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Thursday, November 28, 2013
A British kick boxer who stabbed a U.S. Marine to death in
Thailand was today jailed for 25 years on the Thai holiday island of Phuket.

Lee Aldhouse, nicknamed ‘Pitbull’ , who was the first Briton
ever to be extradited from the UK to face trial in Thailand, had pleaded guilty
to the murder, despite putting up a strong fight against his extradition.
As a result of his guilty plea Judge Montri Sarot reduced a life
sentence of 50 years by half to 25 years.
Aldhouse was extradited from Britain to Thailand in December
under a treaty that had been in place for 101 years but never previously been
He admitted stabbing American Marine Dashawn Longfellow, 26,
from Colorado Springs, a recipient of the ‘Purple Heart’ earned during his time
in Iraq, after a row in a bar called the ‘Freedom Bar’ in the resort of Rawai
on Phuket island.
Dashawn – above and right
Last month as he was remanded for sentence he said: “”I
would like to apologise to his family and his friends. I didn’t mean to kill
him like that. ‘On that night, I got very drunk. I understand that my apology
will not be enough for the family. But I cannot undo my mistake.”
His apology was not enough the family. CCTV footage shows
him going into an all-night 7/11 and running off with a knife directly before
the stabbing Longfellow, even though he went home first and changed it for a
better ‘Kivi’ blade. 
He stabbed Longfellow, former member of the 2nd Battalion,
7th Marine Regiment outside Longfellow’s apartment.

He was also known in the bar for boasting that he was ‘invincible’.
Longfellow was also a Thai kick boxer.



  1. Tim

    How many of the 25 will he actually serve I wonder… But good to see Thai justice actually working for one

  2. The Weapon

    Being sentenced to 25 years means he'll be transferred out of Phuket prison to a maximum security prison. (unless a deal was done where he wouldn't go to a tougher prison).

    He'll either go to Bangkok or Nakhon. Even 10 years in a Thai prison is a long hard lagging. The family can at least feel somewhat satisfied that justice was done.

    Even if he gets transferred back to the UK on exchange I think you have to have served at least one third of the sentence here first. That would be 8 years.

  3. Gerry westerby

    Nice to see Thai justice?

    Leaving aside natural justice, does anyone here actually think for one moment that the imprisonment of this man represents the validation of a system which consistently favours one section of the community over all others and allows proven murderers to escape scot free?

    As a matter of principle, the decision of the British authorities to consign one of their nationals into the clutches of what passes for the Thai rule of law was quite shameful and marks a precedent that does nothing for British nationals who may well yet be crucified on the cross of Teresa May's ( the British Home Secretary ) arrogance and stupidity.

    An inconvenient truth not acknowledged by the American fraternity is that, had the roles been reversed, Mr Longfellow would no doubt still be in Colorado Springs within the bosom of his family enjoying a freedom Lee will not have.

    Worth pondering.

    1. Kevin

      Not particularly, no. My country has extradited more than one person to Thailand. including for similar crimes. Don't whine based on your nationality.

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