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This is Paul John Hayward. He was in his early twenties when he hit Bangkok.  Now he is now in his late 30s and a millionaire many times over.

But he has no money in the bank and no credit or charge cards, and he believes he is untouchable.

Hayward, from Birmingham, England, believes he is living proof that in Thailand crime does pay and he mocks the long arm of the law. So far he has been proved right.

He drives flash cars and owns property in Bangkok, Hua Hin, and Phuket a yacht. He wears Armani shirts and has had a personal trainer called Delux.

He has invested many of his millions in the Thai sex industry. But anybody searching will not find his name on many documents.

He has spread his cash across three continents.

But you can find him at his kingdom – Nana Plaza – or at Bangkok’s ‘Q’ Bar of one of the many nightclubs, go-go bars and brothels which have sprouted from his Hospitality Venture Group – Eclipse Group of companies. Sometimes he just cannot help being ‘hands on’.

His cash comes from fraud on an international scale, massive fraud. boiler room fraud, Wolf of Wall Street Fraud, call it what you will.

Stephen Birt/Sharpe

Simply put, it’s the business of cheating people out of their life savings.

Hayward is charming, brutal and dangerous.  He dates Thai models from an agency the boss of whom is an ‘advisor’ to the Royal Thai Police, and has been reported to have used a knuckleduster on a young foreigner who dated ‘his girl’, though he is married with three Thai children.  Hayward is the premier British ‘Wolf of Bangkok’.

He is also known as ‘the animal’, but as a loader he was the ‘voice of perfect reason’ and took people down for millions selling them worthless shares in barely existent or non-existent companies.

He has the power – as usual backed by high cash payments – to have police in South East Asia have people who cross him set up and arrested for such things drugs and rape.

One such case was that of Stephen Sharpe (aka Birt) who quit the Bangkok boiler room scene and wrote a document about Hayward called ‘A Painted Picture’.

McCleary brothers – made to look bad by Thai police
the real kidnappers

Just like the American McCleary brothers, James and John, who got 18 years for the alleged kidnapping of  Mark Hutcherson, a boiler room king from Georgia, Canadian Stephen Sharpe also tried to ‘whistle-blow’ but was betrayed in the process.

He had to flee the country but stupidly chose the Philippines where he had been offered a job by a company called Sparta Matrix. Manila is Asian’s second ‘boiler room central’.

Sparta Matrix was just another boiler room and Hayward was able to have Sharpe arrested for drugs and the rape of a 17-year-old girl.

The frame up on those charges was so obvious that that even the Philippines Human Rights Commission has called for the arrest and jailing of the police officers. But the Philippines is equally if not more corrupt than Thailand and nobody is holding their breath.

Hayward is not worried about the Thai police or Army. He boasts he has them in his payroll.  Last year a victims group of people, who had between them lost over US$20 million, said they sent an intermediary to a Thai Army General who was protecting Hayward to mediate with him.

They reported back that the General was entrenched. It was business. They would need to make a better offer if they wanted to deal. They could not meet his price.

In fact Hayward – and other bosses of what are known as ‘boiler rooms’ have also been protected by several elements of the Royal Thai Police.  And since 2001 when the Brinton Group was raided no boiler room boss has spent more than a few hours in custody.

Possibly the most visible evidence of that is the Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok where off duty police from Lumpini Police station in Bangkok provide security. Nana Plaza is of course one of Bangkok’s two premier spots for Thailand’s sex tourists. Technically of course it’s all illegal in Thailand. But its tourist dollars.

Front page of cover story for the London
Times 2 by Andrew Drummond

Hayward’s Nana Plaza company owns the master lease and sub-lets the go-go bars, and ‘short time rooms’.

You won’t see Hayward’s name on the company, just nominees. The actual land is owned by FICO an Indian Thai conglomerate with whom Hayward initially did a deal through his ‘Eclipse Management’ company.  I will go into detail on this in other stories.

At this stage I perhaps need to say that in reports of my departure from Thailand earlier this year in the Bangkok Post, Sydney Morning Herald and Guardian there was reference to threats against me and my family.

These threats came from Paul John Hayward. They were delivered by John Kealy former boss of the Brinton Group.

Readers of this site will know that I have provided fairly comprehensive coverage of the boiler rooms in Bangkok.

This causes them heartache, and hard cash, particularly when we reveal which particular scam they are running at the time.

Suckers bar in Nana Plaza

We have also caused them to close down their VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications system (now re-opened under another company) but I have always baulked at naming either Paul Hayward or his American colleagues and counterparts Mark Hutcherson and Glendon R Bullard.

In the middle of last year they started making overtures to buy out this site.

‘Just name your price. Why create hassle for yourself when you can walk away with a large sum in your hand,” was the way it was put to me by John Kealy in phone calls. “You know these people can do anything.”

