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Britain’s SUN newspaper has today had a crack at the sleazy Brits involved in ‘boiler room’ or ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ scam operations (linked below) and in the process taped a scammer called James in Cambodia boasting about how they were proud of their ‘professional scammer’ tags.

One of the original Thai police raids on the Brinton Grouo in Bangkok City Tower. The bosses were fined and allowed to carry on. The openers,loaders and closers, were reported, and many came back on the next flight.

The SUN journalist Jake Ryan posed as a potential recruit and his taped phone interview with James puts the lie to the claim by some of these guys that they did not realise they were scamming people.
James is for sure a pseudonym, so if any friends out there in Thailand and Cambodia can recognize his voice we would both like to hear.

Fraud Squads of countries where people are scammed are hampered by the fact that corrupt officials at all levels are involved in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines where the scammers are based. After all they are only foreigners screwing each other – and why not make cash from it – is the general attitude.

These scams could be controlled if ‘receiving’ and ‘skipping’ banks were truly regulated. For the average Joe in the U.K., and elsewhere for that matter, the government knows what’s going into his bank account and if large figures start appearing its going to want to tax them!No such controls cover the banks, just a code of conduct, which obviously is not being applied. Nor it seems do banks intend to. Hence all the big banks keep contingency funds for when they get fined for say helping launder money for the Columbian or Mexican drugs cartels.

This boiler room under the control of Briton Paul Hayward and Shaun Graham (grey shirt) in Cambodia was closed down before they had put their desks in. But boiler rooms in Phnom Penh were soon back in force. Money talks.

If a boiler room scammer such as Tony Kenway, who was murdered last year in Pattaya, can get an audience with the current King of Thailand and put it on Facebook to show his ‘contacts’ then there is little hope for a clear-up in Thailand (although activity there has tended to switch to neighbouring countries more recently).

The SUN baulked, as has a major BBC documentary series, at the idea of inserting an undercover reporter into a boiler room. The risks are too high. If discovered not only would his life probably be at risk but failing that he easily be set up on trumped up charges for a lengthy stay in a foreign jail.

Meanwhile the boiler room boys are writing home to mummy and daddy saying they are successful commodity brokers in the Far East.

The SUN has been cautious about the involvement of Toby Nelhams in Kenway’s murder.

Nelhams awaiting trial in Phnom Penh


Other people are not. But that’s all irrelevant. The police have CCTV of the actual murder and to the phrase ‘There is nothing the Thai police cannot do’ can be added: ‘But we do nothing best’. The named killers have never been apprehended and almost certainly won’t be. 

The SUN says Nelham is in Hua Hin running another boiler room and controlling Cambodian operations. Others say he is back in the U.K. living off his proceeds.

When police such as the National Crime Agency boast about the ‘long arm of the law’ you must take those statements with a pinch of salt. Ditto when the Fraud Squad (Economic Unit of the City of London Police) says only 50 per cent of people in the U.K. are scammed in this way from abroad.

I for instance have a list of people in Thailand ‘wanted’ by the British police. In one case the NCA say they have been liaising with the Thai police, must be for three years now. On several occasions I have supplied the fraudsters whereabouts and an offer by Thai police to pick this fraudster up. The local police pass the buck to the NCA. The NCA do no comments on cases but now I learn that an international warrant has not even been issued.  And have they told the victims he is accused of taking almost £4million off? You bet they haven’t.

Self in blue shirt confronting the Thai ‘head of security., and British room manager for James Mueller’s ‘Foreign Currency International’ in Bangkok. Mueller and the head of security were later indicted for conspiracy to murder Ian Travis, who had quit to start a rival operation. Mueller was even extradited from the U.S. But in Thailand the case suddenly disappeared. The security man threatened me with the ‘Royal family’.



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