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December 12 2011

A Flying Sporran Advisory

Harris Black is bad news. A lot of people know that. In fact there is a website dedicated to his activities which seems to be added to with ominous regularity.

This Canadian is one of these unstoppable conmen, blackmailers and fraudsters who now seems to have made Thailand his home, and even though complaints have been made against him in Pattaya, the police don’t get it. Much too complicated.

This guy stands accused of making fake job websites, fake complaints websites,  and making allegations against reputable people on the net, and then through another website charging for charging for taking the allegations down.

Check him out here at this link. www.harrisblackwatch.com

Currently he is being investigated over an incident at the View Talay apartments in Pattaya. But don’t count on anything coming out of it.

Readers have also contacted me telling that the Canadian Black, whose sexual history comes with convictions, is now trying to destroy people by accusing them on the net of being paedophiles.

While this might sound a bit like my old sparring parner ‘Dirty Dog’ Eric on Teakdoor.com its not. For Black it seems it’s a full time occupation.

You can read about Harris Black and the incident at View Talay on www.harrisblackwatch.com. Its the latest incident.

He uses numerous names on the net, including posing as a priest and a nun. He lurks on Craigslist and dating sites.

But meanwhile enjoy this video. It’s a bit dated (2006).  Its for a restaurant called ‘Eat Alls’ which challenges people to eat all they can for 99 baht.

If it’s still there I might try it. Seems ALL of their customers go/went there four or five times a week.

Harris Black starts a few minutes in. He’s ‘Harry’ from Montreal, the young balded headed guy. This video is a classic as it’s presented by Howard (Miller) when he was group leader of the Tourist police volunteers and boss of Pattaya City News. Enjoy. And don’t miss Khun Suchart. He’s a star!

Meanwhile Canadian TV has done umpteeen programmes on him including the one below featuring a ‘warning to women’.

But if the RCMP cannot get their man, or rather the courts there continue to merely dish him out fines, well who can deal with this guy? And how can we blame the local authorities?

Harris Black has answered below to this site. His answers suggest he is not playing with people and or attacking them on the net. They do not bear much scrutiny. He continues his internet ‘business’ and currently has put up allegations on the net accusing respectable people of indulging in pornography and paedophilia. His first targets are the companies these people work for, if he knows them.

He does that when people enrage him.

Here is a link to one man’s experience with him.


 And finally – fancy a date with this man?


  1. Lee

    He approached me on second road near Mikes Mall once saying he had been robbed by a bar girl and he had no money.. He was asking for some money for a ""hotdog""… Spinning some tales of having to wait days for his bank to transfer money over… I issued the standard British Embassy response ""Western Union"",0,1,,,0,0

  2. Harris Black

    This is all very old news and basically all repetitive if you bother to read it all. I never defended myself and maybe it's a good time to do so with my own website but albeit briefly here: I ran an employment agency in Canada for many years in my early 20s. I'll be 39 next week. Some people found work, some didn't. My mandate was to provide interviews and the candidates' role was to get hired at the interview. Even the daughter of the HBW website went to at least 1 interview before throwing a fit (she wasn't hired due to her appearance I was told).

    I found employees and careers for friends, family, and hundreds of strangers. All this at the age of 23. If there was actual fraud, I would've been arrested and charged as such. No fraud existed because every candidate understood that there is no way I could guarantee they would get hired at the interview. How could I? I was the matchmaker, not the employer.

    Needless to say, my name is mud online today so I cannot do business under my own name. As my businesses are all virtual, there is no need to use real names anyway. No crime there.

    For a short time, I hosted a website where people could write complaints. Freedom of expression just like this site here. I did not author the complaints, only host them which is not illegal. There are dozens like it. I did not invent the concept (see ripoffreport.com as an example). Complaints could be moderated but for a fee. I copied this concept.

    I used to go on dates with women in my 20s and when asked what I did for a living, I said I was a doctor or lawyer to fill in the blank. We never discussed my ""profession"" afterwards. I did not dispense advice. In which bar in the world does some man not big himself up? No crime there and certainly not too original.

