai ex-girlfriend for swindling and fraud, and, as it would be won, a civil suit against her for the return of my money (4.36 million Bath) would follow.

The total cost to start a criminal case would be 200,000 baht with no added cost Drew assured me.  I met my obligations on and paid 50,000 baht in cash as a deposit on 23 December 2009 and on January 4 2010 the rest, 150,000 baht through a bank transfer.

The deal was that everything we would discuss and decide would only happen between me and him and not with any of his staff.  He told me I had to sign some papers, and then Drew walked away from our meeting to do other things.

A staff member gave me a stack of A4 papers (50 or so) in the Thai language which I had to sign which I did reluctantly because I cannot read Thai.  I suppressed my feelings of doubt, after all he was the right person in town to deal with I thought at that time.

With difficulty it was explained to me by the Thai that this was necessary for the criminal case, and it was then not necessary for me to come down from Koh Samui every time where I live.  I later on asked Drew to number all the sheets and when needed one to translate it and ask me for permission to use it as to stay in control of what my signed documents were used for, this never happened.

In February 2010 I was called by Miss Kung (Drew’s wife) who told me that she would fly to Samui February 25th, the next day together with another PAPPA staff member, to lodge a report to the police in Bo Phut (Ko Samui), so it happened. Miss Kung had a staff member (Miss. Nat) with her, and told me she hired a car because she first had to see another client in the morning in Mae Nam.
A few weeks later I was called by a staff employee of Drew, and in broken English he wanted me to send another Baht 200,000 baht to start the civil case. I was perplexed and asked for his name, which I never heard before, and suddenly I got Drew on the telephone and he confirmed what his employee just requested.

 I told him that nothing happened to the criminal case so far, and I first wanted to wait and see whether we would win.  He then told me that Pol. Lieutenant Colonel Phusaroj Sira in Koh Samui saw no reason to take action. I also just found out that the police report which was prepared at the time by Ms. Kung, was marked as Civil Case No. 155.53 I was very surprised as we never decided to start a civil case but we would start a criminal case first.

A few days later, Drew sent me an email with an incomplete listings of what he had done (mostly lies)  the rest is part of the work under the contract and the oral agreement.

After having consulted with a friend of mine who gave me this sage advice to ask for evidence from all accounts, time, names and locations of hotels, and people with whom he had spoken.

When I informed Drew about my request, I was told that I gave him only more work, and that I still had to pay 45,000 baht, as additional costs which was not included in the contract

I reminded him that the 200,000 baht already paid was an all in price, according to our written agreement.

Then he wanted to see my proof of my payment of 200,000 baht (which I’ve since emailed him), wondering and asking him whether his administration was alright to ask such stupid question or was it just time wasting.

On 21 August 2010 I ordered him to cease and desist all work as I lost complete trust in his ability to bring any case to a court after 9 months of … yes, of what, I would not be able to describe his work method, a lot of blab la but nothing tangible by any stretch of the imagination..

Some time later I went to his office to pick up all my papers and documents after I had just enough of his lies and perversions of words and events.

I could not get it, he refused to give my documents back, I had to pay 45,000 baht first.  It is for me incomprehensible that a so called lawyer who does not even bring a case to court and still is able to take Baht 200,000 from unsuspecting and trusting pensioners like me.  I find it equally incomprehensible that the Pattaya City Expat Club is not willing to warn its members for such charlatans and Mr. Drew Noyes in particular. 
 By not doing so they are part of the problem and it may be the start of the demise of their club.  Expats helping Expats, yeah to lose their money on a past Chairman.’
Hans Boonzajer

Well we had another look at this case. From the above it just looks that this is just another lawyer (law firm or fixer) seeking lots of money but not really being competent to do the job. These cases are two a penny. But of course, that may be why Noyes is in the business.

