I Feel a Movement Coming On! Boiler Room Warning


Having already been put up on a ‘watch list’ by Britain’s Financial Services Agency the boiler room ‘Springhill Group’ working out of Seoul, South Korea, is today targeting foreigners in Thailand.

Today a punter in Pattaya who received initials calls and Springhill’s brochure got that special call from a Brit calling himself Mark Griffin.


“Yes. You know I told you I would call when there is movement in the market. Well it’s happening right now.

“Guess what? Its very big movement.  Norton and going to be partnering with Beyer Chemicals.

“Do you know Beyer. ‘Yes’. Then I don’t need to tell you how big this is. Their stock name is NT3.

“Whats the minimum stocks am I allowed to buy?”

“At least 4000 shares which equal up to 5,000 Euros and a Maximum buy of 40,000 Euros”.

“Ok – thanks and good-bye!”

If you want a laugh please go to their website – www.springhillgroup.net.

Here you will see this chap – having a movement I guess.

Is he deliriously happy because he has just got somebody to go to the bank?  Or is that really a grimace because he has just seen this warning from Britain’s Financial Services Authority. This company used a bank in Cyprus – another favourite boiler room initial cash dump.

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15 thoughts on “I Feel a Movement Coming On! Boiler Room Warning

  1. Extraordinary that anyone would be so stupid to part with their cash on such a silly pretext. Frankly, I have no sympathy with stupid, lazy idiots who think they can get more by answering an unsolicited call. It's just greed and that has its own reward.Boiler rooms and the like are just nature's way of separating fools from their cash who wanted more than anyone else.
    Tell me it ain't so?

  2. Sultan: If u can't find em – you'll never get a job. Sorry I had to delete your other post. All posts are being deleted from that thread. However if you have an address I have some 1000 people looking for you.

  3. The site's back up (NB you have the wrong link above – it should be .com not .net) but it's filled with Latin text. Do you think the companies on the "Our Customers" page know about their logos being plastered on a boiler room's website?

  4. Your link to the company website is missing the r out of group, maybe thats why people think their website is down

  5. Great spot, I missed the Typo too.
    But what is even more interesting is the following who-is data for the springhill-group site..

    Seroussi Joseph
    8 Abba Eban
    Herzliya, 46275

  6. Andrew Drummond "Sultan: If u can’t find em – you’ll never get a job".

    Probably right, but Sultan might well get a job with the FSA, certainly if they're still the same ineffective organisation as they've (the FSA not Boiler Rooms) always been.

  7. Not a bad pitch really…. gets your interest, has urgency, opens the payers greed valve, gets him thinking…. not to bad!! maybe 7 out of 10. Im sure the project has had a lot of thought and expertise put into it to generate as much revenue as poss in the shotest possible time… BUT, Lazy lazy…. not enough preparation, the foundation the story sits on… forgot to make the perception more real and credible harder to pick… which is just as important to give that small window required…. the result, they have been picked by a bunch of clueless armchair amatuers and thats the end of it. Lets hope they have learnt from this and will create something special that gives the armchair guys a bit more competition.

  8. How do we go about finding these people? They managed to get some coin out of me before I did my research. There pitch to me was good, return was not over the top and seemed credible to me at the time. I was still talking with them up until last Friday the 02nd August. When I found out what there real game is, I just want to find them all and kick the living *&ite out of them. They managed to get me while I was working in China on a project and sent me all the bells and whistles.

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