Bangkok Adultery Fugitives To Feature on LOCKED UP ABROAD

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A couple who fled to safety in Bangkok after being banged up in the Philippines on adultery charges are to feature in ‘Locked Up Abroad’ on National Geographic Television this week.

David Scott, from Swindon, Wilts, and Cynthia Reyes, from Manila, made their break for freedom after colleague Andy Chant and myself took up their case in the media in the UK.
At one time it seemed their backs were completely against the wall. Divorce is of course illegal in the Philippines, but if you have a lot of cash it is possible to get an annulment provided both parties agree and one party admits to be mentally unbalanced.
Scores of Filipinas and foreigners may be committing adultery every day as many women in the sex trade have broken, but still legal, marriages. Cynthia was decidedly not in the sex trade. She was actually head of housekeeping at a hotel in Dubai.

David, Cynthia and baby Janina outside the British Embassy in Bangkok after getting the good news
David and Cynthia had met on the internet and he flew out to meet her in Manila.  She got pregnant and when he flew back for the birth both were arrested at gunpoint by police and jailed on the orders of Cynthia’s estranged husband, who had heard about the relationship and apparently saw an opportunity to make some money.

When their child was born just a few days after getting bail British Embassy officials told the couple that under Philippines law Cynthia’s estranged husband was the father. Everywhere they went the couple was faced with demands for cash.  They  finally had to buy themselves out of the country through Immigration.
Right: Cynthia and baby Janina on the flight from the Philippines
In fact this was a financial merry go round with seemingly almost everyone wanting a piece of the action. Luckily friends back home manage to raise to cash for David and Cynthia and their case was taken up by a sympathetic British M.P.

Having escaped to Bangkok David and Cynthia spent half the time at my home and half the time with my colleague Andy Chant, while DNA paternity tests were done and the Home Office in the UK finally relented and agreed to admit the family into Britain and notified the British Embassy to issue the relevant visas.

I am reminded of this case on a weekly basis because it was about the first time I went to a nearby Tops supermarket and to this day the account is under my home phone number and David Scott’s name.
Here are some links to the original stories and the National Geographic promo.
David & Cynthia at andrew.local

Why wont the Foreign Office help us?


  1. The Ajarn

    Good to see this case come through, the baby and parents safe and a good chance for a truly happy family to emerge.

    It was never mentioned what job the filipino husband had. Able to afford lawyers and get his way? Sounds like a politician to me.

    The real crime here is happiness. Apparently it's a crime in the Philippines for your wife to be happy.

  2. Sir Lance

    I have to ask a few questions here! Firstly they met on the internet! What was that all about then? Doesn't the Philipines have a brisk and lively business in trading and selling women and girls on the internet?, secondly didn't she tell her would be 'suitor' that she was already married? Obviously she knew the law and he didn't but once hooked all would be alright? Could it be that you may know more than you are prepared to tell Andrew as you were kind and helpful to them by pushing their case and 'housing them' for a while?. Still it's a happy ending at least!
    Shouldn't the relevant embassies warn their nationals of this type of issue when visiting the country?

  3. Andrew Drummond

    Sir Lance. Its old ground which has come out before in the stories, but I am happy to oblige. Yes. David Scott was aware of Cynthia's previous relationship, before, during and after. Whether he was aware that the authorities would come down so hard is another matter. They did after all needed to be given the opportunity and this came from the husband, a member of an influential family. They met on the internet, at the moment I cannot recall the site, but it was not a government one. Embassies as a rule cannot give the full lowdown or will not because they would not wish to cause offence

  4. David and Cynthia

    I'd like to take this opportunity to state without that Andrew Drummond and Andrew Chants help
    we definitely wouldn't have made it back to England. We are so greatful for all the help they gave us.
    It was not just a story to them. They went above and beyond,
    Thanks to them my daughter Janina and Cynthia and I are all living happily together in England,thank you so much

    The Scott Family

    1. Eneri Onaced

      God Bless and more power to you both! Hope I could be one of your circle of friends . We are on the same boat, same experience but I just handle it differently. Stay strong…Don't let other people bother you with their BS opinions. They just dont know until they experience what we've gone through. I would be glad to hear from you both one of this days..

