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An exposé of Frank Giannini the Canadian boiler room king who got off scot free who killed two people in a Pattaya car crash while having drugs equipment in his car is the next story to face a takedown request to ‘Google’.

Amazingly Giannini was arrested again but disappeared from jail just days after a DEA and Thai Police Crime Suppression Division drugs bust on the Canadian’s home in Lat Krabang on information provided by an informant to this site.

Gainnini was caught in possession of heroin.

The CSD officer in charge of the case fell from a height and died during a military purge on the corruption at the Thai Police’s CIB and CSD unit last year.

Paul Hayward

And a third story relating to cash put into Crawley Town Football Club in the UK has also been the subject of a take-down request.  Some £5 million from the Eclipse Group in Bangkok which is associated with Birmingham boiler room king #PaulHayward had been transferred to the club.

To read the stories go to the following links:



Pic Bangkok Post

It appears #PaulHayward is attempting to take the whole site down although he is only mentioned in a comment at the end.

If that happens this site will probably be hosted along with WikiLeaks in Sweden.

“Google has been notified that content in your blog contains allegedly infringing content that may violate the rights of others and the laws of their country.”

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  1. Tommy Weapon

    Pure evil filth this bald parasite Hayward. I curse him and his family for a thousand lifetimes. The collective hate against him will work like a hidden virus slowly destroying him. He deserves to be skinned alive and boiled in oil.

    1. D. Farang

      Oily types like Paul are soon going to be slip-sliding away, as they grease their own skids by dint of years of debauched activity, and a trail of very pissed off victims. Sooner or later – victims strike back! You know, for inherent peace of mind. Meanwhile, we salivate like Pavlov's favorite wee doggie..

    2. D. Farang

      With Giannini's big bedroom eyes and girly lips – he should consider a new career – as an unchopped kathoey with unshaven legs..

  2. Tommy Weapon

    I despise these conmen. They prey on people who are usually hardworking and simply looking to make the most of their savings. It's easy to blame the victim and say they are stupid or greedy but these predators have a sophisticated system where they build confidence before fleecing them. They think they are so intelligent and clever but behind the flash cars and designer clothes they are just low life scum.

    They publicly boast about hating the police and snitches but form corrupt allegiances with the police and secretly snitch on people to protect their own dirty dealings. They never do any heavy lifting themselves. The lackeys and dimwits who follow them down the sewer do all the dirty work and risky business.

    When they make a few bob they strut around like they are some financial genius when everybody knows they are a filthy fraudster. Deep down they must live in fear, fear of being double crossed, fear of a silent assassin, fear their copper or army mates will cross them. People forget but karma never forgets and they are destined to reap what they have sown. Ultimately you never get away with anything- that is the truth.

    1. jules in KL

      It stems from both greed and self-deception. Some of the boiler room lackeys believe they are just sailing close to the wind, others know it is stealing and other just do not seem to care. Occasionally stories come up from those sucked in who have pretty quickly realised it was wrong, others go along with the b*s and lie to themselves and everyone else that they are really offering financial advice and helping people.
      I used to be approached 2 or 3 times a week by "financial advisers" or their openers in Bangkok. They got in the door if they could tell me the name of the firm, their physical address and registration details, not one in seven years (then I changed my phone number).

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