-I’m not sure who the libel reader is over on the infamous but I’m guessing they do not have one as I have seen this forum
promote so many libels over the years – many from angry Brits –that I am
guessing one day its going to come back at them.

I have just had one of those legendary non-conversations
with a moderator there who calls himself Rooo. I’m guessing he might be Aussie.
This was after the site lifted the beginning of a story from
the Sunday People in London about
Walter Douglas the ‘innocent man’ who is regarded by many police forces to have
been a major drugs trafficker and who is now living in Koh Samui.
Now a journalist writing these stories has to be very circumspect. He needs to write a story, but that story needs to be legal. Always cover your back. Copy was duly sent to
newspapers in London and the UK and they re-wrote it, as is their right, presumably after passing
it through their lawyers. 

The story which appeared was actually a much stronger one than
the one which was sent. Although the interview was true enough it was presented
to the British public that Walter ‘Whacky’ Douglas was a man taunting to the
police as in ‘You can’t catch me!’
While he may indeed feel that way there was nothing in the
interview quoting him along those lines. But the newspapers and editors, who
are of course very good mind readers, went with that headline.
This has of course upset Walter no end. I cannot say what is
in his mind but I guess the last thing he wants to do right now having settled
in Koh Samui is to taunt the police.
Thaivisa of course repeated what he considered to be the
libel – while I clarified my story and corrected the misconceptions on Wikipedia.
I also wrote to ThaiVisa but Rooo deleted the post as it contained a link to my name. I then re-submitted it without my name, and added
a post giving the Wikipedia link for Walter Douglas. This corrects what Walter
Douglas was accused of, but which police and the courts later found that he did not
I did correct there to their – but think that got banned too!

That link was deleted. Thaivisa did not want to inform its readers.  I complained. Is Thaivisa now banning
links to Wikipedia, a very good research site, albeit one which I could demonstrate has not
always been accurate?

People on this site will remember how Drew Noyes, a friend of ThaiVisa, elevated the Pattaya Times to one of Thailand’s leading newspapers in Wiki.

Anyway this is what Rooo said.

I messaged him and this was the reply.

Wow they don’t come intellectually better than this at Thaivisa. The forum rules obviously do not guard against moderators from being total twits. I do not
know Rooo. And I am unlikely to. But I’d certainly like to meet him. However as I am now revealing a secret conversation I guess I am now banned from messaging!

Quite clearly some of the mods are indeed of a lower intelligence than the posters, those that have not been banged up already that it, something I have suspected for a long time.

Now in the interests of fair play – and even though I did
not need to but of course the newspapers would have had no copy to change had I not sent it  – I have clarified Walter Douglas’ position on my site.

It’s unlikely he is going to take the British newspapers to
court. They will put teams of lawyers on it and argue the point as would I. But
then I never said he was taunting the police. ThaiVisa cannot argue the point as they do not have a clue as to what the story is about. Its just there to gain hits. I have no concern about providing
links to Thaivisa here. Here it is. But knowing ThaiVisa and Walter Douglas it may not be there for long.

19.42 PM:  I have received this further message from Rooo: ‘You have been warned’ 
Oh dear, another internet warrior.


George Anderssen will almost certainly have to block me. Every time I comment on a thread they have to close it down.


FOOTNOTE:   You have to laugh. As expected I have just been banned from messaging on
This the was immediate conversation which preceeded it:
Gang Warily:. I have received a notification from you saying: ‘You have been warned!’.
 I cannot reply to that as I do not have permission.
 But you seem like you are war mongering Rooo – and I can always handle those types
Roo: I do not heed to intimidation. Thank you for your warning. As of now all your PM’s are blocked as I can’t be bothered wasting anymore time. Thank you for your kind remarks.
Oh dear. It’s Tuesday night. What am I going to do with the rest of my life? God Roo’s got balls of steel!


  1. Its quite funny how Thai Visa are intimidated by you.
    I mentioned your site in the thread and that you usually have all the news well before them. It was deleted of course.