That his client is getting the best legal advice is not true, certainly not if he is sending, not the lawyer, but his wife Kung (Wanrapa Boonsu) down to Koh Samui with another non legal person called ‘Nat’ to handle his case and who seemingly fail to dismally to convince the Koh Samui police of anything.
Interestingly however at one stage Hans did have direct contact with lawyer Paisan Thunnok, who was the man who actually found a Bangkok address for Hans’ errant girlfriend and also some genuine land up in Phitsanalok owned by her.

‘Now please do not pay any money to anybody until you know (you have) the chance to get your money back or not,’ Paisan advised Hans.

‘If the chance is very low you have to make your own decision to go ahead or stop.’
Khun Paisan also advised Hans about making a will because Hans, as is often the case, now believed he was under direct threat from his now ex-girlfriend and her ‘police friends’ and Army General brother.

His advice was quite correct.

But what did Drew Noyes do when he heard: 
 ‘We invited you to meet him (Paisan) in our office but you should NOT be discussing fees with him.  He will help you with the criminal case in Bangkok, if he thinks there is a case to be made. …

‘Again please limit your conversation with Mr. Paisan to the criminal case filing in Bangkok,’ he wrote. 
And who was the person in his office who made Hans sign 50 different documents in Thai? Well his name is Gift and he is a ladyboy and apparently was the same person who called and asked for more cash.  But Gift’s email was one at ‘Spice’ magazine.
Who was ‘Nat’? That’s another employee, not legally trained, who has since left.
‘Spice Magazine’ is Drew Noyes’ gay publication which he claims sells in 22 countries, but actually went under a long time ago.
So who exactly are we dealing with at PAPPA.  And why are PAPPA charging Hans for ‘security’ from ‘our people’ on Koh Samui when they do not even have a lawyer there.

In fairness to Drew Noyes and Kung we publish their full report below:
An Updated Full and Accurate Report
of All Work Performed for Hans
Dated 20 August 2010
Prepared by Drew Noyes, Managing Director PAPPA Co., Ltd.
Dear Hans,
You hired us on December 23, 2009. In our agreement I promised “a full and accurate report of all work performed” in efforts to see is you have the basis for filing a Civil or Criminal court case as a result of the loss of money and confidence at the hands of your former Thai girlfriend.
On January the 4th we met again in my office and after my lawyer’s review of your case and a full and accurate report of all work performed was given to you by me you decided to file a criminal case against Thanyarat Phrommai and you paid the balance due of our agreement. 
As I told you before your agreement to hire us, these types of cases take years to resolve unless the police are willing to make an arrest based on your evidence and in your case, unfortunately, they are not.
Since my last full and accurate report of all work performed on January 4, 2010, this is what we have done for you to date:
1)  The first step was for you to file a police report in your hometown of Koh Samui. You were reluctant to do so.

2)  We determined in order for you to get any money back we needed to see what assets Thanyarat Phrommai holds.
3)  At your request, on February 2, 2010 our staff went to Pitsanuluk Province Land Office to check about Thanyarat Phrommai’s land title deeds at an expense of 16,200 baht which was not included in our written agreement.
4)  The findings were two properties were in Thanyarat Phrommai’s name and two properties were in the name of Thanyarat Phrommai’s relative. Three properties had clear title and one property is ‘Ki fak’ meaning Thanyarat Phrommai borrowed money against it.
5)  We reported our findings to you.
6)  You asked us to fly to Koh Samui to go with you and file the police report as you were fearful of your life at that time.

7)  We contacted our people in Koh Samui and told them to offer protection to you and our staff as you went to file the police report.    We paid 5,000 baht for this and it was not part of our written agreement.

8)  We paid 12,850 baht in travel expenses not included in our agreement as only fees to file the Criminal case and appearances at the court were included, not our assistance to file the Police Report.
9)   On February 26, 2010, at your request Nat and Kung went to Bophud Police station in Samui to file police report. The three of you filed the police report on your behalf. Staff time was 20 hours total (2 pax x 10) from our office to our office.

