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The multi-national technology company Google has closed down the andrew-drummond.com investigations site in the U.K. after complaints and threats of legal action from Paul Hayward, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Clubs’ in Bangkok, and a major player in Thailand’s sex trade.

Hayward pictured at Crawley Town FC.

The website was closed down yesterday. Links to Lumen showed me that it was closed down due to threats of libel action on eleven stories featuring Briton Paul Hayward.
The investigations on andrew-drummond.com demonstrated that Paul Hilton, a scammer first exposed in the Guardian, was in fact a former unsuccessful young businessman ‘Paul Hayward’, who had arrived in Thailand in early 2000 after crashing two companies, having been recruited to an American-run boiler room in Bangkok. Boiler rooms, of course, are internet scam operations designed to deprive investors of their savings.

By use of fake financial companies using VOIP lines offering fake products and penny shares and IPOs often in the ‘feel good’ environmental sector from addresses which are merely serviced offices. They feature in the films ‘Boiler Room’ and ‘Wolves of Wall Street’ and of course heavily in the ‘Panama’ and ‘Paradise Papers’.

Among the stories deemed ‘libellous’ – although this has never gone to court and I have never received any summons on any of these articles – was the story Organised Crime and Why I left Thailand’. This described how Hayward have offered cash to ‘close down’ andrew-drummond.com in 2014. His offer was refused.

The Confederation of Defrauded Victims has massed very large files on his activities. His investments in Thailand’s sex trade and Bangkok nightclubs we claim were merely how he laundered his money beginning with an Irish bar in Patong, Phuket.

However, the boiler room business is vicious to ‘whistle blowers’.  Two who said they went to police to expose Haywards’ activities had claimed they were then set up on false charges and jailed. The elder of the two brothers claimed he had knowledge of a murder connected to Hayward’s financial business, which was put down to a drugs overdose.

There also had been a well publicised murder  in Bangkok connected to another boiler room Foreign Currency International, whose activities I wrote about in the UK newspaper the Sunday Mirror shortly before the death.

Stephen Burt/Sharpe

Stephen Burt/Birt, aka Sharpe, a Canadian was jailed in the Philippines and spent three years awaiting trial on charges of drugs possession and sex with a minor before an investigation by the Human Rights Commission revealed without doubt that the minor was not a minor at all, was unknown to Sharpe, and was in fact a 24-year-old pregnant working woman, who had been paid to make a false statement.

After spending three years in jail Stephen was acquitted of all charges.

Under the current President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte’ war on drugs Stephen could easily have been summarily executed.

The other whistle-blowers James and John McCleary, claimed they were Hayward’s own bag men, who liaised with the Thai police and assisted in the transportation of ill-earned cash across south east Asia borders.

The McCleary’s were jailed for 12 years along with three Thai policemen for the kidnap of one of Hayward’s business partners Mark Hutcherson. (Hutcherson later died in a shooting ‘accident’ in Texas).

Mark Hutcherson tied up after being kidnapped by ‘rogue’police. By rogue I mean not the police he was paying

Thai Police, rather than arrest Hutcherson, decided he was worth more money if he paid a ransom – and he did in fact pay out over US$400,000.

The McCleary’s were released last year and are currently writing a book about their experiences, which they say includes a ‘boiler room internal murder’.

Most of my findings have been confirmed not only by ‘whistle-blowers’ but the Defrauded Victims Group group based in Sweden. You can find their writings on Hayward here.

Bullard at his wedding with wife and baby. Two weeks later he was dead. For a long time many believed his death was faked

This is a group representing people who have lost US$20 million in scams by Hayward, Hutcherson, and another American college Glendon Bullard. Bullard also died in the northern Thai village of Pai, prematurely but of ‘natural causes’ two weeks after marrying a Thai woman.

Prior to my departure from Thailand I had been invited by a Lt. Colonel Akkarawut to attend a meeting at the Crime Suppression Police headquarters in Bangkok. I was advised not to attend this meeting by, curiously, the DEA, who had been investigating Bullard, a known drug user.

Bangkok Post report of Akkharawut’s death. He was related to the current King’s then ‘out of favour’ wife.

At any rate I had given full documentation of how Hayward hid his cash in some 200 companies, to the Department of Special Investigations, the Anti- Money Laundering Office, and to the British Serious Organised Crime Squad.

In all cases Hayward had appointed nominees under his control as directors and shareholders.  And even though he was happy to boast that he ran the Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok , possibly the world’s largest open brothel, again the holding company was on paper by nominees.

The notoriously corrupt Lt. Colonel Akkarawut is now dead. The Bangkok Post reported that he fell from a high building.

My feeling at the time was that if he was in control  it could easily have been me. But even if something not so terminal had happened there was a very real chance that I would be incapacitated from bringing up my children then aged, 2,7, and 5, so we all trekked across the Cambodian border, and returned to the U.K. via Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Moscow.

I have been asked what I am going to do about the closure of andrew-drummond.com. The answer is, of course, probably nothing. Google hosted this site and though they pretend to ardent defenders of the right to free speech, people in the media more familiar with how they operate are considerably more cynical. I have done my bit and am happy with what I have done. But steps will be taken to ensure a record of who ‘Paul Hilton’ really is is made available to the public.

And I will continue here,  of course continue to co-operate with the defrauded victims whenever requested. There is still enough stuff out there on the net, to show the true colours of those I have exposed.

In the United States John McCleary is close to completion of his book which he anticipates will be published next Spring. I have re-united him with his files which were smuggled to me by a Buddhist monk.

John McCleary – writing the book

Since my return to the U.K. I have also met with members of the Economic Crimes Division of the City of London Police, better known perhaps as the City Fraud Squad, who have known about ‘Hilton’ since early 2000 – and who even once ran an operation against him – which failed.

(One of the officers involved later joined HSBC in Hong Kong as head of security. HSBC Hong Kong was one of Hayward’s  clearing banks for boiler room cash.)

At the time the City Fraud Squad said they were watching Hayward’s acquisition of control of Crawley Town Football Club through his Eclipse Company in Bangkok, and the sale of it to a Turkish businessman. Nothing happened. The officer in charge of the case has since retired. Before he retired he said he had forwarded the papers to the Panama Papers team.

Hayward, left and to his right Micky Doherty at Crawley Town Football Club. Hayard said: ‘Mickey and I saw Crawley Town as an escape from high-profile lives in Asia, where we can’t buy a loaf of bread without being recognised as the ‘big club guys’. Hayward is not known as the big club guys by many. His Bangkok Entertainment Company is not even registered!

Although from material acquired from the McCleary brothers we had the names, emails, addresses and phone numbers of victims involved in the Jackson Cole boiler room scam run by Hayward selling share in Secure Tee, plus his signature on documents, and the accounts showing the millions he had scammed from 2002 to 2004) the City Fraud Squad said it was too ‘historical’. I doubt the victims were even contacted.

Some of the stories which showed that Hayward was not just the ‘big club man’.

It is of course a source of pleasure to me that three years after I have left Thailand I have been causing Mr. Hayward some discomfort.

But in the real world sometimes rich villains are not kept behind bars for long even if they are brought to court.








Picture of Paul Hayward (courtesy of Thai Immigration Police) Immigration records show he made an inordinate number of trips to the Manila, Jakarta, and Hong Kong. Not usual for a man in the Bangkok bar and club business, especially with no bars in Manila or Jakarta


Links: https://www.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2015/jan/18/british-journalist-quits-thailand-after-threats-by-foreign-criminals


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