Thailand’s ‘Dogs Of The Internet’ Part 1 Buriram Boy

Prosecution of stalker ‘Buriramboy’ could help battered wives to speak out – court told

Bangkok, April 15 2011

Alasdair-HaylockWell it’s been a little bit quiet here for a week mainly because I have been on a couple of assignments which I cannot write about until they hit the print media. But I have been keeping my eyes open, those ones that look at the internet…and well it’s been an interesting week in that respect anyway.

Phuket taxi driver raped me says Swedish tourist

I was trawling one particular site and came across a thread about a Swedish woman who was raped on Phuket by a taxi driver…..then up pops a chap called ‘Buriramboy’   with the following inane comment:

Buriramboy’s avatar

 ‘I don’t buy this rape shite, think how difficult it is to have sex in the back of a car/tuk tuk as it is never mind with a woman trying to fight you off. Seems to me she had a few drinks, fancied a bit of fun and regretted it when sobered up, maybe Somchai just didn’t give her a cuddle aferwards’

Buriramboy, a foul mouthed Brit from Essex, uses a hip thrusting Star Wars stormtrooper as an avatar.  But also when he is riled uses one of a person he does not like, somewhat slavishly following his mentor “Dirty Dog’ aka Eric Broder, the host of, who uses the picture of an internet geek who abused him.

(Updated 21/09/12: Today Buriramboy he is using a picture of me)

Anyway he actually got a bit of going over from the few sensible posters to the site in question including one called ‘The Gent’ who wrote:

‘Ahh,  the perspective from a chap who has a bit of previous himself when it comes to less than gentlemanly behaviour’.

‘The Gent’ added:

‘The guy needs to believe that decent women out there truly like a bit of rough otherwise his wretched little ego couldn’t take the fact that he just hasn’t got what it takes’.

And  he ended with: ‘Frankly, Brrmm Brrmm Boy, you are simply too  f*cking stupid to be part of the human race’

Exactly. I was thinking just the same thing.  Buriram used to live in Thailand but he returned to the UK a few years ago and moved to Crewe and posters here keep me up to date with his latest antics.

Some other poster popped in remarking that Buriramboy was probably ‘hung like a pimple’.

Anyway Buriramboy does not take things lying down except when of course he is lying down.

‘That’s actually quite funny,’ he replied to  ‘The Gent’  ‘ never been described as a bit of rough before just like never had a problem with ‘decent’ women probably due to my private education and coming from good stock.”

……Oh what? One thing a person who comes from good stock never says is ‘I come from good stock’.

Apparently he has had enough of Crewe not surprisingly and he has been asking people on the site in question if they know any houses in Bangkok around the 2 million baht mark as he is coming back.

At this point I have to say I laughed out loud. Buriramboy has already been on the same site in question saying that I fled in terror from him in a bar in Jomtien called ‘The Winchester’.

It’s all invention of course but I have been there and  this is certainly not a place for decent women or people of ‘good stock’.

My interest in the ‘Winchester’ (now renamed something worse)  a meeting place for old lags from London and Essex, is because it is the place where  I found Michael Stacpoole Jeffrey Archer’s bagman who handed over lots of cash to prostitute Monica Coghlan at Victoria Station.
Stacpole at his Thai wedding – but that was not his bride

The Brits will understand this story. The former Lord Archer, is of course a novelist and former Deputy Chairman of Britain’s Conservative Party.

He had been given a pay off to hide out in Thailand and he chose Pattaya specifically where he started emulating his old boss.

Suddenly he became important again when the former peer was convicted of perjury.

Anyway, who is this private educated man Buriramboy who never has a problem getting a decent woman.

Well let me introduce Alasdair Haylock, now 37, whose last wife had to seek shelter in a battered wives refuge, due to his attitude towards women and of course her in particular.

Not only did Haylock seemingly beat up his wife but also went after the solicitor, who represented his wife and other battered wives in the same hostel.

Elizabeth Hodder , of Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, had to keep a baseball bat by her door and install floodlights, burglar alarms, etc for her own protection.

‘It was a nightmare.  I genuinely feared for my life,’ Ms Hodder told Chelmsford Crown Court in Essex.

Haylock had stalked her, sent insulting emails, plagued her with 50 phone calls a day, and left threats on her answer machine etc.

The court was told Haylock ‘now lived in Thailand’.

Elizabeth Hodder told the court that she hoped her experience would encourage victims of domestic violence to speak out.

Buriramboy was convicted of harrassment and skipping bail, but only got a fine. So no wonder he thinks its open season on women.

Meanwhile pending his return he has been informing us that he is watching the rubber prices daily, as he has 36 acres laid out to rubber in Buriram which he thinks his family are getting back.

Buriramboy admits to having worked in a Bangkok boiler room for a day.

He never hacked it. But I do not think he had any moral issues, as he says people who fall for boiler room scams are just stupid and greedy.



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  1. But you also get SOME good posters and posts on Teakdoor, and in fact Thaivisa. Some of the travel forums are good for example – though problems creep in there too

    Sorting through the dross is sometimes easy to deal with – just skip the post. Sometimes, it is not so easy to tell whether a post is genuinely helpful and interesting.

    I agree with Jason and John Mac. If George is Thaivisa George, then he should take a closer look at the way his own site operates. Both sites have moved from being open forums to places for venting pent up anger. Why so many Thailand expats get so bitter sometimes escapes me.

    Moderators on both sites – with exceptions – seem to have personal vendettas with posters who hold views different from their own. Always a sign of a bad forum

    I hope the new site does not go the same way. It's got off to a good start but like all debating chambers needs more members so that it has a broad and varied mix of experiences and talent on which to draw.

    As well as the news feeds I use the Drummond blog and farangtalk to keep abreast of balanced views on Thailand – warts and all

    It is a shame that a blog has to highlight the the two main forums which are not serving the expat community at all well

  2. the wedding's done and dusted

    and very exciting it was. now everyone's waiting for the exciting part 2 of Dogs of the Internet !

  3. But you also get SOME good posters and posts on Teakdoor

    Surely you jest. The place is full of trolls, idiots and pedophiles whose only goal is to take the piss out of each other.

  4. i agree there are lots of trolls on TV and TD and the moderation is at best biased

    But if you are prepared to surf through the dross there are some good posts and posters

    just take an unbiased look

    some threads are entirely full of uninformed nonsense and flaming but not all. if you go to a thread where dirtydog and his cohorts are absent you will see a difference

  5. yeah…especially the inclusions of BkkAndy ??
    Seems suspicious it has not appeared here yet.

  6. Speaking of 'good stock', Buriram Boy is now boasting of his title relatives on teakdoor, how gauche.

    The chav reference is funny though at least i'm sure my titled relatives will find it so.:rofl:

  7. That original article appears to be missing now, BB is claiming that you made up this entire story, Andrew D.

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