  2. Suggestions the Pimpernel has had plastic surgery…confusion over at TV…Goldie in the background…This has all the makings of a decent farce

  3. It will be noted in the obituaries many years from now that Andrew Drummond unwittingly based his late career success on being ignored, rubbished, censored, deleted and sued. Now the genie is out of the bottle, I see the hits are approaching 200,000 a month. Maybe AD should throw a Christmas party for his opponents. It is they rather than his mostly anonymous fans on this site who deserve a vote of thanks. As Dr Goebbels, the arch-censor, said in his diary for 1945, "We failed because people refused to obey the Fuhrer." Quite so Josef.

    1. I think if Andrew was a Guest speaker at any Gala event in Thailand, then it would be a sell out.. Food for thought Drummond??

    2. Roo is probably an agoraphobic who cant go outside his door, hence he takes his frustrations out on the innocent on TV. There are however some great,caring and well informed moderators on TV (without commercial interests), I wont name them but one deals with healthcare problems and another deals with like electrical stuff… the rest I think are simply rejects from the likes of the FPV. Lets have you speaking at a gala dinner around Xmas time in some big hotel.. It will be a sell out!! FCCT is a closed group what about your thousands of supporters who all share the same vision about Rip Off farangs!

    3. Good luck with the FCCT…they seem a pretty tame bunch who would run a mile at the thought of offending or exposing anyone. I'm thinking of Andrew MacGregor Marshall's run in with them earlier this year…

  4. Yes I know there are some good guys at TV who are moderators. They are fans of this site. They still have to follow the bosses rules though. Public? As in lynching?

  5. Thought Roo was a 'she', based on Samui. Banned me before too. There again I was also banned by the Thaivisa moderator who cut up their girlfriend and left her body in a wheelie bin in his house.

    I'm always wary of anyone with 10,000 + posts on a single forum.

    1. Oh god that wouid make sense. I remember a dreadful female moderator on the Koh Samui/ Phangan page. Could it be the same one now using a different name? Guess so. That would explain her animosity.

  6. I know several Fa-rangs who have been banned from Thai Visa, in fairness (disregarding the pathetic moderators on the site) TV can contain a few useful tips / information. The majority of their moderators are suspected to be "PC Liboturds" with little or no sense of humour let alone grey matter, but again that applies to other forums on the Internet.

    I wonder if you ever miss your old adversary Eric? Now that was an ongoing battle of words. .

    Getting back to the main point of your original post…it's no wonder Walter Douglas is pissed off, regardless of what the police and press believe any man (not just Walter) is innocent until proven guilty.

    As you know too many so called "professionals" are reporting their suspicions without any proof and that's a dangerous thing for society and justice.

    I'm sure you remember a case where it was announced a major criminal was arrested and deported from Thailand on the basis of a letter written voicing suspicions from the now defunct UKBA (Wireless Road),

    The assertions in that letter were eventually proven to be incorrect in-spite of being supported by at least one devious individual (ex MET police) who considered himself judge, jury and above the law. .

    Very similar to this story the UK Press enhanced a story (using your original copy) to sensationalise and sell newspapers while not reporting much of substance largely padded by pure fiction and speculation.

    These actions by the press and police result in individuals having their lives disrupted while suffering inconvenience and or unnecessary financial penalties. In addition to that the person (and their family's) are pilloried by the press while being thrust into the limelight for no good reason other than to sell newspaper copy.

    Finally, to make matters clear I do not know Walter Douglas, but this whole situation with the police and the press smacks of sour grapes and bent police feeding snippets and tit bits to the media.

    1. A few valid points there Inspector. But I would also say this and I am not referring to the person above. Successful police operations in this area can be quite rare. Police, Customs, DEA grit there teeth as major league players time and time again avoid prosecution. If they are smart enough, its very difficult to link them to anything. If they get caught in Europe the penalties do not appear to be very severe. They can hire the best lawyers. I am not anti-plod in this respect. The odds are stacked against them. Its not like the movies. Cops leak very little to the press nowadays. Its not 'Life of Mars' anymore.