  5. Andrew Drummond

    Ah there you are. How come Cynthia was better looking than the actress? Think you are being played by a gay guy.
    Can't wait to see the Embassy official, or has he been cut?
    Thanks for your comment.

  6. BrownBard

    Andrew, thank you for bringing their story out. As much as I would like to admit, money talks in the Philippines. It is a shame that these two have to go through hell and back to pursue their love and happiness!

  7. MARY


  8. Maria Clemente

    The story is one sided. But that woman committed a crime that violates the Philippine Law, so both of them deserve to be in jail. They both knew that the marriage of that woman to the Filipino guy is still VALID (even until now), when they had an adulterous relationship.

    If I am the Filipino husband, I will pursue my case towards that adulterous woman and that foreigner boyfriend. I will make sure that they'll be arrested anytime they went back to the Philippines.

    I was a Filipina too, yes my government has loopholes but duh…

    The presentation of this story is a BS. One sided. I wonder how much they earn out from this.

    1. Eneri Onaced

      EAT your BS opinion ! You are a miserable person. Typical kind of person who have a crab mentality. You are just jealous to see people who are happy. I bet your life is miserable and ugly as I project on how you think and speak. You have a malicious mind Cynthia thinking that money is all behind this. You know what when you say that there is so many corrupt police officials in the Philippines…. Maybe you are on of them! Duh!

  9. Andrew Drummond

    Maria. Actually you're wrong. Cythina can divorce her husband under British law. The couple received no money for the original stories if money is what is on your mind. I think you are understating the case when you say your government has loopholes. But I guess you won't be joining any womens rights movements in the near future.

  10. mary


    1. Eneri Onaced

      I agree. Based on my experience this kind of Men should be the one in jail. They just want to sit down and wait for the grace to come in their hands without sweat.

  11. Alex

    The Philippines is all about the money, a corrupt backward country with corrupt backward people, led by a corrupt and backward government

  12. phil

    Alex you to me sound the backward one. I have been married to my Philippino wife for over 12 years. They have their own laws like other countries if you break them you pay the price.
    Yes there is corruption as other countries,it is just that is open and other countries do it under the table and is no different than any where else.I suggest you do not talk about any where till you have been there and can comment from experience.

  13. christian

    So, what does the law say if the estranged spouse is a woman? This exact thing must have happened many times with a man as the victim/criminal?

  14. Jonathan


    I am Filipino too, and I believe several of those celebrities who our people hold dear have had affairs. Manny Pacman and Krista Ranillo ring a bell? He had a affair while being married to Jinkee. He's not going to be put in jail any time soon though. But he did commit a crime according to Filipino law.

    Pretty disgusting when that couple was treated like murderers, when all they did was fall in love. Plus, Cynthia had been separated from her husband for three years and couldn't afford to get an annullment. And didn't the husband have a girlfriend too?

    The only thing that is one sided and BS is your way of thinking. I suggest YOU looking at both sides of the story.

    1. wubblesful

      Blah,blah, blah. The hubby did not want her, he wanted money. Just because people are held hostage by some silly law doesn't make it right. As soon as they dished out enough money the law suddenly became irrelevant.

  15. MaximizeThis

    Wow Maria. You need to look at all of the facts. I am Filipina too, but this story is not one sided. That Filipino husband also had a GIRLFRIEND, so he is being ""adulterous"" as well! How do you account for that hypocrite? They were separated for three years. What kind of justice system is this? I am proud of my culture, but I am ashamed of the corruption and how money talks in the Philppines.

  16. Bell

    Corrupt officials! Corrupt country. Sorry for those who truly and honestly served. Philippines is a Christian country against divorce! But lol!!everywhere u go top officials has mistresses , they too should be arrested. By the way, how strong was the connection of mr. Delfino– Cynthia's ex with law enforcement group? They treat dAvid and Cynthia As muderers!! too bad Philippines you are again in travel ban ad advisory. ..

  17. LR

    Looks like the Filipino husband got even (by doing the same thing) with his Filipina wife for having an affair with a British man. Hey, even foreign guys, especially Americans, traveling to the Philippines, try to steal wives from local men.