10)  We also conducted inquiries with the protection we hired and other contacts we have their to see if Thanyarat Phrommai was considered a violent threat to you and determined that Thanyarat Phrommai was not in Koh Samui and her whereabouts were unknown, and further Thanyarat Phrommai’s character did not indicate a propensity for violence.
11) Upon returning from Koh Samui Kung stayed in constant contact with the Koh Samui police to try to get them active in your case.
12) Also, our lawyer Paisan and his assist and Boy contacted the police in Koh Samui several times directly to find out if they thought you had a case they could issue an arrest warrant against Thanyarat Phrommai. They said they needed compensation to pursue the case.
13) We informed you of this fact and advised against payment. You agreed.
14)  After months of discussion the Koh Samui police informed us they are not able to file an arrest warrant based on your evidence.
15) We informed you of this fact.
16) We have made many attempts to communicate with your adversary, Miss Thanyarat Phrommai, in Pittsanolok and Koh Samui. These are the two cities you said Thanyarat Phrommai may be living.
17)  After our lengthy investigations to locate Thanyarat Phrommai in both Pittsanolok and Koh Samui we discovered Thanyarat Phrommai is no longer in Koh Samui or Pittsanolok.
18)  On May 10 we found Thanyarat Phrommai was living in Bangkok.
19)  We found Thanyarat Phrommai’s address in Bangkok. This investigative expense was 11,000 baht not included in our agreement.
20)  On May 14 we sent Thanyarat Phrommai a registered letter, but no one would sign for it. It was returned to our office.
21)  On May 25 we resent the registered letter to Thanyarat Phrommai with the same result.
17) We have conducted many inquiries to aid in your prosecution of this case. Paisan has spoken with courts in Koh Samui and in Bangkok to determine the proper jurisdiction for this case since Thanyarat Phrommai is now registered in Bangkok but the crime occurred in Koh Samui.
18) We determined the fairest outcome without additional expense to you would be Bangkok.
19) We informed you of our findings.
20) Kung and I have both communicated results to you as we had them by email and phone.  My advice was to pursue the case in Bangkok and you have not yet authorized this action.
20) We have spent countless staff hours trying to resolve your case and additional expenses.  Your attitude as expressed in your recent email is of no help in this situation.
21) At your request we have spent staff hours on seeing if a viable Civil case is possible and determined it is not unless the Criminal conviction occurs.
22) We made several determinations based on your case. We want to help you as agreed in the Criminal case and shall not pursue the Civil case at this time and certainly under no circumstances, as I told you in July during one of many phone conversations, will we file a Civil case and pay the fees for any client regardless of the offer for a portion of the recovered monies.
I hope this detailed explanation gives you added insight into the amount of work we have done on your case.
Therefore, we will begin your criminal case by filing it in Bangkok since after many months you have not replied to our request as to where you want the criminal case filed: in Bangkok or Kho Samui.  My advice was Bangkok.  Since you have not commented otherwise, we will file the case within the next two weeks in Bangkok and schedule a court date on your behalf.
Our ability has never been questioned before. Our results in numerous past cases of this nature speak to our commitment to our clients to achieve the best results possible when a crime has been committed against them. We leave it to the judge to decide after presenting your best evidence.
We will contact you prior to the filing to review the case.

Best wishes,

Drew Noyes
Managing Director
PAPPA Co., Ltd.

CONCLUSION: At today’s rate, and the dollar has not been well for a while, that cost Hans US$6,500, plus, of course his wasted trips from Koh Samui to Pattaya. The only costs to Noyes, were payments to his lawyer, an alleged trip to Phitsanaluk (under 800 baht bus fare) and to send his wife and Nut to Koh Samui for a couple of days without a lawyer. And no receipts were provided.
Estimate Minimum Profit: US$5000 that is generously allowing US$1000 for time spent.
If you have had a successful and good value deal from PAPPA.Co.Ltd, please share it here. There should be some 4,500 of you out there.
All we ask for is a genuine receipt and some documention into what was done on your behalf.
NOTE TO READERS: Normal Noyes service, sorry News Service, will resume tomorrow


  1. lee

    After a detailed study of the symbology used in Noyes' letterhead, I have come to following conclusion.. Drew Noyes is an adviser to the New World Order and Illuminati, one of his only achievement he can't put on his resume yet.. I understand that Drew is responsible for drawing up the Red and Blue lists here in Thailand and sorry but things not looking good for Drummond!

