This video I present without much comment – unless to perhaps to say that mass tourism can breed mutual contempt and these sort of incidents are getting more common.

A Brit is arguing at a bar. He is angry. A mention of refund is made but it is not clear over what and who has to give it.

When he starts thumping the bar in anger there appears to be no shortage of people not involved in the argument willing to put the boot in.

The outnumbered Brit should have known better…..That can often be counter-productive….but then again the background is unclear.

He goes down quickly knocked cold  from a punch from an unexpected quarter and gets a couple of kicks for good measure.

……………………On Youtube the video is accompanied by racists and hate comments from both sides of this particular fence. So no comments please unless you feel you can add something worthwhile.


  1. Nothing more to contribute except this is at least a couple years old. I think I saw it about 3 years ago. Kinda funny how he says, "Who wants it?"

  2. Oh no more of the Thai apologists excusing of atrocious behavior. Since when does being loud, rude or obnoxious entitle one to a beating? He was physically assaulted, and by more than one person. I don't see any majority but a Thai one.

  3. That's one rule in Thailand I've never broken…never mess with Thais even when it's been extremely frustrating and on more than a couple of occasions when I've been blatantly robbed in Walking St Go go's…I just shrug my shoulders and WALK AWAY. The best way is never ever go back to spend more money there, that hurts so much more than a confrontation.

  4. Have to agree with Doi here. Discretion is the better part of valour in EVERY bar confrontation in Thailand. If there is a problem, pay your checkbin and leave.He was lucky it was a girl that hit him and not someone with a blade, or worse, a gun

  5. This is not a Thai/Western thing and the simplest explanation is alcohol. For whatever reason folks outside of their home country tend to get drunker than they would if at their local. The fella is pretty large and getting quite aggressive. In fact when an employee comes to separate him from the employee that he is confronting he states "who wants it". Apparently everyone else in the bar. I'm from NYC and hav e seen unruly patrons take much worse. A sucker punch and two kicks in the head isn't really a curb stomping.

    1. Really where I come from I think somebody might have said: "That reminds me darling did you remember to put out the rubbish' and then everyone would have carried on drinking.

      Or alternatively: "Night are fair drawin in Jimmy. Lets awa to the Jingling Geordie' while yon sassenach gets ower his fit."

  6. Thai culture, American Culture, whatever, bottom line is if he behaved like that in any bar in the world chances are it would be 50/50 that he would be put on his ass like he was here, his behaviour was unacceptable. I agree with steve although I think they should have just left it with a sucker punch, the guy was out, no need to go further.

  7. Doi, I don't really wish to engage in a contest of who is more in tune with Thai cultural sensibilities. I have only my experience to go on and I've found that Thai people are quite adept at letting things go. This is why confrontational behavior is met with a mix of bemusement and disdain.

    In any event, I don't think that the above situation represents a face losing situation. For most Thais that I know if someone loses their cool and erupts they feel more embarrassment for the other party than for themselves. Just my 2 baht.

  8. Also guys, we can talk about Thai culture, the do's and don'ts of social etiquette, losing face, whatever, we're looking at it from a rational point of view, that guy was DRUNK, alcohol and being rational don't go hand in hand, all I see here is a drunk guy who got aggressive and got put on his ass, this could be filmed in Russia, Canada, Thailand or anywhere else, Should he have thumped the bar and swore? of course not but this is real life and these things happen, I doubt he will be the last Farang to have this happen to him, Thai culture or not, drunk people do stupid things, they always have, no matter where they are.

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