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A young British professional who was beaten by a bouncer outside a ‘boiler room’ nightclub in Bangkok is now being faced with a US$10,000 bill after the management, who admitted the blame, refused to pay much more than US$500.

Matt Prior, 26, from, Puckeridge, Hertfordshire, UK, who has a degree in Sport Science and runs a team in the Lufthansa Bangkok Expats League, faced multiple operations, one to save an eye, after being attacked by the bouncer at the ‘Sugar’ club in Sukhumvit Soi 11 earlier this month.

The ‘Sugar’ is of course one of the ‘Eclipse Group’ of bars, restaurants and clubs which technically are headed by Micky Doherty a former Hong Kong barman made good but in reality are controlled along with Nana Entertainment Plaza by boiler room king, or chief British wolf of Bangkok, Brummie Paul John Hayward, aka Paul Hilton.

That means this particular bouncer – who the club has allegedly go rid of – may be an off duty Thai policeman – in which case he will have been merely transferred to an even more active post.

Matt Prior was admitted to Bumrungrad Hospital and the softer touches within the Eclipse Group, who know little of boiler rooms except that is where their salaries come from, actually made an apology and paid the first 15,000 baht or so cash up front.

Tim Kopp, who wrote this apology left, was formerly with the ‘Q Bar’ which was doing well until the boiler room boys stepped in.

When Matt realized, or was told by doctors that the treatment was by far means over, in stepped Micky to put an end to his appeals for cash and Doherty’s approach was much more ‘boiler room’ style.

This is Matts account:

 “I was out with a friend. We went to sugar at around 2am. We left an hour later, obviously we had been drinking.  

We were outside the premises for 10 minutes and were trying to get a taxi when the bouncer called Jay came up behind me and punched me hard in the face, knocking me to the ground and breaking several bones. 

My friend and others assisted me to a tuk tuk and we were rushed to Bumrungrad. I was unresponsive at this point.

The bouncer apparently walked back into the club and was then sacked that evening.”

Matt had to have blood transfusions in the course of surgery.

Doherty’s reply was that as it happened ‘off premises’ it was not the club’s responsibility. That one will fall at the first hurdle of any court (outside Thailand that is) moreover he introduced a new claim that Prior was causing trouble.

Matt’s girlfriend however has launched an appeal and it has already attracted donations of US$3,500. You can find it here.

The moral of this story is of course do not go to any place in Bangkok or elsewhere which is owned part or wholly by boiler rooms.  And of course if Matt had known this he should not have gone to ‘The Sugar’.

That includes of course ‘The Australian’ pub opposite ‘Sugar’, ‘Levels Club’, Nana Plaza, Bangkok Beat,  Baccarat in Soi Cowboy and Pattaya, The Game in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Bangkok Beat,

Actually the list is far too long to mention here. But I’ll get round to it soon enough.

What is most amazing is why expats who know the history of some of these venues bother to go along.


  1. Bob Kneale

    A drunk is allegedly assaulted on the street, outside a club, by a club bouncer. The club pays him 15,000B for immediate medical treatment. The assaulted drunk then asks for more money and threatens legal action. The club asks that the drunk's lawyers contact the club direct to take things further. Doesn't seem to be much wrong with the procedure so far so what is the issue?

    I know the boiler room boys are complete shits but what have they done wrong in this case?

    1. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      Two things Bob. They are claiming they are not resonsible for what their staff do outside the premises (albeit immediately outside the premises) and they are suggesting in hindsight that Mark was the architect of his misfortune.

    2. Megalodon

      What you have done wrong, Bob, is describe the victim in this case as "a drunk." Whilst Matt Prior admits he had "been drinking," that does not necessarily mean he is (or was) drunk.
      Secondly, you use the phrase "alleged assault." I don't think for one minute that there is any doubt that an assault, and a most vicious one at that, took place.

  2. D. Farang

    "What is most amazing is why expats who know the history of some of these venues bother to go along."

    Although not directly associated, IMHO some expats like to rub noses with the bad boy expats, loosely affiliated as it were – it's a sublime example of adolescent peer pressure being displayed by 40 year old "adolescents," as they grovel to get into the good graces of those they would wish to emulate, but don't quite have the stomach for it in the LOS.. the "Hail Fellow Well Met" paradigm will have to suffice for the moral dilemma of the hangers-on farang in the Boiler Room clubs of BKK..think zealous Teeny Boppers to a Justin Beber concert, "adult" style.

  3. Ian Charles

    I think you would do us all a very big favour by listing the premises in Bangkok that have any affiliation with these thugs at the Boiler Room. Are you in a position to publish a list of places so that the law abiding Bangkok based ex-pat community can effectively boycott these establishments? Though I can no longer travel due to a serious assault upon me, any list would be invaluable to those both living in the Kingdom and those visiting.

  4. Requiem Mass

    I've got to say this, if this had happened in a Thai managed bar, I doubt the management would have done anything to help the victim.

  5. Marlo Stanfield

    "What is most amazing is why expats who know the history of some of these venues bother to go along."

    They're aimed primarily at tourists, not expats. Most people don't give a toss if the money used to open a club/bar came from nefarious/criminal activities because it's hardly a rare practice, is it? Been going on for generations. As long as there's booze, music and attractive women, most punters couldn't care less.

  6. D. Farang

    "It might 'amaze' you from your high minded tower thousands of miles away but I tend to believe this poor guy wasn't aware of the vipers pit he was entering."

    That's a given, but it doesn't excuse the heavy-handed tactics of the bouncers, in cahoots (on a low echelon) with the Boiler Room expats.

    That they are firmly entrenched on the lowest rung of the hierarchy, much to their chagrin, and just doing what they were told is no excuse, because excuses are like A– holes – we all have one. And these guys have a bag full.

    In their case they want to suck up to the boiler room bosses, to show how tough they are, and get in line to grovel up the ladder a notch or three.

  7. D. Farang

    Sorry to hear that Ian. I hope you are better soon.

    Thailand can certainly be a viper's pit all on its own – without ever associating with expat boiler room scum and their concomitant groveling sycophants, struggling to keep their brown noses where the sun don't shine..

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