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A fairly well known American ‘B’ move actor claims he was stopped by Thai police and escorted home where they searched for ‘bomb making’ equipment.

The actor, who wished to remain anonymous, is of a vociferous nature and once had a coast to coast syndicated radio show in the United States. He has also played the stereo typical foreign villain so often shown on television in Thailand, though I think I could provide a more well researched demographic.

He claims police found nothing, but as they left they stated:‘Your name will remain on an internet suspect list’.

Flying Sporran’s Diary

The actor has taken it personally: ‘We’re all suspects. Prayuth hates us,’ he said, referring to the Thai leader Prayuth Chan-O-Cha.  But it sounds like a typical  Pattaya police fishing expedition.

Meanwhile Thai police have yet to identify the Turkish looking, non Turkish citizen they are holding after finding bomb making equipment in Bangkok and are looking for Thai and foreign accomplices it is reported.

In the interim they are being given a 3 million baht rewarded for catching the first suspect. That’s about US$84,000 for arresting a man they still do not appeared to have identified.

The American actor can therefore consider himself to be very lucky.

Thai Police issued a picture today of the two current suspects.  The woman is named as a 26-year-old Thai national, Wanna Suansant. The RTP do not have the name or nationality of the foreign suspect.

There is no internet suspects list of course. Police do not usually put suspects on the internet unless they are on a’wanted’ list.  Recently in the Thai press the head of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau has named his chief suspects.

It’s puzzling that the man in custody has not confessed. This maybe because the case is too high profile.

The arrest warrant issued by the Bangkok court has no name on it – Now that’s something to conjure with.


  1. Tommy Weapon

    Apply some jumper leads to his bollocks or water board his arse and he'll be singing like a canary.. You get involved with a bombing that kills 20 innocents and you deserve some old school interrogation.

  2. Tim

    According to done reports the Thai woman is married to a Turk and currently in Turkey…. Prayuth desperate to avoid a headline that it's 'international terrorism' but how long can they keep up the pretence…

  3. Lancashirelad

    So let me get this straight…the Thai Police have been paid a reward, simply for doing their job? For doing for what they already receive a salary?
    And without being absolutely sure that they have, in fact, got "their man."

    Words, yet again, fail me.
    Only in the never-never land that is Thailand.

  4. Marcus James

    I had to smile when I read on BBC that the police were claiming the reward for arresting the 'bomber'.
    They don't even know who he is, never mind guilty. Don't appear to be any nearer finding the CCTV suspect either.

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