  18. To Maria Clemente

    I was a Filipina too, yes my government has loopholes but duh… The presentation of this story is a BS. One sided. – Maria Clemente

    Are you in elementary? You can't even talk properly, so don't even think your high and mighty thinking that if you were the husband you would pursue them. Your such a creeper.

  19. 20/20

    I happened to watch the program Locked Up Abroad last night. Oh and by the way, was the car chase for real or just made for TV entertainment?

    I can see why some here say the story is BS and one-sided. It seems to glamourize a disspeakably selfish and irresponsible woman who got away with it at everybody’s expense. She hooks up with a white man on the internet while still legally married, then asks him to meet her in the Philppines where she quickly got herself pregnant, puts the poor white man through the most traumatic experience of his life that wiped him clean of his entire life’s savings in a matter of months, endangered his life and safety, not to mention those of the baby in the belly and innocent passers-by in a car chase on Manila’s busy city streets, abandons her own children in order to leave the country….ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE?? I find it incomprehensible that a woman who can abandon her own children just like that is capable of love. Is just talking about missing the children consolation enough for them? I am afraid to imagine what type of adults they will grow into. The next generation of adulterous and heartless runaway moms? A mother’s love is not like that. Ask any mother. There are women in America who are beaten all black and blue by their abusive husbands yet refuse to leave because they can’t part with their children. Yeah filippinas make such great wives that men must put the lives of so many in danger in order to bring one out of the Philippines? Come on. Perhaps it is good that this horrendous piece of shame made it all the way to National Geography. Men can now see what getting involved with filippinas can cost them.

    She knew full well the consequences given the laws of adultery in the Philippines that Mr. Scott did not. Why couldn’t she wait till the annulment to be through to get pregnant? Is it because the baby was the only way to get Mr. Scott to fight tooth and nail to get her out of the country?? I feel sorry for you Mr. Scott. Filippinas who go on the internet to meet white men want only one thing. It does not matter what it will cost you or the rest of your family to get her out. You wrote in your article you were caught by surprise with the baby news? It is all a setup. Filippinas do that all the time to all white men from any country.

    There are beautiful women all over the world and there are less painful ways to find one. Just avoid the Philippines with their screwed up laws and obscene corruption at every level. First they use a filippina to lure you into their country, then the rest of them will sink their fangs into your wallet and shred you to bits. The only reason a man needs to put himself through so much anguish and financial losses to have a woman is because filippinas are the one group of women so well marketed on the internet for this purpose. Ever wondered why?

    Filippinas don’t just commit adultery to get out of the Philippines. There are countless here in America who commit adultery left, right and centre, when they are already out of the country. Fillppinas are well-known for their “beauty�?. Well-known for their adultery more like it. What is so beautiful about a woman who abandons her own children to run away with a foreign man she got pregnant with on first in-person meeting?? Go talk to the men on internet dating sites in any English-speaking country where there are filippinas. They will tell you about the webcams, quickies and orgies these married filippinas carry on with men of any colour right behind their husband's back. Mr. Andrew Drummond if you want to make another piece of interesting journalism, this would be a sensational topic. Sex always sells. Your internet audience awaits.

    1. Eneri Onaced

      I guess you are a victim of your own stupidity….poor 20/20. Maybe you use your "d" instead if your heart and brain ha? That happens to people who are very judgemental, miserable and a…hole! You just have a bad luck man… So please do not generalize all filipina who just ask for money to get a good life.

