WARNING: People with cash to spare in Thailand and East Asia should NOT put it in De Vere Group. 

I am sure I have mentioned this before.  They are not registered with the SEC in Thailand and if things go wrong, which they may well do, then you are on your own.

I mention this today because Lindell Lucy of ‘The Rape of Hong Kong’  website who has been exposing financial scammers down there, brought it to my attention.

Seems the De Vere Group has been trying to penetrate Japan unsuccessfully and may now be put on an investor alert list there too. It has been on a SEC Thailand Investor Alert list for some time.  The SEC are not very alert though as you can imagine.

Nigel Green, the CEO of De Vere is of course mega-rich and that comes from client funds not from shrewd investing.

Here’s what Toney Hetherington of the Daily Mail has to say about De Vere’s. This story tells how a client invested in a fund managed by De Vere’s. When he created a storm it appears he was paid for his silence.

Nigel Green made a special appearance at De Vere’s Bangkok offices, which he described as one of their most successful – most likely because there is little financial regulation in Thailand. In this performance (He has put hundreds of videos of himself out) he introduces  us to Toby Williams, Thailand manager. I’m not impressed but maybe a school-leaver might be!

Another reason I am giving this warning is that De Vere completely floods the internet with its own promos and promos for Nigel Green. There is only one reason people do this – they have something to hide.

So if you want to get some real facts about Nigel Green or De Vere you should start on Page 12 at least.

If you want to meet any DeVere ‘advisors’ just go to any pool table in the centre of Bangkok and find the oik!

2 thoughts on “INVESTOR ALERT – DE VERE

  1. For this Pig Nigel Green – I hope his breath is as bad as his teeth, sorry tooth.

    What – no cheap dentists in Thailand ? Right.

    Well guess what boys and girls?

    We're only making plans for Nigel..
    We only want what's best for him..
    We're only making plans for Nigel..
    Nigel just needs this helping hand..

    And if this crook Nigel says he's happy..
    He must be happy..
    He must be happy..

    It won't be XTC for Nigel.

  2. I would invest with this guy, only because his teeth are rotten. This shows he cares little for himself.

    I will take his terrible teeth as proof that he cares more for his clients than for himself, LOL

    That should convince a few more "suckers" to throw their money at this guy.

    We all know how expensive it is in Thailand to get your teeth fixed – NOT

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