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Apologies for a break in transmissions here but several long term enquiries are coming to a head; I am still in a learning curve with regards to the new U.K. -and then, of course, I have been meeting up with old colleagues while raising kids 24/7.

I did have a chance to go and see the Royal International Air Tattoo, in Fairford, Gloucestershire, yesterday, although that was not entirely necessary as half the display flew over my home anyway.

Nevertheless we were all there for the last flight of the Vulcan which to Brits will have some meaning; reminds me of ‘Thunderball’!

In Bangkok meanwhile it appears that several of the boiler room boys are getting rattled and there might be some property bargains to be had in Thailand right now as many have invested extensively in property in the Kingdom.  Look out for good deals along the north and north west coasts of Samui.

Meanwhile standby for a Guide to What the Boiler Room Boys Own in Thailand.


  1. Tim

    Firesale? Hardly surprising as the bosses are dropping like flies…. Maybe they can throw in a football club to sweeten the deal.. Lol

  2. D. Farang

    "Look out for good deals along the north and north west coasts of Samui."

    Is the term "good deals" real – or meant as an oxymoron – like military intelligence and tongue -in-cheek? Gullible is as gullible does..

    I used to want to buy a condo in Thailand – not now – renting is fine.

    At lot of us look forward to your next offering – with (Boiler Room) bated breath. If your articles aren't putting inherent heat and pressure on some of the bad guys – my name is Elmer Fudd, with a cocked double-barrelled shot gun in hand (by default)..

  3. D. Farang

    They want suckers but I'm virtually useless – I was already scammed to the teeth – TWICE – and woke up – LOL


    "Fool me Once, Shame on You, Fool me Twice, Shame on Me"

  4. Lancashirelad

    I have just read an interesting article in the on-line Daily Telegraph, about foreign nationals with criminal records being banned from entering the UK.
    (Does not apply to E.E.C. citizens).
    The article actually mentions how this will apply to U.S. citizens though.
    Poor old Drew!!

  5. D. Farang

    See Drew Noyes run. Run Drew run. It's so fun, right Drew? We see your spots Drew. Any more at-risk women on the docket to abuse Drew? I thought not.

    Come and pick on me Drew – try me on for size little fellow.

    I was a peace officer for seven years – but that's not why I'd love to take you on.

    I think there's about a thousand others besides myself – that would love to be locked in a room for a full minute with your wasted piece of skin.

    Signed, From the Street

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