    I am not a conman nor am I conning half of Thailand or the world or however I've been depicted. I am not dangerous or any different that anyone else except I had a much inflated and publicized story. There is no arrest warrant for me (I have checked only recently). I am free to come and go as I please. I have been eligible for a criminal pardon for many years and if I were in Canada today, this would have been done a long time ago.

    Life goes on and people grow up and grow out of it. If I was really as I am described above, I would've been incarcerated years ago. I have never seen the inside of a prison and likely never will.

  3. Andrew Drummond

    Howard: I thought as much. Nothing to do with the advertising I am sure. But where did you get Suchart from? If he had slightly different ethnicity he would almost certainly have landed a part in 'Goodness Gracious Me!' Was he a tourist policeman?

  4. On the Beach

    Your face and life history seem very familiar Harris. I'm just wondering if Harris was once your surname and you dabbled in TEFL back in the early 2000s.

  5. Andrew Drummond

    Harris: Well as a gesture of reform I suggest you immediately remove allegations that a named person working for an oil related company is involved in child pornography etc from your website(s)
    While I am aware Canada can occasionally be short of hard news stories the frequency in which you have made TV in Canada is alarming and the last complaint of you is just last month.

  6. Ned Pflug

    Whatever this guy is, at least he showed some guts in identifying himself and trying to make his case. That puts him high above the Noyes – Colov – Haughton type of creep. And I don't see him climbing the ranks of the Rotary and Expat Clubs nor starting his own newspaper. So there you have it, the first positive Harris Black post ever!

  7. Harris Black

    I was recently falsely accused of blackmail and overstaying my visa by a foreigner. This was absolutely false and provable so the police and I parted ways amicably. Women = trouble. As with everything HB, much ado about nothing.

  8. Harris Black

    My complaints website went offline last May. I have nothing to do with writing (never have) or hosting complaints of any kind.

  9. Andrew Drummond

    Neflug: Think you might be being optmistic here = 🙂 – This could be the beginning of a charm offensive

  10. Pat Angko

    I think the watch dotcoms have a valid function. The HB one shows a familiar pattern and responding with a denial does not exonerate. Never forget, they come in all forms and shapes, and are almost all very believable.

  11. sam

    Conmen are called this because they can con, not because they cannot. But yes, points for ponying up and expressing yourself HB. If you do none of these things HB you are accused of, how do you live then ?…apart from begging for hotdogs…which is kind of degrading, if you are going to beg, go for a steak or a burger, even a starbucks coffee and cake.

  12. Andrew Drummond

    Sam: I think he has said he makes all his money on the net. The one site he mentions may be down but several others are not.
    More of this later, unless Harry would like to come back with more admissions.

  13. Billionaire oil man, heart surgeon and astronaut

    In which bar in the world does some man not big himself up? Calling yourself a doctor – worse still a paediatrician – oversteps the mark, I'd say. But I've never needed to ""big myself up"" – aka lie. And it's this failure to comprehend let alone express remorse that signals either self-delusion or the mark of a true conman. Has HB considered acting? He'd be perfect for the role of a Decepticon in a Transformers movie.

  14. Paul Booth

    Lee, it is possible to be robbed in Thailand and lose your cash, plastic cards and passport and get no help from the embassy. If somebody approached me in genuine distress I would help within reason. Thailand might harden foreigners but I think we should not assume every desperate person asking for help in the street is a hardened criminal. You can make a difference.

  15. Pete Davies

    How can he say it is ALL lies when its on so many TV stations with film of him, is he suggesting he was setup. There is no smoke without fire. I heard about this guy while i was having a drink in a bar on LK metro pattaya, and the story on him them was that he lured fresh girls off the bus from the village then took them for afternoon sexual activities, followed by a meal and he then left the girl sitting with the bill as he made off. possibly that one is only gossip, but all the other things merit his reputation as a low life. And i'm quite sure Andrew did research on this guy before this article to make sure things were fact not fiction. Another one to add to the list of undesirable expats in thailand

  16. andrew

    Yes. Lee you were quite right to not give this guy the benefit of the doubt.
    I will add some not commonly known stuff later on.