  7. Way back when I posted as Horse Doctor on Thai visa, Body- Bin guy aka Kata ( or Karon?) Dreams informed me "We know who you are." I was banned for, " being negative" I guess we all know who he is, now.
    I can't blame Mods for being a bit harsh, it really is a thankless job, but when they close active threads as they're bored, or they don't want to talk about it – or don't have time to moderate controversial subjects , I realize what a shit state of discourse we all live in.

  8. I'm sorry but the censorship at Thai Visa is more rampant than Nazi Germany was.
    There is no nice way to put it. Of course if your in their Gay club your given tons of leeway
    as obvious by the gay brigade in the world news section.

    Everyone else is kept on a short leash & censored constantly with the obligatory warning thrown in if you should have the audacity to ask why your post is deleted yet the one you reply to remains.

    I have long given up posting there as I would not accept their "warning" which they
    gave me for mentioning in a PM to a mod that his ( Scott in this case ) censorship was obvious there.

  9. As Clueless suggests, it's not just Thaivisa. They are the largest forum and recruit only neo-nazis as moderators, so justifiably get the greatest flack. No other breed would accept TV's rules of no free speech. The site closes threads if they do not follow the party line; Teakdoor engages in flame fests. But what forums do not? The AD site (though not a forum as such) at least allows a point of view to be expressed whether AD agrees or not. And that is as it should be.

    A newbie on Teakdoor has now been flamed on that site by the likes of Dr Andy (32000 posts and counting) and others on their KIRSTY JONES thread. He made some valid points about the case following the announcement that there is to be a demonstration at the FCO in London regarding the the diplomatic reaction to this 11 year old case. Why flame on a thread that is meant to be constructive? At least he is keeping the case on the front burner, as indeed does the Drummond site.

    I wonder what motivates some of these "keyboard warriors" as Andrew calls them. They must spend all day at their computers. Presumably amateurishly typing with one finger of one hand. I will leave others to speculate what they are doing with the other hand.

    (The "newbie" had in fact been banned repeatedly by TV and quotes some of the comments made to him by the mods there.)

  10. The sad thing about Thai Visa it has become no more that an advertising cash cow platform for its owner , when I first joined the forum many years ago the information provided by its members was interesting , informative and the experience was enjoyable , now when you visit the site the first thing you are subjected to is endless pages of advertising banners that are all so placed in between the members postings, not a day goes by with out yet another money making scheme being announced , even yesterday yet another advert was added to the sea of annoying intrusive banners , the property portal . Now we are all quite aware for the need to generate funding revenue to run an operation like Thai Visa but surely there must be point where enough is enough and the forum members are not only thought of as purely cash generators , but the actual providers of information the drives the forum. The forum moderation has turned into a cesspit for pathetic egotistical conceited humorless self centered want to be gods that if you met in a bar you would instantly think were mentally ill, want to avoid at all costs .

    1. I often wonder if the advertisers realise that nobody clicks on their crap. Or that you can very easily block all the advertising, I did and the screen was rather bare and enjoyable. One thing I have never been able to understand is why the mods would put in so much time for no reward, well the reward all goes to their boss and yet they are the ones that get the reputation of gimps being used while george is quite smart to be able to retain their services for less than slave wages. Oh there are the fringe benefits, like the parties and such, they are a real hoot….for the elderly, I hear. It is unfortunate that the members put in ALL the work and get treated like shite from the gimps in the end. Best way to use TV is to use and abuse, take and not give as you will be shafted by the retarded and extremely anal mods sooner or later.

  11. As Edmund Burke so succinctly put it: " All evil needs to flourish is for good men to do nothing". Of course he leaves out women completely but it was the 18th century, so…
    I suggest no one accept banning, ever ! Get a new email, get a new sim, and re join whatever it takes to be heard. NOTHING is more important than a vibrant discourse.

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