  2. Pat Angko

    Tip of the ice berg, slowly people are coming forward, next steep band them together and then consider a kind of class action suit. And again the Pattaya City Expat Club will not come out with a statement distancing themselves from Noise.

  3. Michael

    I don't think I would sign a contract where the email address is not an email address…

  4. Tom Carter

    Can't the Thai Law Society look into these cases? Do they have any jurisdiction here? Or oversight?

  5. Ned Pflug

    One thing that strikes me about Drew Noyes, Niels Colov and a lot of other dodgy farangs in Pattaya is how hard these guys actually work. In a place that is ostensibly for fun and relaxation, they are at it from early morning until late at night. I guess narcissism and greed are powerful motivators. Professional con men choose their victims but Drew Noyes gives absolutely no quarter to any man or woman — he will fight to extract 1,000 baht as hard as he'll fight for a million baht, he will push every business encounter to the point of violent animosity, even over a paltry sum of money. I could see that this might be worthwhile if he was selling a million dollar unit in one of the soon-to-be-built highest residential skyscrapers in the world, but he has never hit the big time and never will. Think of the time that goes into his bogus blogging and SEO, cruising events for suckers, pretending to service his customers and then inevitably dealing with the angry fallout, threats, lawsuits and exposure. Appearing at public events where at best he's a laughing stock and at worst a target of violence. It seems such an unpleasant way to make a living. But who are we to comprehend the criminal mind?

  6. Jessica

    To Pat "" And again the Pattaya City Expat Club will not come out with a statement distancing themselves from Noise""

    Why do you think that is then? Surely someone is making noises within the Club?

  7. Kevin Quill


    You just can't make stories like these up, can you.

    What the hell is wrong with Pattaya ex pats club?? They should be ashamed by their inability to warn others or issue a statement.

  8. Noyeswatchers are everywhere.

    Why are the Pattaya City Expats so loyal to Drew Noyes? I suspect for the same reason as Neils Colov expats club lets him speak. It is well known that Drew has a large file on Neils Colov about his past activities, so to keep on Drews good side he allows him to promote himself at the club and on neils tv show. Part of the conmans bag of tricks is to get customers of his legal services to break a law and then Drew has it over them. Sure they might hate him but once they believe that Drew Noyes has helped them break the law they are not going to start any trouble. He tried this ploy with the keha housing he ""sold"" to the farangs.""Your money went to pay corrupt officials"" Unfortunatly for Drew that time it backfired but it would have worked previosly no doubt.

  9. Gareth Peters

    Ned, Drew Noyes entire life ,when you look at it is aimed at conning people. He uses the Pattaya City Expats to find people who are new to Thailand, who have little experience of the ways things are done here and have not had time to make freinds. Easy targets. Then he uses his pattaya newspaper to advance the con to give himself more cred. The newspaper is full of people he is trying to impress, his own advertising and events that he attends and little else. Compare the contents of the other newspapers here and you will see that if Drew is not involved it is left out of his paper.He is jelous of other peoples success. He fills it up with old copied news from other news sites and makes out that his Thai wife Wanraper wrote them. He writes wonderful over the top stories about himself to further his cred on the internet. But the most important cog in Drew Noyes con machine is his fake law office. Here he finds his easiest prey. They go in with problems that he pretends that he can help them with and extracts as much as he can from their problems. it is a sophisicted con machine he is operating. The only problem with it is that he operates the con machine and he is absolutly incompetent. As shown by the story on the phillipinos he also uses all of the above for his sexual requirements with no regard for the victims.

