Forget Central World I AM COMING FOR YOU

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 A British blogger known as Spike Tennyson, who ran a website called ‘Pattayadays’ has apparently fled Thailand after he claims he received threats to his personal safety by Jeff Savage – the Briton caught on video threatening to burn down Central World during the red-shirt troubles in Bangkok.

Jeff Savage, 48, from Tonbridge, Kent, pleaded guilty to breaching an emergency decree imposed to halt anti-government protests. He was jailed for three months by a court in Bangkok  in July last year but was immediately deported having spent that time in prison already.

Savage, 48, hit the headlines in the UK press not surprisingly in a rather negative way. He was described by the Sun for example as the ‘Brit thug of Bangkok’.

New life was added to the story when I revealed Savage had previously worked for the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

He was filmed during the red shirt troubles wearing a bandanna and saying of Central World: “We’re gonna loot everything, gold, watches, everything, and then we’re gonna burn it to the ground.”

He lived in Pattaya, sometimes at his retired parent’s home and sometimes in a very nice condo along Beach Road. His Thai girlfriend was a keen red-shirt supporter.

I met his parents at the time who said Jeff was subject to mood swings. And indeed he was. Although the pattayadays site is now down this little snippet below might have set off one of his moods. I might have even sulked.

If you look into the cache he provided his own translations for ‘twat’.
“Note: For the increasing number of Thai visitors to this page who may be unfamiliar with the word ‘twat’, you can use ‘kwai’ (buffalo) instead, but you must shout it out really loud for full effect. For English speakers who are unfamiliar with ‘twat’, ‘idiot dickhead asshole motherf*cker’ is close enough”
This translation is of course not true and is merely a Pattaya-English distortion of an old norse work pveit meaning cut, slit, or forest clearing.
Savage may therefore be merely complaining about his abuse of the English language. It has apparently been twisted and used as an insult since the 1920’s but even  then, according to one dictionary it is sometimes used ‘affectionately’
(Well not in my neck of the woods, or, er forest clearing.).
But ‘Spike’, is not hanging around to argue semantics.
As if our senior citizens did not have enough problems nowadays.


He says he has lodged a complaint with the Pattaya Police who he says will take action if Savage approaches, but he is not counting on them for security it seems.

Could have given him a job on this site, but I am not sure how long he would have lasted.
 Any more info on this Pattayadays, or Pattaya people?

Sad to see the site disappearing before I had a chance to peruse the section headed‘Noyes Noise’.

A number of posts have been deleted including one from someone who appears to be Jeff Savage. My understanding is that Spike is putting his site back up without the Savage piece and Savage has offered to remain calm.
He has also offered to buy me a drink. but I am picking fluff off my jackets this weekend.
I’m getting threatening sms’ now. ‘Better off dead tosser. word is drummond will be beaten and video taped then viral on world wide web’ – but as it relates to vdo perhaps its connected with the Drew-Hoyes Hitler thread.



  1. StarFighter

    As Mr. Savage is currently in Britain, deported from, thus barred from reentry into Thailand, it seems ""Pattaya Days"" should stay in Thailand and NOT travel to Britain.

  2. john mann

    justfound out pattayadays blogger called spike.u will like this in the noyes noise blog spike said he was going 2 apply 4 a job with mr drew on the staff of pattaya times. sounds like hes the twat.though thanks 2 ur expose he changed his mind.pity he might 4 done well there with his petty name calling. any chance u can check out wannabe pattaya murdoch mr neils colov.

  3. john mann

    nice one andrew i think if someone said i was having sex with my mother i would want 2 give them a slap as well i guess with jeffs crew back in goverment house pattayadays did not fancy the odds of the red army torching his gaffe on the eastern front. but maybe mr blogger was just missing a cuddle or more from his mum.thanks 4 the noyes expose.

  4. john mann

    starfighter u r wrong i am not saying how i know but i promise u mr savage is in asia somewhere at the present time.he remarked on r last contact he was glad not 2 b in britain as the medias crap reporters would of probably blamed him 4 the summer riots.not u andrew.i know u reported his story without judgement at the time. though u did get some facts wrong.he certainly never lived with his parents.he actually owns the house they live in.though they did return 2 the uk and it is now the way starfighter if every person deported did not some how manage 2 return 2 thailand thailand and most of all pattaya would be fairly empty.try name change and a new passport 4 starters.only recently interpol found one of their most wanted who had done just that.

  5. john mann

    in case some readers think i am defending mr savage i think he was foolish 2 go 2 the red shirt protest though i think he was just taking taking care of his girlfriend who was there most days. as 4 his ranti understand he was provoked by some wannabe reporters.i sure andrew knows how much of a wind up they r.buti cant believe he caused embarrassment 2 any great degree 2 expats in pattaya as pattayadays claimed.and who lives in pattaya 4 a quiet life. wrong city guys.

  6. Blog Fan

    Just so we're clear, Pattaya Days was an amusing and intelligent blog written by a likeable retired Englishman. It focussed on the author's hobbies and interests, most notably photography, and was far removed from the usual nastiness that characterises the Thailand blogging scene. Why is it that ALL my favourite Thailand blogs eventually get taken down by crazed stalkers? RIP Pattaya Days.