He added rather ominously: “Look Andrew. This is your get out of jail free card. Previously it was just hospital.”


John Kealy, former boss of the Brinton Group, who now runs the Dubliner Bar in Bangkok, had always been Hayward’s go between and also a messenger of bad news from other BR operators in Thailand.

I have of course spoken to Hayward a year or so earlier, when he boasted that to all intents and purposes he did not exist and told me of his plans to ‘ upgrade’  Thailand’s tourism sex industry.

The calls late last year were the most ominous I had received from Bangkok’s boiler room bosses. Kealy was talking about ‘really angry people’ and using such phrases as ‘Andrew. You’re a nice guy . I’m just trying to protect you.’

Then, following the ‘get out of jail free card’ threat, I started receiving messages from the Royal Thai Police Crime Suppression Division 1. This is the group which had been raiding boiler rooms and never actually catching any bosses.

Philip Bean

The messages asked me to come in and see them. They were interested in tackling the boiler room issue. They had spoken to the US authorities, who were on-board they said. They were enthusiastic.

I had no intention of going to see this unit or anybody at the CSD for that matter.

The CSD had been giving me the run around for years. There was no reason to trust them – especially after the ‘Mr.Bean’s Holiday’ incident, reported here and here. Philip Bean, a Texan received threats from the CSD after whistle-blowing on boiler rooms and at the airport was told never to come back to Thailand.

But I did check with the US authorities in question.

 In no way were they on-board. ‘Keep away’, they advised.

From Bangkok Post

The officer who wanted to see me was Police Colonel Akkharawut Limrat who died of a broken spine after allegedly ‘falling from a high place’ during the Royal Central Investigation Bureau – Crime Suppression Division corruption scandal which broke in Bangkok in November.

In a massive anti-corruption probe the core centre of the Thai police were being charged with extortion and bribery on a massive scale.

The head of the Central Investigation Bureau General Pongpat Chayapan and scores of officers were being publicly paraded and humiliated for massive corruption, involving oil deals, logging, animal trading, illegal logging, cash for positions.

So wealthy had they become that they had to buy houses to store their riches, it was claimed.

By the end of December the CSD had already been gutted of 80 per cent of its officers.

Unfortunately this did not make my position any safer. This investigation was not initiated by the army but by the Royal Palace. And the main protection for the boiler rooms has always been the army.

It has also become clear from new within the ‘industry’ that under military control Thailand’s infamous boiler rooms are raising the game again.

Departure from Thailand

On the third week in December, I received a phone call. The call merely advised me to move with my family as our position and welfare were not safe.  I do not usually take threats seriously. But I knew the call was genuine as the caller was one of a few I trusted whose information had always been good.

Had I been alone I might have considered staying. But I am a single father with three children aged, 2, 5, and 7.  Thailand is not a safe place for a journalist when the criminals are in league with those calling the shots.

Within 24 hours I left my home in Bangkok with my children. There was little time to say goodbye to my friends. We crossed the Cambodian border in January. We took only what we could carry.

Currently we are now all safe in the United Kingdom in Royal Berkshire.

My children no longer have the wonderful Karen Burmese nanny who has raised all my children including my youngest son since he was just a few months old.  But they are adapting well.


The UKVI refused their nanny a visa twice. She had volunteered as a friend to help me and applied for a general visit visa even though she had been planning to go back home to Hpaan in Karen State to open a pharmacy or clinic and I planned to help her with it.

Her visa was refused on the grounds that they UKVI suspected she might work ‘paid or unpaid’. No time to appeal from Vietnam.

She then applied for a nanny visa. She is registered nurse. This was then refused on the grounds the UKVI did not believe she would only stay six months. Unfortunately my children never even had a chance to say good-bye to May which was really sad. Tick box culture.


Thai military escort convicted American extortionist Drew Noyes through Suvarnabhumi airport while on bail

Military dealing with British businessman selling cleansing programme for Bangkok’s canals


  1. mattowensrees

    I've shared this around the internet: Twitter and Facebook. If you like I'll put it on my blog.

    Being out of Thailand will make it easier for you to name and shame and maybe get some real action on some of the frauds you've investigated. All power to your writer's elbow.

  2. Tim

    Any chance of national media in the UK taking an interest, maybe on the back of all the 'UK journalist forced to flee Thailand stories'. Lawyers might be nervous I guess.

    Would love to have seen the late great Roger Cook confront these scumbags in person.

    1. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      Roger Cook(e) oh no. I think I have been running even longer than him Tim. Yes there has been media interest in this for years and media have helped me financially with ex gratia payments not for anything specific – but because they know the score.

    1. D. Farang

      It's worth repeating Thai Silk's comment, if only for levity, and just to remind folks how many wonderful, traditional women there are in South East Asia, and Thailand in particular, much different than their western counterparts, as the cultures are often diametrically opposed from A to Z..

