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-I’m not sure who the libel reader is over on the infamous but I’m guessing they do not have one as I have seen this forum
promote so many libels over the years – many from angry Brits –that I am
guessing one day its going to come back at them.

I have just had one of those legendary non-conversations
with a moderator there who calls himself Rooo. I’m guessing he might be Aussie.
This was after the site lifted the beginning of a story from
the Sunday People in London about
Walter Douglas the ‘innocent man’ who is regarded by many police forces to have
been a major drugs trafficker and who is now living in Koh Samui.
Now a journalist writing these stories has to be very circumspect. He needs to write a story, but that story needs to be legal. Always cover your back. Copy was duly sent to
newspapers in London and the UK and they re-wrote it, as is their right, presumably after passing
it through their lawyers. 

The story which appeared was actually a much stronger one than
the one which was sent. Although the interview was true enough it was presented
to the British public that Walter ‘Whacky’ Douglas was a man taunting to the
police as in ‘You can’t catch me!’
While he may indeed feel that way there was nothing in the
interview quoting him along those lines. But the newspapers and editors, who
are of course very good mind readers, went with that headline.
This has of course upset Walter no end. I cannot say what is
in his mind but I guess the last thing he wants to do right now having settled
in Koh Samui is to taunt the police.
Thaivisa of course repeated what he considered to be the
libel – while I clarified my story and corrected the misconceptions on Wikipedia.
I also wrote to ThaiVisa but Rooo deleted the post as it contained a link to my name. I then re-submitted it without my name, and added
a post giving the Wikipedia link for Walter Douglas. This corrects what Walter
Douglas was accused of, but which police and the courts later found that he did not
I did correct there to their – but think that got banned too!

That link was deleted. Thaivisa did not want to inform its readers.  I complained. Is Thaivisa now banning
links to Wikipedia, a very good research site, albeit one which I could demonstrate has not
always been accurate?

People on this site will remember how Drew Noyes, a friend of ThaiVisa, elevated the Pattaya Times to one of Thailand’s leading newspapers in Wiki.

Anyway this is what Rooo said.

I messaged him and this was the reply.

Wow they don’t come intellectually better than this at Thaivisa. The forum rules obviously do not guard against moderators from being total twits. I do not
know Rooo. And I am unlikely to. But I’d certainly like to meet him. However as I am now revealing a secret conversation I guess I am now banned from messaging!

Quite clearly some of the mods are indeed of a lower intelligence than the posters, those that have not been banged up already that it, something I have suspected for a long time.

Now in the interests of fair play – and even though I did
not need to but of course the newspapers would have had no copy to change had I not sent it  – I have clarified Walter Douglas’ position on my site.

It’s unlikely he is going to take the British newspapers to
court. They will put teams of lawyers on it and argue the point as would I. But
then I never said he was taunting the police. ThaiVisa cannot argue the point as they do not have a clue as to what the story is about. Its just there to gain hits. I have no concern about providing
links to Thaivisa here. Here it is. But knowing ThaiVisa and Walter Douglas it may not be there for long.

19.42 PM:  I have received this further message from Rooo: ‘You have been warned’ 
Oh dear, another internet warrior.


George Anderssen will almost certainly have to block me. Every time I comment on a thread they have to close it down.


FOOTNOTE:   You have to laugh. As expected I have just been banned from messaging on
This the was immediate conversation which preceeded it:
Gang Warily:. I have received a notification from you saying: ‘You have been warned!’.
 I cannot reply to that as I do not have permission.
 But you seem like you are war mongering Rooo – and I can always handle those types
Roo: I do not heed to intimidation. Thank you for your warning. As of now all your PM’s are blocked as I can’t be bothered wasting anymore time. Thank you for your kind remarks.
Oh dear. It’s Tuesday night. What am I going to do with the rest of my life? God Roo’s got balls of steel!