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The law is finally catching up with scammers Australian David
Tyson and Thai Rujiwan Pathumtawaphiban, who were exposed on this site some time
ago when they tried to con expats and Thais alike with their Global-i-Care

 Rujiwan and David Tyson 
Sponsored by Niels Colov’s Pattaya People this couple
promoted a shopping card which when used would not only give the holder
discounts, but the card holder would also give a small sum to charity – like the
Father Ray Brennan project in Pattaya.
Needless to say the charity got nothing. Tyson and Pathumtawaphiban were the charity.
Now the first of several prosecutions is finally getting to the court in Phuket where it is alleged that they cheated the ThaiAm
Property Corporation Co.,Ltd of Mr. Chris Fisher out of 40 million baht on
a house purchase deal in Thalang, Phuket and told a series of outright lies.
Forty million baht was the alleged value of the Global-i-care shares they handed
over for the house.

In fact the value of the shares was nothing, although at one stage the  8,250,000 shares they offered were valued at about
340,000 Thai baht on the Frankurt Stock Exchange –  the reality is they were only worth that to a buyer.  But the whole Global I Care business was a
scam in any case.

What the couple are alleged to have was to have bought the house – without paying for it – then used the deeds to obtain a loan.

The addresses for the defendants were both given in Phuket
but #David Tyson, when I last heard, was scamming people in Germany and Eastern

Below is the original exposé on this site. The case  5556/2554  is listed for December 29th.


  1. D. Farang

    3 years ago I lost 40 million baht ( 1.2 million CDN) in the stock market…90% of my life savings – I realized that day I was the only one in the entire world who gave a toss (outside of my wife – who was very supportive, God bless her..), that fact helped me move on..after a couple years of beating myself up pretty good..and taking courses on anger and anxiety..

    Much better to lose your fortune than your health – it pales in comparison – try telling that to a colleague who lost less than half what I did – and shot himself in the head, killing himself in the bargain..


    be happy with what you have, and don't get

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