  10. Pat Angko

    Ned Pflug, lamented ""But who are we to comprehend the criminal mind?"" A good start is to click on http://www.noyeswatch.blogspot.com, by doing so we ensure it stays on top of his self written BS and we should send it to as many people as possible to warn them of the conman who is still in Pattaya. The more clicks the better.
    Jessica, ask ""Why do you think that is then?"" Well Jessica, if I would write what I think it may not be printed by AD. It has something to do with the lack of the male sexual organ and the advanced age of the regulars. They really should do some soul searching and come up with a common stand. They could include a new statement in their charter that any member involved in a court case should stay away from the club until he (or she) is cleared, just a thought. But if for so long so many complaints are made about one person, regardless if he was a past chairman, and if you individually ask members and board members who all seem to know the problem and still ""the current chairman and his board"" cannot come into action then they should resign and a new board should take over. That it is a reason for an extra ordinary board meeting with only this problem on the agenda is beyond doubt. By doing nothing it will not just go away and the damage to the club will be a fact. Another way would be to force the chairman into action is to write letters to the club and ask at the Sunday's ""open forum"" straight forward questions. This has to be done quickly, and don't listen to Slew Noise threats that he is taking legal action, a, it would be the stupidest thing to do and b, he is saying this for ever. As my fly on the wall is right there is more coming for this Mr. Noise.

  11. Andrew Drummond

    Tom Carter: Actually Tom there is no evidene that the lawyers are doing anything wrong. He does not have a law office. Lawyers are only summonsed when required.

  12. wayne

    Can you please stop exposing Drew Noyes. He kindly delivers a big pile of his newspapers free to our bar. These are very useful to put on the bottom of my daughters pet rabbits cage. Now there are only 12 pages in an issue and we are running out before the 2 week cycle. He must be doing it tough. I thougt I had read all the work he puts in to the newspaper. I always had a sense of Deja Vu when I read it and now I know why.

  13. Brett mac

    If, as you say Drew made up stuff about what the police said, wouldnt the police be pissed about it? Would they not take action against him?

  14. Bangkok poster

    The Drew Noyes newspaper comes with a Bangkok Post liftout and another magazine . Do they know about his past? And why would they bother degrading their own business by associating themselves with the fraud that is the Pattaya Times. Does anyone there actually read it?

  15. Pat Angko

    My fly on the wall says he printed 4000 issues this time. If we have to believe his paper info there are about 300 points in the Eastern Seaboard where the PT is available. That gives us about 13 issues per point, and this not include Bangkok yet, seen by millions is a bit stretchy. It sells for Baht 30 but as far as I know they are delivered for free. Maybe his advertisers, whatever is left after taking out himself, should be informed with whom they are dealing.

  16. Dean

    Andrew, is this Drew Noyes for real? Think of it this way – you get exposed 1 time and it might make you think about stopping your BS. You get exposed 3 or 4 times and you know you should do a runner immediately. But this idiot keeps coming back for more ""noise"" and it doesn't seem to worry him in the slightest. Has he lost all of his marbles, or is he just an idiot who thinks he was put on this Earth to rip people off. I wouldn't give this guy $1 USD, yet a lot of people have been scammed for a lot more than this. I live in Singapore, and I've been to Pattaya to visit some friends who've lived there for quite a while and all the locals seem to know him as bad news. I've heard from a guy at the markets near where his huge mammoth office (joke) is that he's gone to America and he's out to get you AD. He should stay over in the USA and do all of the local residents (as well as the new people visiting the city) a big favour. I know you can't personally say certain things in here Mr Drummond, but I can assure you I know 3 people who want to see him when he comes back. Keep writing great stuff Mr Andrew ""Not Scared Of Noyes"" Drummond.

