Fists, Pepper Spray And a Chair Flies In Phuket As The Penguin Makes Another Bar Escape

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A simple story of everyday folk in Phuket.


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October 6 2012.

Some controversy is raging in Rawai , Phuket, where British ‘fund manager’ Neal Davies known by the nickname ‘The Penguin’, has again fled a violent scene.

A very disgruntled Australian who ended up with a double fractured left arm, is insisting on bringing serious charges.

It all happened at the Corner Bar and Restaurant in Rawai and currently tourist police volunteer sleuth Garry Halpin has been trying to put together what happened.

Davies has been exposed on this site for ripping off clients. A British court ruling prevents him being a Fund Manager in the U.K. after he was declared bankrupt.

This is one version I got of the incident:

 “Davies is sitting alone drinking about 8.30 when two guys sit either side of him he tried to leave but they stopped him.

“”Unfortunately the bar is popular as the owners are very well liked.

“I say unfortunately because the two guys then threatened the owner’s wife when she asked them all to leave her bar.

“Then they started to threaten the customers and told them it would better for them if they left the bar.

“Bad mistake by the two guys who then had the shit kicked out of them by the customers.

“While this was going on the shyster made his escape.

“Davies was back in the bar last night with the tourist police showing them what happened.

“If only they had waited or took him outside fkin dumb Aussies.

“The owners of the bar had no idea about Davies until I told them last night and they do not want him in the bar again.”

Brett Masters

However as that version seems to lean quite highly on promoting the bar,  seems to be a trifle anti Aussie, and I am not sure that customers spontaneously leap with violence into other people’s arguments, I tracked down the two guys, who were American Vince Jones,  formerly involved in construction in Afghanistan and Brett Masters, an Australian real estate person on Phuket.

While this site does not report on bar brawls, readers will understand why we carry a watching brief 0n ‘The Penguin’.

Neil Davies at Corner Bar

Masters freely admits he went to the bar, where he was told Davies was, to confront him about some AU$30,000 which he claims he is owed by Davies.

This involves work he did on Davies’ purchase of part of the Belair Panwa Resort on the island.

He claims he did utter a few choice words and did raise his voice to customers in the bar and warned them not to invest in anything with Davies, to whom he did not attach the honorific ‘Mr’ but instead some Chaucerian.

Having done that, he said he returned to his colleague Vince Jones and they had two more drinks together before getting up to go. Though I would imagine if this was the case the atmosphere in the bar was still highly charged.

“After the confrontation,” said Masters, “Neal Davies began furiously texting and a man in a blue shirt whom I now know as Liverpudlian David Kelly, entered the bar and sat next to Kelly.

“As we prepared to leave the man in the blue shirt got up and shouted at some people at an adjoining bar to come and join him quickly. Some guys rushed in from an adjacent bar and jumping over the low separating wall.

“We were both attacked.  Vincent was attacked from behind and assaulted.  I was able to take out two of these guys but the blue tee shirt guy was swinging a metal bar stool down towards my head. I raised my left arm to protect my head.

“My arm was broken in two places.

“So much force was used that the doctor at Phuket International Hospital says that I would almost certainly have been killed had I not put up my arm to fend off the blow.”

Corner Bar – the low separating wall is to the right

Masters has filed a police report. He added:

“Garry Halpin has been coming back to me with reports that I was the one who initiated the attacked with a can of Mace.  If that were to be true then I do not think anybody would have been able to put an attack in.
Corner Bar – showing the barstools one of which was cracked over Masters.

“As for the pepper spray, if that is what it was.  I took that out of the hand of one of my attackers. I did not spray it into anyone’s face.”

Police say they have found a canister at the scene of the incident. But who introduced it to the scene?

Kelly, (below) a scouser, from Huyton, Merseyside, and seemingly a bit of a hard man, insists he was defending himself after being attacked with the pepper spray. A teetotaler, he had merely dropped by the bar to have an orange juice before joining friends at a nearby bar, when he was the subject of an unprovoked attacked.

