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“WE WILL CATCH THE CYBER MEN” say Thai Police under attack for Koh Tao murder investigation

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“It’s no problem. Thai Police are excellent’ “No they could not find a murderer in the same room” – says wife of victim in unsolved murder. “We have killed J(T)awad” announcement on SMS – two hours after murder but before police were called”. ONLY IN THAILAND The technical know-how of the Royal Thai Police subject to ridicule yesterday as an …

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ONE MURDERED SOUTH ASIAN, FIFTY DEAD DOGS. DISPOSING OF FOREIGNERS IN THAILAND’S BOONDOCKS Two years after a foreigner was gunned down in a fish farm in the Thai province of Chaiyaphum Thai police have failed to prosecute the killers despite extensive DNA evidence and witness testimony. This week a witness was under the protection of the Department of Special Investigation …