  20. Kei

    To 20/20

    I respect your opinion about David and Cynthia's story but I cannot accept how you labeled Cynthia. Calling her selfish and irresponsible woman is hitting below the belt. Do you know her personally to say that? I do not know her but I base my judgment on the account of people who knew her or them. (and one of them is Andrew Drummond) You don't know what's going on her mind when she's in UK with David. I'm sure her glass of happiness is half empty because part of it was with her kids in the Philippines. Any mother would think about her children after the storm had passed. Don't get me wrong when I said "" storm has passed"" Cynthia is helpless at the time of storm.
    You speak as if your country and people are so clever that you can manage your life well and get away with any given situation modestly.
    You set yourself up to be judged when you said that ""Filipinas who go on the internet to meet white men want only one thing."" How sure are you? Did you ever ask yourself why white men fall inlove with filipina women? These Filipina women you described as adulterer, sex object and opportunist. Your eyes are prejudice. You chose only what you want to see.
    Pardon me, but how can you make us believe your country and people are beautiful if you talk with partiality? "" For whatever comes from the mouth, comes from the heart"" I know you're not forcing me to believe you but please…realize that people are different with one another. Cynthia's experience is not the same as your or my experience. Let's just be happy that it did not happen to us. Things happened for a purpose. Maybe to build a character or teach us a lesson.. Only God knows. But to judge someone is more than commiting a crime. Stop judging us-Filipina women.
    Respect as we also respect you, red, white, brown color.. For we all have souls and one day we will give account for every word spoken.

  21. 20/20

    First let me correct a typo in my previous post – National Geographic. I also want to mention that Mr. Andrew Drummond did a most admirable and humane thing in helping his fellow countryman. I watch Locked Up Abroad regularly. This is the first time I see a subject being the unwitting victim from start to finish, whereas in all the other episodes, the subjects were guilty of wilful drug smuggling or human trafficking for their own financial gain. All Mr. Scott did was love with a true heart, then acted responsibly as a true gentleman from start to finish. He did not deserve at all the injustice and corruption the Philippines inflicted upon him.

    My observations are not at all baseless. I have been observing the behaviour of filippinas all the way from Asia to N. America, in real life and on the internet for some time now. I plan to make a study of this, collect data and eventually publishing a paper on this subject. It does not surprise me that other filippinas and for that matter Americans and Britons to jump to anyone's defence. Be rest assured also there are many who can see what I see.

    The consequences of the actions of this filippina is there for all to see, what else is there to argue about? This is (supposedly?)a psychology graduate who has been married long enough to have 2 or 3 children to a man ""influential"" and wealthy enough to have been moving through the motions of an annulment that few filippinos can afford. Please don't tell us to believe she could not anticipate what he is capable of doing. ""Loss of face"" compensation for cuckolded husbands in the Philippines is not a new invention. Further, a woman knows her own cycle, to tell us to believe the pregnancy was accidental would be a real insult to our intelligence. This is another thing I have observed about pinoys and pinays even in real life conversations – they like to take people for stupid, expecting people not to see the obvious.

    1. Eneri Onaced

      Why dont you also study your own race? Are you guys holy? Perfect? Judgemental? Or maybe just miserable of your own life that you envied those people who wants and striving to be happy?

  22. Joy

    To Cynthia and David Scott atleast they have peace and are both happy now with their daughter, atleast cynthia is telling the truth about her status, thats the most important being honest, unlike the other filipina's women just to lied their status and keep pretending they are still single. In other case, they have few filipina's who commited a bigamist in uk, and still not deporting them due to the system of the british law it seems not interested to digged the case and which shoudn't tolerate here in this country.

  23. John

    I would to share my experience i married a filipina from meycauayan bulacan philippines which is still legally married in philippines until now, which direct to the point she is a bigamits, here in uk, but becoz the police can't prosecute this woman due to not public interest! im absolutely gutted of british laws and i cant find any justice in my own country? its absoluetly awful! i met her on the ship and she was a croupier on the ship, and i married her in the year 2000, and then she left me 27 August 2004, the day shre received her british citizenship.And straight-away lived her young boyfriend, and i fully realize that this filipina woman she was completely used me to have a british passport to stay forever here in england. In the year 2005 my ex-wife she was start bothering me and claiming a lot of money from me due to her marriages to me which is giving me a lot of stress, but thanks to the help of my filipina friends, she told me to keep in touch thru NSO, to find out if my ex-wife is truely annuled coz, she told me that her marriages was annuled. Direct to the point this woman i married is still legally married in the philippines,eventhough until now and she never got anything from me of watsoever! which is she dont deserve anything from me coz' she used me completely, i hope white men is careful to married a filipina woman some of them is devious and conwoman! Atleast philippines law is tough! and not like here in england is very soft can't deport my ex! and they never do anything about it at all! what kind of law here in england????