  17. On the Beach

    Mark my words well Harris. No denial suggests that you may well have been on the TEFL beach sometime in the early 2000s. I quess you have rose somewhat in the World since then. You do rather fit the pattern.

  18. John Lennon's half-brother and ex-Special Forces (occasionally still sent on secret missions)

    At the risk of giving the nemeses of this site a despicable idea here, why don't they team up to form a sort of Pattaya Spectre? HB could be Blofeld, Drew could be Dr Evil … they could agree who'd be who amongst themselves … OK, I'm mixing my movies here. But they all have these special powers of darkness which they could combine to take over the world (laughs, wickedly like Christopher Lee in Michael Jackson's Thriller). All they'd need is the cat.

  19. Ned Pflug

    Andrew, you're right. The mental exercise of ""which scumbag is the worst?"" is like comparing malarial mosquitos with tse tse flies

  20. westerby

    Conmen are thieves: they steal your trust and then your money.Not much else one can say really. That HB sought to defend his actions is no different to a slithering snail withdrawing into its shell when under stress. He's a thief and that's it.

  21. ally

    How long have you been aware of this chaps history as I've ready post from somebody claiming to be him on your site previously?
    A warning went out last year on Pattaya Addicts about him, seems he's been at it for years…or is old news to everybody????

  22. lee

    I think Harris is just a small time and old fashioned confidence trickster.. There's no stories of big league scams worthy of Colov and Noyes attention.. and as pointed out by Ned Pflung, fair play to him for actually contributing to this thread. As for the sexual allegations, would they have been made if he was actually a Pediatrician and hadn't been caught out lying? Just like the old joke ""She didn't realise she had been sexually assaulted until the cheque bounced"".. But still stay well away!! I've seen him on facebook offering all sorts of help and assistance, looking for his next victim.. Where can you actually buy hotdogs in Pattaya?

  23. solomom

    John Lennon’s half-brother, ………….. I think you can stay within the same movie and capture the true nature of each character by just assigning one the roll of Dr. Evil and the other, the roll of Mini-Me, ….. but will the youngest of the “trio� fit the roll of Scott (Dr. Evils son) or does age not matter?

  24. jeff

    John Lennon's Half Brother etc.Nice idea about the bad guys.Sorry to find any fault but was it not famous horror actor Vincent Price who did the voice over and laugh for Michael Jackson's Thriller.If I am wrong Blame it on the Boogie.Though your mention of Mr Lee made me think Mr Colov would be perfect for the part of Dracula.Being a pain in the neck I imagine would require little rehearsal.

  25. Andrew Drummond

    Ally: News about Black is as old as the hills. The point is, despite his claims,he just does not stop, and has a particularly nasty internet attack running at the moment. As he has become a member of Thailand's 'Hall of Infamy' it is right we should record his story on this site, because no doubt, we will be coming across him again.

  26. Joe Smith

    Very convincing comeback by Harris Black, but then again, if a con artist can't make a good comeback, who can? Anyone in doubt watch the clip from Canadian TV.

  27. hoffman

    I'm guessing Thailand does not grant tourist or work visas to convicted criminals, correct? Seems he would be on fairly tenuous ground if someone threatened to bring his record of Canadian convictions (which if the linked site is accurate includes sexual assault which may include rape and is an indictable offence in Canada), to the Thai authorities.

  28. jeff

    Andrew I notice with amusement your excellent reportage and comment forum sections are starting to have something in common with The BBC program Crimewatch.In so much both are now required viewing for alleged criminals.An appearance on one or more of your pages perhaps earns those featured an imagined virtual badge of fame from their fellow wrong doers.Your latest addition seems keen to cry Infamy Infamy they have all got in for me.But he is not the first and certainly will not be the last to do so.I am impressed with his expert disguise.Bald head and goatee in Pattaya that is a crowd blender alright.He states in his lengthy plea of innocence I am not dangerous or any different that anyone else except I had a much inflated and publicized story.Welcome to my world Mr Black.

