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Wow! When it rains it pours. Having just congratulated Colin de Jong on being tracked down in Pattaya by the daughter he was parted from many years ago – it seems I have to congratulate Niels Colov, the well-known Danish enforcer who for many years has been quite aptly it seems head of the Pattaya Police Volunteers.

Colov, a prominent figure in the 70’s Copenhagen’s red light area of Vesterbro where he was jailed for coercion, pimping, and a few other things, is apparently getting married to a woman called Pooky.

This slipped into my email.


We are happy to announce that the glamorous Wedding Reception of Patsanun “Pooky” Rodma and Niels Colov will take place on FRIDAY 28. AUGUST 2015 at 18.00 pm at Town-in-Town Hotel on Pattaya Central Road in Pattaya City. All friends of the married couple and the ‘Pattaya People Media Group’ are cordially invited to attend the Wedding Reception.  

We expect more than 1,000 people in attendance, to enjoy great food and fantastic entertainment, have their photo taken with the married couple and wishing Pooky and Niels all the best in their married life.  

People from all over the world have announced their attendance and it will indeed be a “who-is-who” in Pattaya gathering. Efforts are in the process to make this the wedding of the year in Pattaya.Wedding of the year! 

1000 people from all over the world? Wow. Wonder if any of the old mob are coming from Copenhagen.

Its seems also that Niels Storm Martens Colov is leaving Pattaya and relocating an hour down the road to Rayong.  There’s lots of burly oil men down there I am told.

Niels having a laugh with buddies in Vesterbro, Copenhagen in the old days

Last year at his 65th Birthday Celebrations – also in the Town-in-Town – guest of honour was General Saiyud Kerdphol, former Supreme Commander of the Royal Thai Armed Forces.(1981-1983) who lives in the area. Kerdphol is author of ‘The Meaning of National Security’ and supporter of Privy Councillor Prem  Tinsulanonda.

With on the left Danish career criminals Lonne Fristrup Jensen and Leon Owild 

So this may spell an end of an era for the reformed pimp who became a police star, President of the Rotary Club, Knight of Rizal, Police assistants chief  – not to mention a recipient of the fake Unesco Cross and finally being blessed by the Pope.

With ‘violent’ Bandido Brian Sandberg and Pooky

As leader of the Pattaya Police Foreign Volunteer Assistants

Receiving the UNESCO Cross – which does not exist – in a grand ceremony in a Bangkok hotel

And finally below – Knight of Rizal.
This is all so hard to take in – but reports from Rayong has had him visiting the area several times recently. 
As with Colin de Jong – an Elvis impersonator – I feel obliged to close this on a musical note. If you loved  Colin de Jong you’re going to love this. Spot Niels slipping in at 3′ 15 secs.


  1. "there's no fool like an old fool"….this promises to be the social highlight of the pattaya season, forget royal Ascot…

    Will Drew jet in for the big occasion???

  2. Interestingly, a thread about the announcement was started on the pattaya addicts. Very quickly people recognised the bride to be and started to solicit information on her performance in her massage shop.

    The thread was deleted very quickly by worried moderators… Niels still has some pull in sin city..

  3. The only word that comes to mind every time I see something about this guy is the word "ridiculous."

    There is probably another word for someone who consistently and repeatedly makes a fool of their self, but it escapes me at the moment.

  4. "I'm in the money……Im in the money……."I can hear her singing here in Dubai all the way from Rayong….,
    Really can't say anything bad except "well done girl!"
    As for the bloated old criminal……would you want that blubbering old embarrassment at your big day?

  5. I'm 50% sure it's not an April-December marriage – a marriage of convenience..

    But when I have a 50-50 chance, I usually guess wrong..

    I'm sure Niels has better luck than that..

  6. So is anybody going to confirm where the old fool met this young lady?

    We need a confirmed history to compare with that which will be invented after the marriage.

    1. No doubt his bio will need to be updated with this momentous event. He's been promoting a massage shop on his fb page where she is in all the photos so possibly that way.

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