  7. Wiggins

    I am, or rather was, a regular reader of Pattaya Days and it was a fun view of life in Thailand in general and Pattaya in particular. There were some lovely sideswipes at some property developers and the Pattaya Times came in for a bit of a bashing recently.
    Jeff (a.k.a John Mann?) should be ashamed of himself for making such unpleasant threats against a pensioner. Go beat up someone your own size, or write a contradicting argument as to why your behaviour was not worthy of contempt.

  8. sam

    When is teakdoor going to get its own serious stalker that scares Eric enough to bolt home ?…I hope she comes along soon.

  9. Bob

    Spike is a personal friend of mine and an intelligent, funny guy and a heck of a photographer. His site was not about the usual in Pattaya.

    It is more of a personal diary of a guy who windsurfs, takes photos, plays far too many video games, had a camera lens addiction and uses his site to entertain, mock the local real estate industry and twats like Savage and Noyce, as well as those slow-witted enough to think a joke about working for Pattaya Times was serious.

    As a former well-known Pattaya blogger (now retired) I have felt first-hand the wrath of stalkers and idiots who too much testosterone and too little sense. Even now, 3 years later, I still get approached by the ""You offended my friend. I should thump you"" crowd.

    Hopefully Spike will be back up and running soon. But take care Andrew, you might be next for Savage, Noyce or another wacko.

  10. CJ

    Somewhat bizarre that Spike should run for England when he is well entrenched in Pattaya life and is married (As he noted in his blog)to a lady who's Father is something senior in the military from some 'closing time hero'.

    Anyone who has spent any appreciable time in Thailand will have been on the receiving end of some idiot's tough guy act and without fail they vanish when confronted.

    Great pity – I enjoyed Spike's musings and suggest that he has a word with his Father in Law.

  11. Spike

    Mr. Savage's initial comment on my site was that he was coming to kill me. Given his performance on YouTube, I decided it was a threat I should take seriously; and my wife was particularly concerned; hence my actions.
    Subsequent threats were downgraded to beating the crap out of me; but that's not something I care to contemplate at my age.
    A shame, I really enjoyed writing Pattaya Days and it seemed to enjoy a loyal following. Maybe it can come back some day.

  12. sam

    Spike…can you teach me to windsurf? I read some of your blog just the once, the photos were outstanding and I sent you an email requesting to use some, sadly you never replied. You have nothing to fear from a chump like Savage, you should get your site back up if it is something you enjoy so much and others seem to also. Don't let arseholes win…ever.

  13. westerby

    In my experience those who shout the most do the least. A threat from Savage would surely be as worrisome as a writ from the fantasist Noyes?

  14. paul

    blogfan not sure the abuse andrew refers 2 above levelled at old jeff is far removed from the nastiness that characterises the thai blogging scene.i seem 2 recall when a gang of 35 pattaya hard men said on spikes blog they were looking 4 jeff in the bars 2 inflict harm on him spike thought it a good idea.but strangely didnt offer 2 accompany them.past his cocca time i guess.i can only contrast jeffs not fleeing the thailand despite facing time inside with spikes first plane out behaviour.enough said. just as well u dont flee the country andrew everytime someone has a pop.u would have more airmiles than the B.A. chairman.thanks 4 staying around.

  15. sam

    lol…John Mann, Paul and humanwriter…all one and the same…learn to break it up a bit and stop savaging the english language.

  16. john mann

    you should join the f.p.v. sam with ur detective skills.get u out of ur usual seat in the free wifi coffee shop you sit in all day.not sure about the windsurfing you seem a bit unbalanced for that,but at least you had the good sense to read spikes snoozefest of a blog just the once.As most vistors did,EXCEPT when he bad mouthed savage,hits went up,i guess this latest drama is another attempt to attract attention to his blog.Not sure about arseholes.sadly more petty name calling.savage words indeed sam,

  17. Spike

    Sorry I missed your mail; contact me again once the site is back up if you still need some photos. Sorry, I am not competent enough to teach windsurfing; unless you want expert tuition in how to fall off.

  18. Lloyd

    Jeff Savage is an idiot and a coward, he begged for forgiveness in court and was clearly scared out of his wits during his two main court appearances, the video footage shown on Thai TV last year was hillarious and showed Mr Savage as the coward he truly is. I would also question the intelligence of the likes of John Manns, condoning violence against someone for writing what was pretty much the truth as the whole world saw it, regardless of what excuses Mr Savage dreamt up it was his own stupidity and lack of brain cells that caused his arrest. It doesn't take much of a man to make threats against a pensioner nearly 20 years his senior who from his own musings lives a somewhat peaceful life.

  19. Blog Fan

    Great to see Pattaya Days back online. Like ""Gary Glitter"" and ""John Mark Carr"", ""Jeff Savage"" is one of those names that makes Thailand expats cringe involuntarily and it’s reassuring to discover that he’s safely exiled in Bali. Posting here as ""john mann"" and ""paul"", Jeff’s seamless mix of whining self-pity and twattish posturing is passive-aggressive comedy gold but his shift-key could use a drop of oil.