He does however not appear to be in Davies’ inner circle.

Tourist volunteer policeman Garry Halpin said: “Statements have still to be taken and it will be a few days before we get a clear picture.”


Not until then could his bosses issues a clear statement. However he did say there appeared to be discrepancies between what Masters was saying and what witnesses were saying in the restaurant.

It is clear Masters has a major beef with Davies,  a professional con man who has gone through many other people’s life savings.  Masters insists that he asked the owner’s wife three times to call the police and waited for police while the three Brits, one of whom was being held by his friend Vince, were allowed to leave on the bar owner’s orders.

Looking at the bank transfer order below its easy to understand Masters’ anger.

You can see how Davies not only cheated his own investors in the Caldora Global Investment Fund and Brett Masters, but also the Thai taxman.

Masters brokered the purchases and Davies took a massive commission on the deal for a major shareholding in the Belair Cape Panwa Resort which is why investors in him will rarely see any profits. Watson has confirmed these transactions took place.

However this is way over the head of the local police who understandly are more interested in keeping the community harmonious.


Footnote: This matter was settled with the owners of the bar paying damages to Mr.Masters of 15,000 Thai baht.

He has been banned from the bar and also say the owners is Neal Davies.

A crown of regulars had objected to the Aussie’s behaviour.


The Corner Bar in Viset Road is a ‘girlie bar’ which I am told serves delicious curries from the Curry Shack. Girls however do dance on the bar and elsewhere and the poles are provided for support.

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  1. June Barley

    Oh dear. I have often been surprised that very little violence has been evident from all these scams and scammers. Is this a sign that a wind of change has come about in the scammer community? Hope so

  2. andaman

    So this means that Neal Davies, the manager of the Caldora Global Property Fund, personally took half of the A$2,179,238 that purchased the Belair Panwa Resort for the aforementioned Fund? Words fail me.

  3. June Barley

    One would think Mr Davies would have at least an inkling that his number is up and head for the hills

  4. logbags

    I believe in rough justice when it comes to people who prey on the innocent or weak. I'm no cheek turner because the last time I turned it I got hit by an iron bar. I've got no respect for a man who won't fight his own fight either. In self-defence and in defence of the innocent, cowardice is the only sin.

  5. Pepe

    Well I hope Brett has plan 2 as I certainly wouldn't give up. Pity it happened in a bar as thats the worse place to ask for $$$ back?? but theres easier ways to do these things behind the scenes & I'm sure as he's an Aussie— he won't flag what he is owed? If he has drawn up a Commission Contract as a Realtor with Davies then that does hold up in Court?? but then again it also costs to go to Court? Good luck Brett & others.

  6. Phuketman

    Why do we constantly use the phrase' Tourist Police' when discussing volunteers, who are merely assistants. The ARE NOT police and have no powers of arrest. Many are just Walts who get off on wearing a uniform. Howard and the 'Black Rats' of Pattaya are just laughable, as are the 2 Skandies who work out of Chalong Police Station just to get a hard on and con people who don't know better. They have no right to stop and fine people but they do on a regular basis.

  7. Andrew Drummond

    This in by email from G Abbott:
    Mr Drummond
    I have following your site for some time now, you posted an article a coupler days ago about a bar fight at the corner bar involving British and Australians, I was there that night and saw what happened, I'm not a fighter so I stayed out of it, the person that wrote saying the two guys came in a sat next to the con man is a liar, to be honest I didn't see anything going on until the Australian man yelled out " If anyone wants to invest money don't do it with this guy, he is a thief and con man", there was no violence and the Aust. man walked away to talk with his gray haired friend,.
    The two men were not causing trouble they were leaving when another man that had been talking with the con man started yelling out to the bar next door, another man came from behind and grabbed the gray haired man then more people came in to attack the other one I saw the man wearing a blue tee shirt raise and crash the stool over Masters head I know how heavy those things are and was amazed at seeing him still standing, a siren was heard and the 5 men made a run for it, the Ambulance arrived treated Masters arm and Masters and his friend waited for the police to arrive, I feel guilty at not helping them and sick when Masters walked past me and I saw the bone sticking out of his arm, I hope the police will do there job and arrest those guys in my eyes they are scum I hope Mr Masters is feeling better, I will never return to that bar.

