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BUT THERE’S NO CAMOUFLAGING WHAT THEY’RE UP TO Former promoters of the crashed Australian based LM Managed Performance Fund have banded together with former boiler room ‘loaders’ and unscrupulous independent financial advisers in South East Asia. And the former LM executives, who helped take nearly £400 million from victims of the LM/MPF Ponzi, have a new multi-faceted get rich quick …

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EXCLUSIVE -Top Financial Advisor – Now Laundering in Pattaya

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-The Football Fund, Financial Advisors, and Newspaper Ethics- Football Fund CEO now runs dry cleaners – And client who lost US$60,000 to Bangkok ‘financial advisor’ blamed for having ‘smallmanitus’ Remember ‘The Football Fund’? This was a financial fund set up to make loads of cash out of football and launched with a spectacular fanfare in Bangkok. In came the heavyweights of …