    1. Eneri Onaced

      Im sorry John. Do you believe in karma? She will just receive hers one of this days. I am upset to those who judge most Filipina but I dont tolerate those who deceive people because of their own personal interest. I wish you good luck and just remember that life is too short to be hateful. I also pray that one day you will find an amazing woman who will love you.

  24. British

    I'd like to take this opportunity to share my experience to married a filipina from bulacan, she was cheating and lied behind my back while i was working away. She used me so, she can have a british citizenship, and which direct to the point she is a bigamits, here in uk, and she was interviewed for a several times in the police station, but the police told me they cant prosecute her becoz its not in public interest, which is absolutely rubbish! Another sample the law in england is soft! Until now this bigamist woman still lived here in uk and claiming benefits in the british government. To those white men out there who would like to married a filipina from philippines make it sure their status, becoz adultery in philippines is legal and its hard to deal the police without money there its a corrupt country and i hope this program or issue can give help to other british men, and the annulment in philippines its so expensive and it takes time to declared dissolved from court to NSO, and then nso, will marked the top of your marriages contract (dissolved).

  25. Paul bkk

    Just watched the programme here in BKK.

    I feel sorry for David and cant help agreeing with the previous post . A married woman , meeting over the internet, getting pregnant quickly , foreign chap. The dream of getting a new life abroad. How many times have we heard this here and in other countries like Thailand where I live.Sounds like this woman has been very calculating .I mean it was her chioce and its not as if she didnt know the law in her own country right.

  26. andrea

    Filipinas stereotyped as mail-ordered brides. Or Asians for that matter. That's a downright prejudice and ignorant. It happens all over the world, there are Russians, Europeans who do that.and by the way, Cynthia is a college graduate from San Juan de Letran, it's not Ateneo or La Salle but it's a private college and tuition is expensive as well, she's also a supervisor at her work in Dubai. OFWs earn well and usually have properties back home. So if you're thinking it's because of the money that she liked David, that's BS. David's not even a rich guy!Plus no one can blame Cynthia, try putting yourself in her place. Domestic violence is unacceptable! Can you blame her for being in love? I don't think so. Prejudice is ignorance! No one has the right to judge anybody, they have their own faults and so are those people who judge this couple.

  27. Andrew Drummond

    Thank you for that Andrea. There are a lot of people posting absolute rubbish here, making false assumptions, and of course racist remarks. I should have edited more perhaps.

  28. Chris

    Quote: Divorce is of course illegal in the Philippines, but if you have a lot of cash it is possible to get an annulment provided both parties agree and one party admits to be mentally unbalanced.

    Huh? I'm assuming since the Philippines is mostly Catholic, the marriage annulment was requested of the church and not the state. If so, that is not at all how an annulment is attained and is so far from reality it represents sloppy journalism at best. She got the annulment in the end and I doubt either her or her former husband admitted to being mentally unbalanced.

    If it's illegal to carry a Bible in Saudi Arabia (and it is), don't carry a Bible in Saudi Arabia. If adultery is illegal in the Philippines, don't have a sexual relationship with a married woman whose annulment has not gone through yet. Keep your pants up until the paperwork goes through!

  29. Andrew Drummond

    Chris: Actually Chris I have done quite a lot of research among people who have acquired anulments in the Philippines including those campaigning for the legal divorce. Without exception they say it costs a lot of money and has to involve one lie or another. Many factors are involved in why people will not keep their pants on as long as you or the Church dictates. Love is one of them.

  30. Chris

    Andrew: That is a terrible response to my statement. ""Many factors are involved in why people will not keep their pants on as long as you or the Church dictates. Love is one of them.""

    You make it sound like love is only about sex and if you keep your pants up that is not love. Add to those that the Church doesn't teach love.

    You have a lot to learn.

  31. Andrew Drummond

    Love is one thing. Sex is another. Often they come together. You are going nowhere with your prejudicial assumptions Chris.

  32. Chris

    I dictate, the Church dictates, I'm going nowhere. These are your prejudicial assumptions, Andrew, not mine.