  8. Andrew Drummond

    This in by email from I Marks:
    i was actually in the bar on the night of the fight and seen the two aussie guys in there making threats to customers, then this guy cane in and sat at the end of the bar who i now now to be david kelly from your website the two aussie guys tried to attack this guy for no reason from where i was sitting the bigger of the two guys sprayed something at this guy and he retaliated and gave the two of them a good hiding in my eyes this was well deserved as these were the aggressors and i think they just picked on the wrong guy regards

  9. Sam

    Funny how 2 different things can happen at the same time.

    Gary Halpin told me years ago that he would never become a tourist police volunteer because all the coppers he knew would laugh at him…wonder what changed that ?

    As for the new look, prefer the old one, but times a change. AD's comment in the notification of the site being down and changed…'that he would stand by any of us should we need it'…I hope you stand by me when I need it, which might be sooner than later.

  10. Sam

    Funny how 2 different things can happen at the same time.

    Gary Halpin told me years ago that he would never become a tourist police volunteer because all the coppers he knew would laugh at him…wonder what changed that ?

    As for the new look, prefer the old one, but times a change. AD's comment in the notification of the site being down and changed…'that he would stand by any of us should we need it'…I hope you stand by me when I need it, which might be sooner than later.

  11. Ian Marks

    In reply to mr abbots comment I don't know what bar you were in but I was sitting directly opposite and your account is total bull the two Aussies had been threatening customers in this bar for about an hour before this incident happened I'm mr masters own statement he freely admits shouting and being loud also makes no mention of being hit on the head , as for your statement when these guys heard sirens they ran off the police came on a scooter and the guy who hit masters was still there , if you are so worried about what happened why not go to chalong and give your version of events to the police I am sure mr masters would appreciate the help in my opinion these two guys just picked on the wrong guy and took a beating the guy who they picked on was a lot smaller than these two and just goes to show never judge a book by the cover
    Ps IWill Be going back to the bar

  12. Andrew Drummond

    Just a reminder to readers. This is not, Teakdoor, or a general foreign forum. While this site does identify villains each story is thoroughly rsearched. But when people post I either allow the post or delete it. I no longer edit bits out. I only delete when personal attacks are made which I know I cannot substantiate should I be ask to do so in a court of law. And it is I who will be asked. So by all means provide your view of what you saw but keep the personal stuff to yourself. Best AD

  13. Ian Marks

    Hi Andrew the two Aussie guys in the bar were telling all the customers to pay their bills and leave in a threatening manner , this is normally a quiet bar and many expats drink in there and just lgo for a good night out

  14. Ian Marks

    Hi Andrew just read your last commet regarding posting about personal stuff on your website , in mr abbots comments he calls these guys scum how does he know that does he know them personally ? And isn't it the job of the police to look into matters investigate then make a case that if their is one ! The rumor mill here in rawai is buzzing about the two guys who got a pasting but if you listen to all the stories you would think somebody had been murdered it was only a bar fight , will keep you posted on an ore news from here in Phuket

    1. Andrew Drummond

      Point taken. This letter was published to allow opposing points of view. The use of the word scum was inappropriate.

      Again a reminder to posters about about this sort of language. I used to edit this stuff out but at the moment I have just two options – allow or kill.