  29. andrew

    Hoffman: You need to have served a term of imprisonment to be banned. This discludes Black but could include much more 'eminent' people in Pattaya.

  30. Mikey

    Andrew, you know who I am because we had a very in-depth chat yesterday. I have been watching this topic with interest and feel it is relevant to bring something forward I find very disturbing. Harry Black is obviously a sociopath of the highest degree and a very descriptive web site of these kind of people is here – http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html and this is where the disturbing thoughts come from. As one of his campaigns is based on the falsely accused sexual proclivities of individuals he targets this is a classic way that the real perpetrators cover their own desires from attracting public view by diverting focus. The disturbing thought is that now this man is a visitor of the local orphanage and he has proclaimed this with a picture of himself with two small children from there see http://www.facebook.com/harris.black1 He is obviously not a man with charitable intentions as his previous web statements regarding ""money for nothing – chicks for free"" is obviously a statement of a man who will do anything to obtain gratification for free. His previous sexual assault cases indicate he will not worry about the consequences of what he does. I think it is now important that the authorities should be alerted to his previous convictions and they should investigate the current situation.

  31. sam

    That video from Canada does not seem to be of any great substance when it comes to major crime. Nor does the Jungle Jil site and he just seems wierd to be honest and some of his claims such as HB calling him names, so he got even etc. The most telling evidence, if it is evidence, is the writings from HB himself to the stickman site. That stuff is twisted, but again hardly world breaking criminal mastermind stuff. Unless the sex accusations are real and he was actually convicted, I may have missed that, then it all seems a tad to much to be chasing him at this level. Far more serious crimes out there to be doing something about…bet there were several dozen or more kids abused last night somewhere in Thailand…kind of makes HB's adventures rather insignificant if you think about it. Hope this post gets through the TV trained mod in here…half my posts get deleted. Not fair.

  32. Who? ME? No. Who ME?

    As a relative newcomer to Pattaya and a very newcomer to this site, I want to say a big thank you to Andrew Drummond for enlightening me on local goings on. I have met most of the people mentioned in recent articles,(All of whom I consider slimier than a KY jelly roundabout) but I've never HB. I hope for his sake, I never do
    Cheers AD, keep up the good work

  33. JonahTheWhale

    HB wrote: I used to go on dates with women in my 20s and when asked what I did for a living, I said I was a doctor or lawyer to fill in the blank. We never discussed my ""profession"" afterwards. I did not dispense advice. In which bar in the world does some man not big himself up?

    There's a world of difference between 'bigging yourself up' and telling outright lies. Can you tell the difference, Harris?

  34. Topper

    We've started a thread on SubZeroSiam.com discussing this.

    If you could provide some links to his sites, I'd love to read them.

  35. jeff

    Thank you Mikey.Great public service putting that information out there where others can be alerted to any possible threat.While I will not comment on this particular case as I lack the required insight.I have long been concerned at the free access given to the children at some orphanages here in Pattaya.Little or no vetting seems to take place of visitors to the homes.Strangers bearing gifts are made worryingly welcome.I fear it would not take long for those with a sinister motive too long to gain the confidence of staff and children if enough frequent visits were made.The thought of donations leading to possible days out even if in the company of staff members sends a shiver up my spine.While on the subject of charity I hope Andrew will allow me a detour to stand on my personal soapbox.Just to respectfully remind anyone in Pattaya generous enough to give to those less fortunate that there are many in Thailand outside Pattaya City limits who are in severe need.The Charities in the North East area of Isaan in particular could do with their near empty coffers being filled.While of course I would never deny those in Pattaya their fair share.Sometimes it seems they have an abundance of riches.With every wanna be celebrity plus government officials and local business people keen to be pictured with the photogenic youngsters while in the act of handing over a gift.It sometimes appears the happily smiling kids are unwitting pawns in a rather unpleasant game of donation one up man ship.Would I be horribly cynical to suggest free publicity might be a motive behind the giving for some.Certainly the Pattaya media are ever present at some orphanages.Mr Colov and cronies are seen so often at one location I am surprised they are not on the list of residents.Note to Pattaya Media if you not part of the group donating please avoid appearing in camera shot.We are not fooled.Having been rather negative I would like to end on a high note by praising a Pattaya business that raised much needed funds to build a school in Isaan.Yorkies take a bow.I believe they make excellent sausage rolls which might interest Lee while he is on his hot dog search.Please keep up the great work Andrew.The bad guys may revile you.But the good guys praise you.

