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The ‘blitzkrieg’ on media in Thailand by the country’s ‘eccentric megalomaniac’ – report

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‘Reporters without Borders today publishes a scathing attack by Thailand’s military leader Prayuth Chan-Ocha whom the report describes as an ‘eccentric megalomaniac’.  Led by Gen. Prayuth Chan-o-cha, the Thai junta has been persecuting the media for the past 18 months, imposing a reign of terror that has included interrogations, arbitrary arrests, a spate of prosecutions and barely veiled threats. And …

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Human Right Watch Criticises Attacks on Journalists in Bangkok

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‘Protest Leaders, Authorities Should Act to Prevent Violence’ (New York, November 27, 2013) – Protesters have assaulted journalists, in some cases at the instigation of protest leaders, at rallies in Bangkok since November 25, 2013, Human Rights Watch said today. Thai authorities and protest leaders should act to prevent violence during ongoing political demonstrations. The rallies involving more than 100,000 …