  20. jeff

    andrew very very sad you removed my post.for what reason.censorship of the worst drink for you.Blog fan be glad if you did not lump me in with child abuser gary.As for Bali bit out of my price range sad to say.i am just across the thai border with other red shirt exiles.perhaps i can buy u a drink and u can teach some me some long worded nasty abuse.lloyd i think you need to spend some time in a thai jail see how brave you are.where were you in the court room.Coward not under live fire from thai army or any time later.But glad i could make you laugh.strange of fun you have. LOL EVEN to the starbucks bloggers.

  21. Andrew Drummond

    Jeff: Your post was removed but it had nothing to do with drink, payment, censorship… merely for etiquette reasons.
    There are no shortage of forums in Thailand for trading insults etc.
    Interesting to hear you are with the reds over the border. Training camp?
    This may be the time for the 'reds' to redefine their role and become a revolutionary movement without the policital baggage they hitched their wagon to. I would certainly be interested in your views in a private discussion.

  22. jeff

    Many thanks for explaining reason for removal.Nice to know you are avoiding a dram to clean up your designer threads.Though am worried noyes boys are planning on cocktails at your place.Molotov ones that is Perhaps worth hiding the motor.As for the reds the famous Mr T has all the gold so afraid he is the piper that calls the tune.As we are dancing to it at present things are much as before.Though his coffers ensure we are not under canvas as you hinted at.While other are speech writing.I am certainly down the local gym and gun club.Sadly this leaves little time for emailing which i outsource to locals.Which sadly explains quality of the latter.Like Drew I can not get the staff.Though I do pay better.Hope the hitmen do not get you.Who is this Eric guy sam refers to.Any link to the great gang at the Pattayascammers site.Keep the good work andrew.

  23. Lloyd

    There is a big difference between an exiled activist and a yob hanging around for a bit of notoriety. Thailand needs people with common sense to bring about change through continued peaceful protest, not fools with loud mouths who bring nothing but condemnation from the foreign media, the same media the red shirts activists need on their side to draw attention to their plight. Its a pity there are no laws to keep the likes of Mr Savage back in his home country and away from those who are trying to do good for their own country.

  24. Blog Fan

    The Red Shirts' relationship with Jeff Savage must be like the Royal Welsh Fusiliers' relationship with their regimental goat – but without the affection. His pretensions to leadership are as laughable as his empty threats but he's got an undeniable talent for pissing people off. In my crystal ball, I can see Jeff hauled back to Bang Kwang by popular demand and beaten like a Chipperfields chimp. Drummond should interview Jeff now before Louis Theroux beats him to the punch.

  25. Andrew Drummond

    Actually I am closing comments on this one now. As the last was bordering on insulting, which is why I edited Jeff Savage's comment I will allow him one last reply if he choses to.

  26. DoubleDuck

    I do hope Jeff finds a forum to tell us more; I believe Pattaya Days has also agreed to host his story.
    The vision of him spending his days in the gym and the gun club while his fellow revolutionaries write speeches and ""the locals"" (who seem to be well-versed in Anglo Saxon abuse) write his internet comments for him; whilst sounding a little too colonial for a man of his affiliations, is worthy of amplification.
    Please Jeff, tell us more, and some photos please!

  27. jeffr

    Thank you Andrew.I will give your offer some thought.Sorry to disappoint Blog Fan I have no pretensions to leadership.I would never insult those who I admire so much by ever attempting to lead.Of course this would never even be considered by the powers that be and rightly so.I certainly will not be doing any more jail time and were that ever likely i would save the last bullet for my self.As for the chimp there was monkey business inside the big house but only at shower time.Bless those lady boys. Who says one swallow does not make a summer.Mr Theroux is no Andrew though talented in his way.Lloyd the only foreign media who condemed me were Mr Murdochs rags now completely discredited worldwide.As for laws banning the likes of me.Pattaya would be a ghost town and Andrew would be out of work.Nice to know you support the Red Shirts though Lloyd and their struggle.Not too peaceful so far sadly.Trust me if they did not want me around i would be long gone.They do not suffer fools or yobs or arsonists gladly.Oh spike you are welcome too. one picture is worth a thousand words.Give the developers hell.Ok I am off Moose hunting.LOL.

  28. Andrew Drummond

    Jeff: I edited 'shallow' to 'swallow' as of course I know that's what you intimated was going on in Bangkok Special. Perhaps a follow up sometimes.
    Thanks for keeping me in work.

  29. Lloyd

    Arguably a good balanced response from Jeff, Thanks. The Thai media featured the footage that you, and others, featured in over several days, so did media in Singapore, Australia and most of Europe, English language print media might have been confined to the UK, US and Australian tabloids however the video footage of looting and other antics was featured far and wide. I am not a red shirt supported although I believe they have the moral high ground as they were on the end of some of the worst political violence and persecution ever seen in Thailand.

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