  15. Ian Marks

    Hi Andrew just been reading the story again and seen Brett asters received 15,000baht I wonder what happened to bringing serious charges ?? Or is this just another frang scam , start trouble in a bar take a beating then go to the police and complain and maybe you will get some money also in the story it says the customers gave these two guys a beating that's not true it was one guy who gave them a beating which he admitted to in chalong police station but refused to pay them so I think maybe the police thought is was self defence
    Ps I will still be going back to the bar mr Abbott

  16. Andrew Drummond

    I think he realised most of the regulars in the bar were agin him Ian. I do not believe getting your arm broken for 15,000 baht is a money making scheme though. I take if you are speaking on behalf of David Kelly.

  17. Anonymous

    Only David Kelly would know what was said in the Chalong police station as I only saw him and Masters along with the bar girl and some Thai guy so the truth is Ian Marks is proberly David Kelly as I'm sure the other guy wouldn't be stupid enough to print garbidge like this,,, be proud Kelly you need weapons real men just need balls

    1. David kelly

      Ian has told me about this forum with all these negative comments about me and that I am posting on this site using an alias under the name Ian marks so I thought I would set the record straight this will be my one and only post as I have better things to do than gossip on websites , I walked into the bar about 9.30 on that Thursday night I had only been there five minutes when an a guy approached me and started ranting about the guy who I was sitting next to , I told the guy masters nothing to do with me then his american came from behind masters in a manner thought I was going to be attacked so I hit him then masters took out cs gas from his pocket and sprayed me in the face so I picked up a stool and hit him with it , then I was contacted by tourist police two days later telling me I had to go to chalong police station where I had to have a meeting with masters about his injuries I refused to pay as I thought I acted in self defense , as for having real men having no balls I dont see your name there mr anonymous how do you know what went on in the police station or are you the guy that turned with masters and jones who was as quiet as a mouse in the police station , when all this started to appear on here nobody contacted me for a statement so it was all one sided reporting by information given by a volunteer Gary Halpin who shouldn't have been making statements on an on going enquiry
      David kelly

  18. Anonymous

    I don't know what happened that night, but as I ride by this corner bar on an almost daily basis it is filled with a large number of expats from early mid afternoon on. Looks like quite a number of them could use some exercise and sun on their day off from the bar.

  19. Brett Masters

    It seems like the experts have told the whole story already,, except How I Blinded David Kelly with the pepper spray and how he was able to find the metal stool that he tried to kill me with,, after all according to him he was BLIND,, he must be the next superman and in relations to mr skid marks,, get your story right, no one was yelling out to pay there Bin,,,but you are a friend of Kelly so you will say what he tells you,,,,,right,,,,,this is all crap Neal Davies is the problem here and needs to be fixed,,,anyone that wants to know where he lives let me know

  20. Andrew Drummond

    BM: Your post will be allowed once you remove the term 'low life scum bag'. This may true but technically difficult to defend in a court of law. There must be something else in your vocabulary. or leave out. I think we have got the message,

  21. Andrew Drummond

    Reminder to posters. I no longer edit posts. They are either published or not. So one phrase in a perfetly acceptable post can result in a deletion of the entire comment

  22. Ian Marks

    In reply to mr masters comments about all the experts having told their story already you came into a bar to as you say collect your debt from Neil Davies firstly you don't collect debts in bars as nobody in their right mind will tell you and if as you say Davies owes you money and has ripped you off why not go the police as you have done in this incident if he has ripped you off and you can prove it take him to court from what I seen in the bar that night you were using bullying tactics but didn't like it when the tables were turned ! Also on another point if David Kelly tried to kill you why accept 15,000 baht is that all your life is worth ??? Why not bring charges ? Apparently your friend mr jones payed one guys medical bills in the police station and shook hands with all parties concerned which is the act of a gentleman , it seems to me as the Thais say you have lost a lot of face and are still ranting about something that was supposed to be finished like using the phrases low life scum , when your ego settles down mr masters you can reflect on that night in question as for the comment mr skid marks sticks and stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me , well in your case stool

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