  33. DEL

    About time there was an uprising in the phills to overthtrow their corrupt government. Aldultery is against whose laws . No government or church should have such power to interfere in peoples personal lives. Its a pity those authorities and not interested in the thousands of starving street kids who are born in a place where contraception is seemingly forgotten about, or the church condemns .

  34. Mr Paul

    I am British and live in the Provinces of the Philippines with my Philippino wife. I saw NatGeo programe last week while my wife was sleeping, we have watched it together 2 times on repeat also this week. It has been a subject we have had many discusions about this last week.
    I meet my wife on the internet by luck in Jan 2009 (I was single and always liked foreign woman) after about 3 months of chat I became to realise I had feelings for her. I was very aware of what people thought and even what my inner voice was saying to me, but the longer I chated to her the more i thought of her. We would talk about alot of things and i would always ask questions, she would alway answer them. I decided to fly and meet her in Jan 2010 I was nervous but i had done alot of travelling before and felt confident that i would listen to any warning signs. I will say i made sure she was not married or engaged and even met her sisters and brother online before i went there. I meet my wife with a co worker friend of hers and we stayed at a nice hotel in Manila for 2 nights, we slept with our clothes on and it was like being a teenager again. On the 3rd day we was to be picked up by a car and driven to her province 7 hours away, when we went to the hotel car park there was 10 members of her family there to meet me, i was shocked but i have to say that was the begining of what has been a new wonderfull life for me( we did not have sex on my first visit just kissing and cuddling) We are now married I have lived in the Province for 1 year now and we have a wonderfull 3 month old son. Not all Philippino women are gold diggers the women in my family are all very loving wifes, and i would encorage any white man to find a filipino wife, but you must be carefull and not meet a married woman, wright or wrong this is a different country with different rules, corruption yes more freedom yes. I think David was just stupid at worst, we all can be that. Cynthia well she played things very dangerous and was lucky to get away with it. This is not a country you can play games in with people. You have to live by your decisions, Cynthia and David's almost got them killed, im glad they are happy and not in danger. maybe people will learn from this programme and think before they make desicions in another country that affects other people. As for all this negative about Philippino women who want to meet a rich forigners what is wrong with that, if you lived where i live and saw how poor people are you would under stand. I have responsabilities to my wifes family now I knew what i was getting into, but they keep me safe and being a part of their family is wonderfull. Just be carefull dont rush things and respect other cultures, listen to your inner voice dont ignore it if something is telling you something is wrong and accept somethings are going to be hard, after all you partner is foreign you are both very different. Today my son recieved his British passport as well as his Philippino one it was wonderfull to see how happy it made my wife, she deserves everything i can give her i get her love

  35. 20/20

    No one in all good conscience should endorse “love� as a licence for unlawful acts of selfishness and irresponsibility, such as those displayed by the fugitive couple in this case. Parents are having an onerous enough task keeping their children on the straight and narrow. We are all accountable for the impact our words and actions have on the future generation.

    Thank you “proudlybrown� for standing up for the truth. God bless your parents for raising a phoenix from among the ashes. Do continue to champion self-respect and dignity for the women of your country. Poverty never needs be used as an excuse for selling oneself, as you and the women from so many other dirt-poor countries have proven. Opportunistic materialism brings no pride to any women’s rights movement. I am an Asian woman who grew up among the poor.

  36. Joseph

    Let this be a warning to all foreigners.
    It is illegal for you have a sexual intercourse with a married woman in the Philippines. Keep it in mind when you are in Philippine soil.

    If you must meet and want to do it with a legally married Filipina, my advice is for you to meet her in Hongkong, Singapore or nearby territories, outside the jurisdiction of the Philippine courts. Simple.

    David violated a Philippine Law and he should not rue the fact that he was arrested. He was arrested for a valid reason. He knew he commited a crime so he should be ready to face the consequences.

  37. Francisco dos Anjos

    David and Cyntia had the right to leave their lives. If a crazy husband does not respect her wife what does he expects from her? when love is gone and there is no willingness to resolve the issues the best thing to do is to end the relationship. Cyntia could not end her marriage with her husband due to the law, well she decided to live her life. Cyntia is entitled to carry on with whoever she decides to.

