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Bangkok based businessman Paul Hayward, aka Hong Kong Paul and Paul Hilton has made a remarkable admission through lawyers that he employed two Americans who were jailed in Bangkok for kidnap and extortion.

The admission came in a statement from a small Ipswich law firm – Gotelee – which is demanding removal of all stories relating to Hayward on this site insisting that Hayward from Birmingham is no more than a straight businessman running restaurants and night clubs and leasing property in Bangkok.

Hayward and Doherty in UK

Hayward’s demands have been rejected.

Meanwhile a controversy is building up at a football club in southern England which Hayward and his sidekick Irishman Mickey Doherty have been funding for the last few years.

In the legal letter to this correspondent, lawyers for Hayward write that Hayward admitted employing John and James McCleary who together with three Thai police officers were jailed for the kidnap and extortion of Mark Hutcherson – who was described as an American oil man living in Bangkok. But they only had minor jobs with his business, insisted Hayward.

While Hutcherson may indeed have had a ‘paper’ oil company and sold oil stocks, he in fact was a major boiler room player and was not only  partners with Hayward in a scam run under a virtual office called Jackson Cole which cheated Britons out of millions – but also in another boiler room virtual office ‘Premium Placements.’

 Europe, Australia, New Zealand were all under attack from their scammers many young Brits who had answered adon Craigslist and in the sun for tele-sales people in Bangkok.

The McLearys say Hayward’s business was not restaurants and nightclubs but call-centre share scamming with lots of Bangkok Britons scamming other Brits at home into buying millions of pounds worth of phony shares,

Hutcherson inb Phuket – Is he working an imaginery phone?

Hayward together with Americans Fletcher Prather, Richard Paul Bell, and Glen Bullard constituted what was known as the ‘Bangkok Five’ in the boiler room scamming industry –  highlighted in the Hollywood films ‘Boiler Room’  – starring Ben Affleck, and ;’Wolf of Wall Street’ starring Leonardo di Caprio.

It is unclear why Hayward admitted knowing the McClearys.

But after they were jailed from prison in Bangkok, through a monk
at a Buddhist monastery,the McCleary’s arranged the smuggling of large folders of documents relating to the Jackson Cole scam – selling shares in SecureTee – to the author.

The Nation
Report given by police to the ‘Nation/ in Bangkok. The McClearys were not a member of
as US ‘ransom gang’ nor did they have a criminal record in the US. This is common face
saving in Asia.

Mclearys under arrest

Hayward’s signature is all over those documents which were passed to British law enforcement authorities.

The documents included the names, telephone numbers and addresses of British victims and how much each was taken for.

The McClearys are half American and half Thai. They insist that they are innocent. They initially went to Thai police with the information on the boiler rooms having fallen out with Hayward and Hurcherson,

They claim that it was the Thai police who kidnapped Hutcherson. Both were overweight. They say they could not have carried out a kidnap. And the first time they met the police kidnappers was actually in jail.

The story, unconfirmed, within the boiler room community is that at the same time Hayward was also kidnapped, but he was able to deal with the matter quickly financially.

Edited – one of the British victims on a load card of the Jackson Cole logs which the McClearys gave to the author. The
victim lost US$33,300. These files were past to SOCA – now the NCA

But Hutcherson was able to make a call to his wife, who in turned called the US Embassy – who called in another unit of the Thai police to make the arrests.

The McClearys were actually arrested outside the U.S. Embassy in Wireless Road, Bangkok where they had been to pick up passports for their children.

The bent cops (Khao Sod)

They had both taken Thai wives and started new jobs as English teachers in Bangkok.  Their role with Hayward they said was to liaise with the Thai Police – as they both spoke fluent Thai.

The McClearys were jailed for 18 years. The bent Thai policemen got 12 years but the most senior Thai policeman involved – a Lieutenant Colonel walked with the ransom cash – some US$400,000 – which had been paid and somehow police were unable to retrieve.


  1. Triplebank999 Triplebank999

    It would be interesting to know how the British police have answered the question you must have asked them regarding the McCleary's evidence that you gave them with Haywards signature all over it. Surely they can't be a bunch of corrupt incompetents?

    1. Marlo Stanfield

      Corrupt incompetents??!!

      Sorry but what do you think a signature on a "load card" represents? A smoking gun? Irrefutable evidence? The much-vaunted "headshot"? Do you think that would be enough to base a SUCCESSFUL prosecution on? It's one thing to try and convict someone in the court of online opinion but quite another to repeat the feat in the real world . . where most of us live.

      I have no doubt whatseover that he's guilty of what's he's been accused of ad infinitum on AD's site and many others but the facts are that the British police would dearly love to make a high-profile example of Hayward and that Britain has an extradition treaty with Thailand so, trust that if they had enough to put him away, he'd be wearing a bright orange jumpsuit right now but they don't, so he isn't.

    2. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      I think your are making some assumptions here. 1. A load card is what is it. It merely shows that Mr. X has paid out a certain amount of money. Thus the victim has to be interviewed first and I do not believe he has. 2. The headshot is not offered as evidence of a crime. Pictures are put up to show who he is. 3. On what do you base the fact that the British would dearly love to make an example? This may be true but there is no evidence of such. They would need co-operation from the Thai authorities first so you can forget the extradition treaty for a little while. They would have much more success in making an arrest in at home or a third country. And finally running a boiler room in many ways is just an extension of Wall Street and many ex Wall Street people have entered this business – Plus who holds the money? Banks like HSBC, who remain unscathed.though they get fined occasionally which they have funds to pay out of. Now I have been watching a series on British television called 'Fraud Squad'. I am assuming the creme de la creme pf fraud dete4ctives are putting up their most exciting cases. If that is the case then the BRs could put a lot of people in the shade. This is not a court of public opinion. Its a site the main aim of which is to warn people of these sort of operations, because the court of public opinion has not had much affect on warning people what to look out for as they still rake in millions. It may well be a case of the richer you are the less likely you are to be prosecuted. Whether Hayward is prosecuted or not I will have given him some gip at least. Will the fraud squad pull an ace from their sleeve? Who knows. Doesn't sound like it though.

    3. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      The other assumption is of course is that British police arrest all the people they have evidence on. This is a long way from the truth. And a major factor is the cost of prosecution. This was why police cancelled the arrest of Brian Goldie, aka, for the alleged fraud on the RBS. And as for the FA fit and proper person rules – I am not alone in believing there are more than a few rogues in football club ownership. Hayward has no conviction in a British court and is unlikely to get one in a Thai court.

  2. Megalodon

    Some of this English football filth really are the dregs of humanity.
    Just look at this disgusting scum Nigel Pearson – former manager of Leicester City.
    His dirty, filthy son was found to be involved with Thai hookers during a pre-season tour of the country – and has now been "let go" by the Club.
    His father has now been fired.
    These people really are scum.
    The dregs of humanity.

    1. Drew Noyse is a convicted criminal.

      I'm still scratching my head why the Thais think its acceptable and just to buy a foreign business yet don't allow it in their own precious country and British authorities can even contemplating doing business with a 3rd world excessively corrupt dictatorship…..

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