    1. Mooseshagger's Blurbs

      Perhaps if the orphanages were convinced to take a photo of each visitor, as a matter of policy, for their records. I doubt peodophiles would want their photo's taken so perhaps this would help to deter them? Just an idea.

    2. Mooseshagger's Blurbs

      Off topic I know but a suggestion. Why not convince orphanages to take a photos of each visitor as a matter of policy for the records. I suspect that this would scare away most peodophiles. Or do they do this already?

  36. Tommy Dee

    Pleaase. lets not have a soap box review of childrens' charitys here. firstly its not the place, and secondly, without the efforts of many many folk here, the homes here would be no better supported than those elsewhere. You have to start somewhere, and ""your own doorstep"" is the best place. In any group there will be ""bad apples"", but on the whole, without the fantastic support of the general public, ex pats and visitors alike, the homes here would not even exist

  37. Andrew Drummond

    Tommy Dee: This site is supportive of the Pattaya Orphanage and the work it does. At the same time there's no harm in reminding staff that some people may go there with the wrong motives.
    We supported the orphanage years ago when a British newspaper carried out a sting there. I am sure it is not forgotten.

  38. Ned Pflug

    Tommy Dee, that is a heartwarming statement coming from the person who professed on AD's interview to know nothing of the underbelly of Pattaya society. I'm sure that Catholic mums said the same thing about their beloved parish priests for many generations. That gave the many ""bad apples"" free reign to inflict their horrors. Even the noblest causes in the world should never be held above examination and reproach. If Drummond's site tells us anything it is that corruption is deeply ingrained in the human psyche and it flourishes in places, like Thailand, where at least for foreigners, there are few legal or moral constraints. Unknown, unscreened foreign men from the world's biggest sex resort and headquarters for pedophilia should not have unsupervised contact with young children, period. We SHOULD support these charities… we need to give back to this country we take so much from. But with children's charities, that should be limited to financial contributions and interacting with the children in group, public settings.

  39. mike macman

    latest singles ad posted by harris black the shister scumbag.


    My name is Bobby. I am 30 years old from America. I stay in Thailand 8 years. I can speak Thai. I live in Central Pattaya near Central Festival shopping center. I do not drink and not smoke. I want take care good lady. I not married and no baby.

    Contact Person: Bobby
    Location: Pattaya, Central Pattaya
    Phone Number: 0861095020

    more info on the vermin.


    and do a google search on info about this scumbag


  40. Hawaii Bob

    Mike M
    Unless HB is using someone else's picture that add with picture is not him. I know he previously advertised in Pattaya Trader with his picture but I don't see it any longer.

  41. dann

    All great stuff and eat alls went bust a couple years back, Harris seems quite Harmless and revels in his start status, if he was that bad in Thailand someone would have clobbered him by now.

  42. Just a Friend

    Andrew, we commend you.

    It is integrity that causes a man to give his own time to the betterment of society.

    It is the superior man that puts his own safety at risk to accomplish this goal.


  43. JT

    Please be advised that Harris Black is a wanted man in Canada and the USA. He is a convicted sexual offender and an extortionist and scam artist. Please be careful when approaching this man as we believe he is dangerous and suicidal.


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