  38. Monique

    I am a Catholic, and believe in the sacred vows of marriage. However, despite my beliefs, abuse and violence are never acceptable and should never be tolerated. Additionally, I do not believe our Lord would define abuse as something sacred. In fact, I think, had Christ been visually present, we would have seen his extended hand leading Cynthia and her children away from the violence, instead chose an honorable man, David, who had the courage, love and stamina to stay by Cynthia every step of the way and to lead her from harms way. It is unfortunate that her children had to experience this in their lives, and to not have their mommy with them, but had she not met David, she probably would be in a much worse situation.

    When abuse turns to violence in marriages, or any relationship, the relationship and marriage is no longer a sacred unity. Cynthia and David did not meet by chance. I believe they were destined to meet one another regardless of her circumstances.

    This was a very moving story, with a very happy ending. I am glad to know that Cynthia, David and their baby are in a much safer place, and I commend both of them for their courage and devotion to one another, but even more, towards their little baby girl. May God always keep them and Cynthia's children in the Philippines safe from harm.

  39. S. Roy

    Regardless of how it is portrayed, ALL religions are man-made and hence artificial. Any emanating law therefore is ALSO artificial. The Philippines law about adultery is an ass.

    What David and Cynthia went through in that corrupt country that is also brimming with all kinds of weapons, is nothing – NOTHING – short of being despicable.

  40. Anu

    Cynthia has all the right to live happily with her beloved David. David is such a nice guy, God bless him.
    I had also got married to a crazy man like Cynthia's x-husband. And got divorced since 7 years( Thanx to Indian Law). I can feel the pain of Cinthia, thats like Hell. And now pray to God to send me a Lover like David. Who can do anything for me. And I can also leave my country like Cynthia for such a nice guy like David.

  41. bit

    i am in love with a philippino girl.but she work in taiwan now, she is married got two kids back in philippines she is seperated from husband,she loves me too,am confused after reading all these comments,i have seen this program too,any one can help me in this matter what should i do,can i trust her ?am from india.

  42. niraj mehra

    That was true and cute love story which has run like super hit movie story . but we should say that david is a real man who have faced all the dificulty to prove that his love for chintiya is true for forever.
    hands up for david and chintiya wish u have perfect life ….

  43. michael ndegwa

    what is happening to the two motherless kids. does Cynthia support them financially? who stays with the kids?
    If the ex husband threatened and even tried to kill her, what help can she get from ether governments?? that is British and Philippines to get to her two other kids. please email me.

  44. yadgar

    i want go to the phillippnis in the June but when i seen this video now i chaged my idya never i thing about it im afried now
    i cancil 2 go

  45. iyup

    If I were in her situation, would i abandoned my 2 first ""offsprings""? Never ever. From my personal experience I can tell that a westerner boyfriend is like a jackpot, for a southeast asian woman and it follows that a westerner's husband is a life achievement. Cheap and easy as they are you can have an idea of what follows after cynthia dating with david. I did watch the whole story on NatGeo n at no time during her interview did she shows remorse, what an unfit mother. Do you think it's poverty which compelled her to act like this or western worshipping?

  46. usha thapa

    Hi,cynthia and devid it's really very cuite love story.hats up to the david that in very hard situation you don't let go to cynthia,take care of her very much and your true love won the bad situation. I want to wish you many many happiness in your life and for your future and mostly for your daughter janina. she is very cute and lovely and you both are look very nice couple.keep it up ok love you,take care be happy always.

  47. usha thapa

    Hi,cynthia and devid it's really very cuite love story.hats up to the david that in very hard situation you don't let go to cynthia,take care of her very much and your true love won the bad situation. I want to wish you many many happiness in your life and for your future and mostly for your daughter janina. she is very cute and lovely and you both are look very nice couple.keep it up ok love you,take care be happy always.

  48. Eneri Onaced

    I had the same situation with David and Cynthia but I just handled my case differently. I have 3 kids but My American husband petitioned them all. We are happily married.

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