  17. solomon

    To view this in the proper light we need to understand that EVERYTHING is at Hans’ request. That is why Hans hired Drew (to fulfill his requests) at the cost of Baht200,000. It seems that Drew thinks that nothing is included in that payment. If extra charges were going to be incurred it was Drew’s responsibility to tell Hans UPFRONT, that these activities were not included in that “all inclusive� price that he charged.
    Drew has done AGAIN what he does best… “STRETCHhhhhhhhh & Scramble� something in order to make things seem more important than they really are. This is VERY OBVIOUS if you just look at his numbering of the events. He lost control (as usual) when he was adding things in (or splitting sentences) to make it look like they did more than was really done: the #17 is repeated two (2) times; the #18 is repeated two (2) times; the #19 is repeated two (2) times; the #20 is repeated THREE (3) times; the #21 is repeated two (2) times. He could have ended up with “28� items if he didn’t play with it so much. This is what happens when you loose control while you are scamming and there is no proofreading done.
    Even in the beginning he stretched things out eg #5 “we reported our findings to you.â€? (why does that have it’s own number?) It should be included with #4. Likewise #13 should be part of #12; and #15 should be part of #14;… why do all these have their own number – – – STretchhhhhing.
    Then we look at this: “2) We determined in order for you to get any money back we needed to see what assets Thanyarat Phrommai holds. “… followed by… “ 3) At your request, on February 2, 2010 our staff went to Pitsanuluk Province Land Office to check about Thanyarat Phrommai’s land title deeds at an expense of 16,200 baht which was not included in our written agreement. “, really; … if Drews’ firm determined that was needed in the onset, then that IS included in the original charges. This “full and accurate report� seems to be “full of it�!
    This, as any intelligent person can see, is just a way to make something seem more important than it really is. In this case it is also to make it seem as though there was more work done than there really was. Too much of Drews’ scrambling (or is it Scamming) is being done here… but then we are not the self proclaimed journalists (or legal representatives) that he is, now are we?

  18. Aulurker

    If anyone needs help with the definition of 'irony' – Drew Noyse's Pattaya Lawyers offer 'Web Reputation Protection' services.

    Other services offered by Pattaya Lawyers include 'Slander, Libel' and 'Copyright Infringement'. This might be considered 'surprisingly honest,' rather than 'ironic'.


  19. Tom Carter

    Surely you're wrong Andrew.

    OK, he's changed the logo for his PAPPA ads, which I swear used to say ""law office"". but when I click the link on Teakdoor, where it sits bold as brass, he is undoubtedly offering legal services, although as an outfit called Pattaya Lawyers:

    And he says: ""If you're unsure of anything when it comes to Thai law and you currently live or are thinking of residing in Pattaya, then Drew Noyes and his expert team of Pattaya Lawyers are waiting to solve your problems immediately"".

    There are two photos of himself, one meeting immigration officers, and a surely ironic image of the scales of justice being dangled by a headless man – a theme?)

    He's then got a lot of important-sounding, inaccurate rubbish on the front page about politics and business and how important Pattaya is, which he must have written himself as it is such crap:

    ""Recent huge political gains by Pattaya and Chonburi representatives to the national government, Bangkok’s elite businesses sprawling into Pattaya, extensive local infrastructure and transportation advancements, increasing tourism to Pattaya (and the new ASEAN Community 2015) make Pattaya the best city in Asia to invest in with Pattaya the undisputed, International hub for the entire region of South East Asia.

    The 10 countries of ASEAN, Association of South East Asian Nations, will unite and English will be the common language. Pattaya is the best city with the most international representation to be the hub of ASEAN. The two international airports, high speed train and large deep water shipping port make Pattaya the definite ideal hub"".

    Oh, it then links the above rubbish to an article his Pattaya Times.

    It all adds up to his usual MO – lots of photos of himself, meeting important people, offering legal services, and trying to impress with his crummy rag.

  20. Ned Pflug

    He happens to be an expert in ""Web Reputation Protection."" He has kept his garbage high above the negatives. The casual web surfer who doesn't know anything about him COULD miss the AD and http://www.noyeswatch.com stuff. That's why we Noyeswatchers need to persevere. A corrupt megalomaniac has just fallen in Libya. You stooges in the Pattaya City Expat Club and http://www.thaivisa.com had better take notice. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! VIVA DRUMMOND! LONG LIVE THE PATTAYA SPRING!