    2. Thai Silk

      My Ex Wife from Buriram left me with 2 kids 6 and 1… I married a nanny, now we have a 7 year old son and 11 years of marriage.
      It can work.

  3. Nip

    I feel your pain Andrew. It is all very sad. And I'm not sure if sad is the right word? For me there is a latent anger, anxiety and sadness permeating through your article as there is in all business dealings in Thailand where the law protects the guilty and wealthy and punishes the poor and innocent. As you know to your cost ther exists here a mutable law that defies logic and the law itself. A law that can be whatever you want it to be as long as you can afford it. The fact that investors have followed the law to the letter and have proven such in court is no guarantee that they will win. I have learned here to trust least those who smile most. For those who have avoided the legal cesspit in Thailand you are indeed lucky but not any more prudent or intelligent than those who have fallen foul of the festering cancerous corruption that never sleeps.

    1. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      Nip – I'm not sure about latent anger. But I'm certainly angry at the British system and the UKVI – but then again so are many people. I'm not angry about the crooks and the crooked officials. Its my job to write about them. The people who have deprived me of my job are the UKVI. I have had to delay a trip to the US while I sort out finding someone I do not know, but have to trust at short notice.

  4. Tommy Weapon

    Jails and cemeteries are full of 'untouchable' crims. I'd use the term "At present HE thinks he is untouchable". Somebody is probably planning his downfall as I write this. Sooner or later for whatever reason he'll be more valuable dead than alive and will be put on the missing list. I've seen a lot of these criminal masterminds in my time and they all share one thing in common. They are all either dead or in jail. His juicy swag bag of assets will end up in Thai hands as soon as the boiler room cash gravy train slows down. Then he'll get first hand experience of the Thai saying- Having police as friends is like raising cobras, one day your going to get bitten. Why haven't you named the Thai army general?

  5. Gerry westerby

    The problem with these British oiks who discover a life they could not dream of is that nothing in their wretchedness prepares for them for the moment when they become redundant. Hayward will die, no doubt about it. Things are simply getting to big and the Thai kill quicker than most when it suits.
    If I were him I would be worried. But he is probably too stupid to see it coming. An oik, really, but a dead oik none the less – I give him three years, tops.

  6. Paul

    I can understand your frustration Andrew. But the truth is many thousands of cunning maids, mainly Filipinos, Indonesians and Thais have entered UK with their employers and done a runner over the last three decades. Their temporary visas meant nothing.They go on the run from their employers or marry the first UK sucker they come across to get a passport then they leave them, Once established they bring in all their relatives. It's a well known game, Believe me I have seen it at close quarters. The UK is sick of them!

  7. Benny Wong

    The UKVI does seem brutal and inhumane.

    Some think going after the dirty lawyers that support organized crime is a more efficient way to achieve an end. Are the US authorities aware of the law firms involved? It seems at least one is an "upstanding" member of AMCHAM…

  8. Michael Butler

    Tommy W: Your'e right. Someone is planning Hayward's downfall as well as his criminal boiler room mates. This is though neither done by selected and identified Thai army generals nor by the RTP, parties receiveng massive pay-outs from the fraudsters. At a future point in time the people feeding from the dirty money trail in Thailand will become the fraudsters' worst enemies. And don't forget about the ladies close to the fraud heaven…not long ago one of the Italian mafia bosses was snatched as his girlfriend was sending pics on social media from a fancy restaurant with the gps signal on…bingo. These type of investment fraudsters are commonly diagnosed as sociopaths and believe they are untouchable until the bubble fades away and they also tend to have a strong need to engage themselves in counter-productive communication at the end as they are socially isolated.

  9. Tommy Weapon

    What's real scary is the fact these scumbag fraudsters can set up shop in Thailand and the Thai Government does nothing to close them down. There is an old saying that "Thai people are the nicest people money can buy" and it's high time some pressure was put on Thai officials to clean up this mess and either lock up these fraudsters or deport them to where they can face charges. There is virtually no reporting on these things but yesterday we were informed via the worldwide media that Kim Kardashian has gone blonde. That's the modern world now. The cult of celebrity rules the airwaves with its dedication to the trivial and shallow. Where is the bankers liability? They help launder all the stolen cash from these boiler rooms. They should be sharing a cell with Hayward and his mates.

  10. Tim

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant…

    Hence the importance of Andrew's work even if 99.9% of Thais are oblivious to it.

  11. leave Thailand to the Thais

    Your comments are mostly pointed to bar girls who have been taken out the bar with the sole purpose of doing just what you say.
    The stupid UK decision makers cannot differentiate between them and an honest citizen fighting for the rights of foreigners abroad, no wonder the worlds in such a state. The lunatics have taken over the asylum right enough. This maid has been with Andrew and his kids from day 1 and it beggars belief she has been refused a permit.

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