Boiler Rooms – Wow That’s Some Bangkok Booze Bill!

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US$51,601.34 for corkage alone!


The death certificate of Mark Hutcherson – the Bangkok boiler room king has arrived from Texas, but unfortunately it tells me only that he died (in his prime) on June 20 becoming the third person from the ‘Bangkok Five’ to have died in the last year.

First to go was Paul Richard Bell who, if you Google, has a long history in boiler rooms, then next was Glen Bullard who died in Pai, Mae Hong Son Province of Northern Thailand, and then came Hutcherson on June 20th in Texas.

When Hutcherson was kidnapped in Bangkok several years ago his wife Paphada had the presence of mind (and knowledge) not to call the local police but the US Embassy, who duly called in police they knew to organize the rescue.

Hutch’s hutch

As a result three other police officers were charged with the kidnap together with two ex-employees of Hutcherson and Briton Paul Hayward, who with Jack Prather, is a surviving member of the ‘Bangkok Five’.

The two ex-employees James and John McClearly claimed they were innocent saying that they went to Thai police to report the fraud.

The police defendants got banged up for 12 years and the American-Thais got eighteen years – such was the logic of the Thai courts which sometimes do not take seriously the dishonesty and greed of the local police.

The most senior officer who ran off with US$400,000 of the ransom money which had been paid, was never caught and there’s no surprise there.

The McCleary brothers had however stashed away documents on the Hutcherson-Hayward boiler rooms which were brought to me. I had a look at them today and I see an entertainment bill for BE 2525 (2002) for 81,499,411 – Thai baht.

That’s US$ 2,288,473.20 at today’s rate over a year in Bangkok . and includes a discount!
That is what the bosses consumed while entertaining themselves while carrying out a boiler room scam under the name Jackson Cole.. That’s on food, whisky, cigars, cocktails, mixers.  They certainly knew how to keep accounts.

All the while of course they were swindling British punters and using a holding account in Brussels and a Servcorp virtual office.

1,833,850.00 Thai baht for corkage – that’s US$51,601.34 USD

Hutcherson’s Thai wife Paphada has obviously acquired the taste for the good life.

 On her Facebook account this year she has been recording some of the better places she has visited and the food she has eaten.

There appears to be a short break in June when Hutcherson died.

Then she put up a few somber pictures including one of a dead, or sleeping, monkey.

But by July she was celebrating life again.

Sources in Bangkok report that Hutcherson  had not been planning to return to Thailand after leaving for his home in the US earlier this year.

Many of his items including his cherished Harley were up for sale.

Hutcherson pictured left after Thai police reconstructed his kidnap. (which I guess should have been fairly easy).


  1. Tim

    The conspiracy theorists will speculate on cause of death for Hutcherson..I think a previous report mentioned a gun was involved?

    Reminds me if the film the godfather…one boss decides to pretty much simultaneously eliminate the other bosses….seems like only Hayward left standing with his 'underboss' Kealy in the background and the weak sidekick 'Fredo' character played by Doherty….

    Wonder why papers haven't gone after him as they love as good gangster story plus thiamine has sex and exotic locations added in…

  2. Tommy Weapon

    If Hayward has nothing in his name, then he is worth more dead than alive to his nominees. How long will it be before some ambitious Thai wearing a uniform or somebody else sees all those juicy assets as a prize to be had and stabs him in the back. Honor amongst thieves? A myth, they'd all lag in their own mothers if they had to. I heard Ginger Balls walked on his loan sharking charges. Oh well he'll get his whack in time no doubt.

  3. D. Farang

    It literally takes a ton of alcohol to drown their latent deep-seated insecurities, low self-esteem and sorrows.

    Sure – it's all bluster and faux tough guy on the surface – but just under that surface lies a seething cauldron of inner turmoil, manifested in part by pouring copious amounts of alcohol down their odious cake-holes – in vain of course, save for brutal hangovers and concomitant foul attitudes.


    We'll surely discuss the not-so-sublime quality of the women that choose these guys for meal tickets and plenty of booze cruises – mai noi in tow no less, hiding behind the skirt of number one.

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