Welsh Police Plod On With DSI To Solve 13-Year-old Murder Of Kirsty Jones

Tomorrow August 10th will mark thirteen years since the murder and rape of Welsh  backpacker Kirsty Jones, 23,  in Chiang Mai. 

Currently Dyfed Powys Police are planning to re-interview the British backpackers who were staying at the Aree Guest House in Chiang Mai. Actually they do not have the authority to do so.

They have done this before with partial success only because of the legal restrictions.

The murder investigation has long since been in the hands of the Department of Special Investigation, so the DSI officers technically have to carry out the interviews and several are travelling to the U.K. to meet some of the guest house’s more colourful characters.

They hope that the guests and guest house owner Andy Gill will feel freer to talk now.

Mum – Sue Jones

The failure to solve the murder has been made more galling by the fact that for 12 years have had a perfect DNA match for the killer or his accomplice, which is of SE Asian origin.

That did not stop Thai police from accusing many foreigners.

Meanwhile at Chiang Mai City Life Publisher Pim Kemasingki has written a piece and publishes a touching poem from Kirsty’s mother.

You can find it here

7 thoughts on “Welsh Police Plod On With DSI To Solve 13-Year-old Murder Of Kirsty Jones

  1. The UK police are playing it the only way they can. They and the media can be applauded for not letting this murder continually get pushed into the long grass.

    Even Blair got involved when he was PM. And he could do no more.That level of involvement never gets taken up in Thailand. Too much face to lose frankly.

    I hope this does get somewhere this time and the authorities and powers that be aren't just playing along until it blows over

    I hope too that Thailand will eventually move away from this saddest part of its mai bhen rai and "don't attack the elite" culture. It will change as more people like PIm press for a re-think.

  2. Yes – that story by Ray Clancy and Andrea Drummond is a bit historical I fear. While they have had the DNA of the killer (or accomplice if there were two) I cannot recall saying that they have got their man. That has always been the problem. It is good to see Dyfed-Powys carrying on. Would there have been any difference if they had tried a hard tack instead of a softly softly tack with Thai police in the first case? Of course somebody knows in Chiang Mai – Why they are not telling can only be (1) They do not want to bring shame on the country or (2) Its not an option if they are to survive.(3) It would cause problems and the victim is only a foreigner.

    1. The hard tack approach would not have worked. They are being correctly advised to go softly softly. I am not saying even that will work but it is the only way

    2. Yes it is an historical article and the "Andrea" Drummond threw me for a second or two however the disappointment Kirsty's relatives and friends felt when the perpetrator wasn't apprehended and brought to justice must have been unbearable.

      One has to ask the question and its a simple question is why hasn't anyone been brought to justice?

      You suggested…

      1)Bringing shame to their country…well I'm sorry to say that’s happened on more than one occasion so it certainly isn’t that.

      2)Survival factor…I agree that’s a distinct possibility.

      3)An arrest would bring (survival) problems and it’s only a foreigner…yes that’s more than a distinct possibility.

      Now Andrew you've been around a long time, can you come up with one more possible scenario?

      This case has already illustrated Thai problems and Kirsty's friends, relatives, UK Police, Media and decent people are right to want to see justice done.

      The scenario I refer to isn’t mentioned in your previous post, but is spoken about in Thailand (by Thais and Farang’s)some thirteen years after the brutal rape and murder of a defenceless young woman.

      P.S. I'll understand if you're reluctant to repeat hearsay but sometimes hearsay and rumour in Thailand contain more facts than the official versions!

    3. Inspector. You can't rule out bringing shame to their country. That is certainly one reason why matters are swept under the carpet in this country. It is also an attempt to avoid any sort of conflict (let matters be, mai bhen rai) and in cases involving faranga, an element of xenophobia.Depend also where the suspect is in the hierarchy.

      I suspect Dyfed police are aware of this and are advisedly now adopting the correct softly softly approach and not sticking to the more aggressive way of doing things.

      Keeping this on the front burner, which AD, Pim (Citylife), and others are doing is the only way. But it does not help when expats on Teakdoor trivialise the Kirsty Jones thread on that site. Take a look.

    4. Doi, the shame aspect I was referring to in this case has already happened and is continuing to happen.

      Incidentally the link I provided was for an article “Andrea” wrote approx. ten years back. A 100% DNA match and still no conviction, it’s a sad reflection on any police force not just Thai and it’s no use Dyfed Police wringing their hands whilst crying what more can we do?

      I purposely didn’t comment on Tony Blair being involved but I will comment if only to say…unfortunately Tony Blair has been involved in many matters! The police and or the public will not move this case forward but political pressure might and thirteen years is a disgusting time for the family of this young girl to have to suffer.

      Of course this case has been publicised across the world and yet it appears not one senior Thai figure has appeared overly concerned about criticisms made let alone fired up into taking any serious positive action, lip service yes, action very little.

      To explain when I reply to points made in individual threads I’m replying specifically to the points made or the subject the specific thread addresses not general cultural aspects concerning Thailand.

      As far as "Teak Door" I wouldn't take anything seriously written on that forum, even Eric's (DD’s) demise didn't improve its content. Unfortunately several of these Farang forums seldom attact any worthwhile comment.

      On one positive note TD's nowhere near a pathetic as Thai Visa.

      (applogies to all the Gay Thai Visa mods)

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