Paul Hayward, Thailand: The Truth About That Exclusive Interview

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About a month ago Paul John Hayward, a ‘Bangkok businessman’ succeeded in getting Google to put a block on the website Hayward claimed that he was not a man who made his cash out of fraudulent investment houses (see below).

“We act for Paul John Hayward. We understand from Mr. Hayward that he is a businessman in Bangkok, Thailand where he has been resident for approximately 14 years. That he carries on business as a commercial landlord and operator of a nightlife business in Thailand, including bars and clubs. That he is a man of good character and has never been charged with or convicted of any criminal offence. That he has not been sentenced or imprisoned for any criminal offence(s). That he has recently passed the Football Association’s “fit and proper” test taken about his investments in Crawley Town Football Club. The article is defamatory because it states that Mr. Hayward is a criminal fraudster who runs (or ran) boiler room(s) (namely, fraudulent investment houses). The article is also defamatory because it states that Mr. Hayward is dishonest. Mr. Hayward denies these allegations in the strongest possible terms.”

He HAS been in Thailand approximately 14 years which is more accurate than an interview he gave to ‘Stickboy’ Bangkok. But he has never passed a Football Association ‘fit and proper’ test – although they are very easy to pass. I, of course, have never claimed that he has been convicted of any criminal offence. ‘Boiler room’ bosses do not get convicted of anything serious in Thailand if they have the cash. That was one of the points of my investigations.

In his interview, or rather in the Stickboy blurb about him, Mr. Hayward claims he is the victim of a journalist, but does not explain why? His only challenge to me before publication was ‘Prove it!’ – Not emphatic denials.

However, as a journalist, I have followed all the proper channels and procedures. I have provided documentation to in Thailand, the Anti-Money Laundering Office, the Department of Special Investigations, and in the U.K. the Serious Organised Crime Agency, now the National Crime Agency and have spent a considerable time in meetings with the Economic Crime Unit of the City of London (City Fraud Squad) as has a victims group going by the name the Confederation of Defrauded Victims.

The City Fraud Squad officer D.I. Nigel Howard, who investigated Paul Hayward, when he was calling himself Paul Hilton in 2003, was sanguine, referring to a specific scam Hayward played on thousands of British ‘investors’, using a company called Jackson Cole with a serviced office in Brussels to get Brits to buy phony shares in a company called Secure Tee, as ‘historic’.

But the victims are still around, some having to resort to social security benefits in Britain because their pensions have been sunk.

The City Fraud Squad, which arrested the wrong Paul Hilton in Hong Kong (a photographer with the same name), has obviously no hope of recovering any of the cash’. But I do not think a police action against boiler rooms ever has.

They are also aware that Thai police are involved in aiding Hayward, for a fee. Another officer on the same Fraud Squad team joined HSBC as Head of Security. HSBC Hong Kong was a depositing bank for Hayward’s and other boiler room scammers.
Thus, the officer was now charged with protecting the bank and defending its policy of accepting the proceeds of crime, or at least not asking embarrassing questions. Citizens by law must declare large bank transfers. Banks don’t – they just have guidelines!

The frauds, which can be directly attributed to Paul Hayward date back to the late 90’s and early 00’s.

They are well documented and many ex-boiler room employees have identified him as the man I revealed exclusively in 2015, who had bought into Crawley Town Football Club (which is in the Football League, not FA).

Paul Hayward at Crawley Town Football Club. To the right is Mickey Doherty, whose ‘Eclipse Group’ was the original vehicle to launder boiler room cash

That money defrauded from victims in the U.K. Australia and Europe has been invested in the sex trade in Thailand.

An estimate by the CDV (Confederation of Defrauded Victims) suggests Hayward may have got away with in excess of US£200 million.  That would make sense looking at the accounts of the Secure Tee scam.

‘Google’ may be in a less than enviable position that they may be sued for alleged libels attributed to me. is a Google-hosted site. I am therefore moving it from their direct control.

Hayward’s interview with Stickboy attracted considerable mirth in Bangkok. But don’t take my word for it, read about Paul Hayward from other sources.
Start here: 

Paul John Hayward

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  1. John Mccleary

    Paul Hayward started acquiring his bars in 2003 with funds from his boiler room scams, it was on Phuket’s Patong beach. Paul Hayward’s first 2 bars was Scruffy Murphys and Molly Malones and later the island of Samui a bar called Tropical Murphys and the list of bars, restaurants and his nightlife ventures and Paul Hayward’s dream child the ECLIPSE GROUP which all this from funds scammed from his boiler rooms along with his partner Mark Hutcherson. He’s hired many people to help him to create this facade of him being a legitimate businessman (a load of shite!). The hardest thing that we endure while working for Paul Hayward was his hilarious lies! I’ll tell you of one incident in 2003, I had a meeting with Paul Hayward at bar /restaurant called Shananigans on the corner of Convent and Silom road. Paul Hayward introduced me to his as a thai woman educated in Switzerland(a fabrication ),I tried my best to keep a straight face! The lady couldn’t explain to you where the continent of Europe was much less being educated in Switzerland! I won’t mention Paul Hayward’s wife’s name because she was really nice to me while I was Paul’s employment. The reason Paul Hayward invested most of his boiler room money into bars and the nightlife sex business was that was where he first found love, marriage and happiness. I don’t blame her being with Paul Hayward after all he rescued her from abstract poverty. Paul Hayward is going to be mad at me but tough because the truth stands for it self! Anyone wants to hear more of the truth about Paul Hayward? Contact me at Facebook :John W Mccleary and email It’s a shame that a good man like Andrew Drummond has to suffer from reporting the truth and got ran out of thailand with his 3 children because of Paul Hayward alias Paul Hilton! Please help protect Andrew Drummond from this lowlife scum Paul Hayward! God bless everyone bye.

  2. John Mccleary

    The problem is Thailand, Thailand is a prime post for embassy officials because of the cheap beautiful prostitutes, bars ,nightlife and cheap living costs. The fraud investigation on Paul Hayward was compromised in Thailand because of the embassies in Thailand. The white collar criminals in Thailand control the highly corrupt atmosphere there! Paul Hayward is the king of the boiler rooms now by illuminating the competition by deportation, framing the competition and putting them in prison and the last “Murder”! He even, Paul Hayward had my brother and me kidnapped in broad daylight on April 12the 2007 at the American embassy with the help of corrupt american embassy officials Andy, Paul and Ted! My brother and me was inserted into the kidnapping of Mark Hutcherson along with the police officers who we never met but are our case partners (Amazing Thailand). We weren’t involved in the kidnapping but got sentence for 18 years! While the real kidnappers (police) we’re sentenced 12 years because later about a year and a half the kidnappers(police) we’re coherce into saying that we were involved in the kidnapping to get a lighter sentenced while we got a harsh sentence for nothing! All this happened to us because Paul John Hayward wanted his Jackson Cole financial fraud documents back that we took while working for Paul Hayward! Til this day Paul Hayward blindly claims that he is a legitimate businessman (a joke). We why is Paul Hayward so arrogant with his claims? Because the fraud investigation in the UK was sqaushed the corrupt embassies in Thailand who were on the payroll of Paul Hayward! There is no real news in Thailand because all the crime news are all fabricated and engineered by the highly corrupt officials in Thailand. So lobby to your government to rid these corrupt embassy officials who in collusion with the highly corrupt Thai government before more of your countrymen get harmed!

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