  21. Time for expat club to stand up.

    Still no official word from the pattaya city expat club. What a weak bunch of sheep.

  22. Stewart Andrews

    Just picked up a free copy of the latest Pattaya Times. Drew Noyes is a complete idiot. After exposing him and Wanrapa in his last issue they are at it again. Wanrapa appears to have written the whole newspaper,but we know thats not true. There are some beuty and makeup tips by Wittiya Yensabai who i am told is a 65 year old Thai man who doesnt wear makeup and speaks limited English. He has also added 4 pages of outdated classifieds lifted straight from the Pattaya Trader magazine. Wonder if they know about Drews past.

  23. StarFighter

    Pat Angko.
    That Noyes Watch blog site is dead and hasn't had an update since 2007. Please direct folks to Noyes Watch-E R S .
    http://noyeswatchers.blogspot.com/2011/03/drew-noyes.html .
    Comment is open there, but must you must use a google , facebook, or likewise registered name .
    That logo is too much. Hapless, headless suited figures? I'm beginning to wonder of Mr Noyes hasn't more serious issues than just being a con artist. He really seems to want to set himself up for punishment.
    With his apparent work ethic, and contacts, he really should be a top echelon player. Perhaps he suffers from what is called Sand Castle Syndrome. He builds things up and then destroys them to punish himself.

    BTW Renters Unite !!

  24. Andrew Drummond

    Yes. Stewart, I have a copy and massive lifting still going on. Four pages of Pattaya Trader Ads. My without them I guess it would be down to a 10 page paper 75 per cent lifted.
    I especially like the Drew Noyes column where a Thai woman called Natallie Yingsaboth allegedly wrote in to ask Drew Noyes how to get a Thai passport.

  25. Andrew Drummond

    The Pattaya City Expat Club do not need to answer to me, only to their members.

  26. Andrew Drummond

    Klaus: I think you will find that is a certificate of appreciation from a rival expat club run by an equally famous expat. I'm afraid you could not trade it in for two chewy sweets at a 7/11. These certificates have little scarcity value I'm afraid. The good news perhaps could be that Drew Noyes will, at worst, transfer his allegiance from the Pattaya City to the Pattaya Expat Clubs and thus both are coralled.

  27. Mike Clintergate

    All of this makes amazing reading but it appears no one can stop these conmen Andrew.

    John Galt tried and Noyes took him to the cleaners in court.

    At least Mark Holt has been drummed out of time.

    Pattaya must be one of the corrupt towns on the planet.

    Good luck with your efforts and I hope you can expose Drew Noyes for what he is.

  28. Andrew Drummond

    Mike: I think you are mistaken. Noyes has only got away with his threatened legal action because people have been scared of him and ran.
    I think it was Stickman pursuing John Galt was it not?

  29. Mike Clintergate

    Thanks for the reply Andrew. I may have misunderstood the situation but I believe Keith Summers/John Galt fell foul of both Noyes and Stickman who he outed.

    Reading everything regarding your situation it appears to me that Noyes has made direct and in direct threats and even stalked you and your daughter. This goes far beyond the bounds of normal behavior and would lead to an arrest in the UK.

    I am in no doubt he is a conman but he is not beyond the clutches of US authorities. Indeed as a US citizen he is required by law to file an annual tax return. He is also prevented by US law from bribery in his business transactions.

    He has also libeled you.

    Have you made a complaint to the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok?

  30. Andrew Drummond

    Mike: Actually my internet stalker is a guy called 'Dirty Dog' who runs the Teakdoor website sponsored by Drew Noyes.
    Things are in hand but I cannot signal them at the moment.

  31. Pat Angko

    A belated message but of importance to Mr. Hans Boonzajer. Let it be known that at no time the monies passed from him to Shirley were gifts. They were investments with due backup of Thai land ownership papers (chanoots)as guarantee. Later on it was found they were falsified land papers and she is free on bail for now.

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